Men's Centrifuge Jacket™

Style# 243035OR

Built for highly aerobic alpine activities, the Centrifuge Jacket features wind- and weather-resistant two-layer polyester construction on the chest and front torso, but highly air-permeable Radiant LT Fleece™ on the back, side, underarms and face panel. This combination of fabrics allows the Centrifuge to protect from inclement weather while remaining ultra-breathable.
Trim Fit






  • Hybrid-Mapped Construction
  • Weather Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Polygiene® Active Odor Control
  • Balaclava-Style Hood
  • Offset Center Front Zipper
  • Zippered Napoleon Pocket
  • Two Hand Pockets
  • Thumb Loops
  • Stretch Binding at Cuffs


Fit: Trim Fit

Fabric 2L, 100% polyester 30D front body and sleeves // Radiant LT™, Fleece 94% polyester, 6% spandex back, sides and underarms

Center Back Length: 28 ¾” / 73 cm (L)

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 14.1oz / 399g (L)

Customer Reviews

Loose, baggy bottom (Review by Brian)

This jacket does great for blocking wind and light rain, but unfortunately it stays home most days due to the lack of a cinch cord on the bottom -- a seemingly very basic and pretty standard feature on jackets of this nature. In my case, I need a cinch cord to be able to stow my skins inside the jacket when skiing backcountry laps. Besides that, the bottom seems to flay out a bit, wider than the rest....silly. Huge opening for air entry.

(Posted on 1/15/17)

Men's Centrifuge Jacket Radness (Review by Alex )

This garment is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It holds up well on morning runs, off-widthing in the shade, bike-commuting to work and ice climbing at altitude. I have had this piece for four months and it has held up remarkably. My favorite feature is the balaclava that is made when your zip up the hoody all the way- perfect for running in really cold air. 5 stars to be sure!

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Outstanding (Review by Hal)

I have worn my Centrifuge Jacket all this week during morning runs and bike workouts. Im on a mountain top with lots of wind and snow. This is an awesome jacket. I was hesitant of purchasing because of what the hood looked like in photo. It is just an awesome jacket I been using the Deviator Hoody which is another awesome jacket but with wearing the Centrifuge over the top of the Deviator reflects the wind and keeps the warmth in 5 Stars plus!!

(Posted on 12/21/16)

Fast-forward pursuit awesomeness (Review by Aaron)

I've had this jacket for about 3 years now and just bought a second one. I live in New Hampshire and this is my happy piece for fast-forward pursuits during winter.

Used religiously for trail running, snowshoeing, BC skiing - have also worn during SkiMo races, and MTB. This top keeps me warm down to the single digits with just an Echo tee underneath (a small pack also helps), but I need to be moving. This is not a casual piece to keep you warm - you have to create the warmth. Once you're moving this thing becomes really efficient and you can get warm fast, play with the full range of the zipper to help dump excess heat - zip it back up when you slow down or take a short rest to hold it in. Again, not a piece for the coffee shop.

My original top has some signs of the piling described in other reviews but it's near 3 seasons old and has received a ton of use. I rarely put my OR pieces in the dryer though, seems to help with this issue.

I agree with other reviewers that the zipper pulls are small and can be difficult to manipulate with thick gloves, but as a piece designed for moving light and fast, i appreciate the sleekness. Plus, the zipper pulls do not bounce around while I'm moving.

The form-fitting hood is a nice insurance piece when conditions turn less than ideal.

Like wearing a Swiss Army Knife; SO many different configurations able to handle a range of mountain conditions. The many options let me stay dialed into my comfort zone when moving fast. Great versatility for the mountains and hills, handles most conditions brilliantly except for sustained rain and heavy snow.

On your next run try counting all the different configurations of this piece: fully zipped, unzipped, hood on or off, with or without thumb-holes. It'll keep you busy for at least a few miles.

Syrup-chugger approved.

(Posted on 2/1/16)

Pretty good all around. Be careful washing it (Review by Blake )

I really liked this jacket. I'm 5'10", 155lb, and the medium fit well. Slim fit. Kept me warm and did a great job stopping the wind and rain. Got caught a few times out in the rain and the jacket did a great job keeping me dry. Water rolled off it. This meant for the rain but gets the job done if you get caught out.
Only gripe about it is how it came out the washing machine. Be careful with what settings you use. Would do gentle and cold/cold if could go back. The back fabric sort of pilled and the front zipper became wavy which bunched up the front a bit. Not a huge problem but it bothered me.

(Posted on 10/29/15)

Ok but not that great (Review by Clayton)

I really wanted a wind proof version of the radiant hoody and was told this is it. They're a little different though. This is a pretty decent layer but the hood is the wrong size and ends up being up by your hair-line or a little further back on your head to the point of being basically unusable (which isn't the case with the radiant hoody I have). Even under a helmet it rides up / back to the middle of the helmet. I'll probably end up cutting the hood off myself and re-sewing so it's more useful. Big bummer. Also, the zipper is so tiny it's not usable with gloves. Good idea, so so execution.

(Posted on 4/29/15)

Great jacket but be careful in the wash (Review by Blake)

This is a great jacket. It is water resistant in the right parts incase you get caught in the rain as well as breathable in the right spots. I wore it for 5 months without having to wash it as it has some oder resistant qualities. Recently however, I sat by a campfire and needed to wash it afterwards. I followed the washing instructions but the jacket just is not the same since. Everything has shrunk a bit and the front zipper has taken on this wavy pattern and is no longer straight which does not make for a nice look. I am annoyed by how not well it held up in 1 wash. I recommend hand washing or gentle cycle and line drying, not tumble drying like the tag says.

(Posted on 4/19/15)

Unbeatable for Highly Aerobic Activities (Review by ShoppingBag)

The "Centrifuge Jacket" is a powerful mid- and outer-layer for highly aerobic activities in cold weather. The wind-resistant front panel effectively blocks air, helping to maintain core temperature and avoid the "red belly" from cold air and/or wind. The underarms, sides, and back panels are highly breathable, allowing for excess heat and sweat to escape easily and ensuring that you don't get the chills. This is my go-to outer-layer for highly aerobic winter activities like biking, running, or cross country skiing. I used it this past weekend in the "Frosty Bottom" 50-mile fatback race on a day where temperatures peaked in the high teens with only a lightweight merino base-layer, and the "Centrifuge Jacket" performed beautifully. The offset front zipper, breathable fleece at the chin/mouth, and the thumbholes are all excellent features.

(Posted on 1/6/15)

Take it everywhere (Review by Blakeskii)

I have always been skeptical of soft shell jackets, compared to rain shells they are heavier and sometimes do not pack down well. Not the case with the Centrifuge. I bring this jacket everywhere I go, hardly using my rain shell for ski tours at all. It drys fast, cuts the wind and is super comfortable. I wear it on the mountain and don't take it off until the shower. The fit is great, Im 6'2" 175lb and the large is perfect. The hood zips up to cover your mouth and nose if need be, but still fits fine without the hood on. Thumb holes are another feature I find myself using on a regular basis. The thinner material on the arm bottoms and back make it breathe really easily, and you don't get the sweaty back problems as with other soft shells. Overall an awesome jacket, I may even order two!

(Posted on 11/22/14)

I really do like it... just things I wish were different. (Review by Jason)

This jacket is awesome. Great wind resistance and water resistance. Fast drying. I gave 5 stars because i really do like it. I'm 6' and 175lbs. Large fits snug/just right. Could not go medium if I tried.

Here is my wish list:
The hood is pretty small. I do have a big head though, I wear a large/XL in fitted hats. This makes the face guard not really that usable for me. At least comfortably.

With it having a baclava built in and such a tight hood, you would think you could wear it in cold conditions. Nothing past 40 degrees with a long sleeve underneith, or it's too cold. That's pushing it, for me. If you were doing some high activity in this, like it is meant for, I'm sure it'd be perfect. In the rocky mountains it's great. When I came back to where I live, at 700ft farther from the sun, it's an adjustment...

Third, it has odor control. I don't really find it to hide odor. I wear it 2 times and it starts to smell like stale sweat.

All that being said, I was a little disappointed but I do still like this jacket. I wear it all the time. Just have the right expectations.

(Posted on 11/19/14)

It's sexy, but it pills. (Review by Shayne)

This piece fits tightly, breathes, and looks great. Unfortunately, all of the breathable material pills from normal, everyday wear.

(Posted on 11/9/14)

Go to jacket (Review by Tex)

While OR is not necessarily a bike clothing company many of us have that on our outdoor agenda, and I think this is a perfect cold weather bike jacket. The trim fit, breathability, and windproof front and hood really work well for winter MTB rides. In really cold conditions I may layer over it starting out and on a long downhill, while milder conditions can be managed with the zipper and hood. Quality, fit, and features seem good, but I agree it needs bigger zipper pulls.

(Posted on 11/3/14)

Best mid alpine layer ever (Review by Matt)

I never go anywhere without this jacket. I bought a second one because I couldn't keep the first one clean I was wearing it so much. It's the perfect mix of breathable with a touch of warmth that blocks just enough wind and light snow/precip to be comfortable while doing heavy exertion in the mountains. It gets used regularly for backcountry skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, trail runs and alpine climbing. Only one complaint after a couple seasons of abuse is the zipper is a little small, making it a little difficult to grab with gloved hands.

(Posted on 6/17/14)

Men's Centrifuge Jacket (Review by By chugach ress)

I use this all the time for alpine touring, back country skiing, cross country skiing, pretty much any cold-weather aerobic activity. The windproof front and breathable, lighter back fabric work perfectly in tandem to provide the most comfort during forward moving activities in the cold. It is my go-to jacket.

(Posted on 6/9/13)

Men's Centrifuge Jacket (Review by By Skiing Utah)

I bought this jacket as an outer layer for xc skiing. Light weight nylon shells don't breathe well enough and the lightest soft shells are to cold if there is any breeze; heavier soft shells are way to warm. At 15F with only a single Craft base layer underneath, I was near perfect. Mobility is fantastic! When the sun came out though, I would have liked to have been able to up zip a two way zipper or unzip some pit zips for added venelation. After my xc workout, I hung out and skied with my daughter and really appreciated the form fit hood for added warmth to fend off the sweaty chill. I also appreciated the offset zipper and different fabric in front of the face on the collar, very nice touch!

(Posted on 2/9/13)

Men's Centrifuge Jacket (Review by By Jonathon Spitzer)

I've used this hoody about 25 days now in the field. I really like it for ski touring. Works great as a breathable layer for the uphill and then keeps me warm for the downhill as well. I've also been using this jacket while cragging and mountaineering. I did a Rainier climb in April and wore this layer the whole time. I wish the zipper pulls were bigger as they are hard to un-zip with gloves on. Overall I really like this layer and plan on using it on many climbs and trips to come!

(Posted on 4/11/12)

Men's Centrifuge Jacket (Review by By Idaho Steve)

I bought this mainly for ski touring but I used it for running in cold, windy weather several times first. It worked great for that. I like the long sleeves with thumbholes that eliminate the cold gap at the wrist. The first time I wore it ski touring was a super windy and snowy day. I wore it over just a medium weight base layer and was just right temperature-wise. Again, love the thumbholes. The back fabric breathed great, I had no sweat issues. I have two nits: First, the zipper pulls are exceedingly tiny. There's almost no way to grab them with normal weight ski gloves. Second, the hood is a little too small. I wanted the protection of the hood without the extra weight of an additional beanie, but the hood is too short at the forehead. I felt like I'd just shoveled down an ice cream cone. Still, kudos to OR on the hood. That feature was my deciding factor in choosing this piece over a similar jacket from another manufacturer. One more kudos for the pocket construction. I can fold my skins and tuck them behind the pocket fabric for the down. Nice.

(Posted on 3/6/12)

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