Men's Arete Gloves

Style# 243358OR

ADAPTABLE, INSULATED GORE-TEX® PROTECTION Outdoor Research best sellers, the Arete Gloves are among the most versatile alpine gloves available, offering grip, dexterity and waterproof protection. Light 100-weight fleece insulation keeps hands warm in intense conditions, and a silicone palm on the liners allows them to be worn independently on warmer days.






  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Wicking, AlpenGrip® Palm
  • Design Features: Removable Liner, Heat Pack Pocket, Removable Leash, Pull-On Loop, Glove Clip, Carabiner Loop, Anti-Slip Silicone Palm Print on Liner
  • Functional Details: Elasticized Wrist, SuperCinch Gauntlet™, Tapered Wrist, Pre-Curved Construction


Fabric: GORE-TEX® insert - 100% nylon oxford shell outer mixed with dobby nylon shell - AlpenGrip® Palm – Moonlight Pile Fleece 100% polyester back of hand lining, 100% polyester tricot lining at palm - Radiant Fleece™

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 7.8oz / 220g (L)

Customer Reviews

Overall (Review by MG)

Use these gloves for snowboarding, snowmaching, hiking. The gloves get a little cold in the negative temps, but I've had that problem with every glove I've owned unless its a heavier duty mitten. Hot hands and these gloves work good for colder temps. Also, they had good grip for riding my sled. Overall, I am very pleased with the gloves' performance.

(Posted on 3/14/17)

Better than I thought, hands can still get cold (Review by CWA)

I was in need of gloves and bought these after much searching. They were good except in extreme cold (<10 deg F), even when I was generating heat skinning uphill. I did like them for skiing down, with a good grip and nice gauntlet, but was a bit surprised they weren't warmer. They're still on the A-team, but I will be bringing hand warmers for cold weather.

(Posted on 1/29/17)

meh (Review by Chris)

Functionality is good but on the first use the outer material began to fray on all of the fingers. Will be sending these back.

(Posted on 1/6/17)

buy them now (Review by tron)

these are my go to and I have other OR gloves but i always grab these. I have never had wet hands or cold hands (while moving). I use these for mountaineering and ice climbing, cleaning snow off my car and to challenge people to duels. They do it all. The inner glove makes for a great liner for around camp and cooking as well as when the sun starts beating down on a glacier or other place that may be as cool. I lost my liners and in stead of getting new liner I just bought another pair.

(Posted on 1/5/17)

Disappointed - single purpose glove (ski) (Review by Bors)

Major flaw: the rubberized material of the fingers and palms transmits cold instantly. Working with tent poles in these is an unpleasant endeavor. Also the gloves seem to hold the cold. I put warm hands into them only to have my fingers go cold right away. Instead I wore latex gloves (vapor barrier) with a thin liner over them. Just as warm as these big gloves. Crazy. Also the fingers of the Arete are too thick for anything requiring manual dexterity beyond flipping a binding buckle. So, cold and functionally useless as a 5 finger glove.

For downhill skiing where you are gripping cork or soft foam grips that don't transmit cold, they probably work fine. But for snow camping/igloo building/tent setup they are a fail. For mild conditions they might be OK, but the lack of manual dexterity is a killer.

The only positives are that they are waterproof and have a nice gauntlet.

(Posted on 1/3/17)

Very Warm Glove (Review by Curtis)

Needed a new pair of gloves and took a chance on these. They are super warm, you almost do not even need the insert (was skiing in 15 degree day), hand stayed very warm. The XL is needed when wearing the insert. Without the insert, could go with a large but I do not like tight gloves. Highly recommend glove.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

best glove around (Review by JD)

For cold weather mixed climbing or backcountry skiing, this has become my go-to glove. It breathes well enough to stay dry, and if it gets wet is quick and easy to dry. For a glove this warm, it has great dexterity and flexibility for gripping tools.

(Posted on 8/14/15)

Love these (Review by Kent)

Fits like a glove, haha! Seriously, if you are on the move, even if it is -25c, this glove will keep you warm and dry. If you start to overheat, remove the waterproof/windproff shell and keep ascending with the liner. There is even a heatpack pocket on the back of the liners. Time will tell about durability, but seems solid for now. I don't think this glove will keep you warm if you are standing still and there is no sun, but for mountain ascent or descent, perfect glove with a lot of dexterity.

(Posted on 2/14/15)

I love these things! (Review by Rob)

I've had a pair of these for close to 10 years now. They are unbeatable as far as gloves go. Warm, waterproof and the inner acts as its own glove when you need your fine motor skills. The wrist strap keeps the rest right with you so you won't drop it. If you're looking at them, get them, you won't be let down.

(Posted on 12/13/14)

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