Men's Exit Hoody™

Style# 242894OR

"Editors' Pick: Favorite Fleece, Winter 2016" – Gumption Gear Review

Climb into the warmth of your favorite sweater for a cold night in the mountains. Made of Alpin- Wool™ Plus fabric, this hoody is a perfect winter retreat. The wool/nylon blend exterior fends off snowflakes, and the fleece polyester backer is warm and soft against the skin. A generous hood allows you to burrow in when icy winds blow.
Relaxed Fit






  • Fabric Performance: Breathable, Quick-Drying
  • Design Features: Adjustable Hood, Hand Pockets, Internal Media Pocket
  • Functional Details: Single-Separating Center Front Zipper, Flat Seam Construction, Raglan Sleeves


Fit: Relaxed Fit

Fabric: Alpin-Wool™ Plus 2L, 43% wool, 38% polyester, 19% nylon fleece with 100% polyester fleece backer

Center Back Length: 29˝ / 74 cm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 25.7oz / 728g (L)

Customer Reviews

Awkward cut at waist (Review by Drizzle)

This is probably just personal preference but I have a lot of different OR jackets and this is my least favorite design. The cut/hem at the waist has a significant taper from the front to the back. That's actually why I wanted this jacket in the first place, because I like having a little extra material in the back to prevent rain/snow from going down my pants when bending over. However, the cut in the front is WAY too short and looks awkward. When I tried it on at home I had a smallish t-shirt on and a significant amount of the bottom of the t-shirt was still visible in the front with the hoody zipped up. Even with the taper I would prefer the whole jacket to be longer. I am 6'1" and 197 lbs and typically wear OR jackets in size L. For this jacket I am an XL. So I would say go a size larger than you normally would. Lastly, I ordered the green and thought it would be more of a "forest" green based on the picture. I was disappointed that it was a duller "sage" green. I feel that sometimes the pictures on the OR site offer a more vibrant color than reality. That's ok most of the time because I often prefer understated colors, but for this one I was drawn to the unique forest green.

(Posted on 1/30/17)

Bomber hoody (Review by Geoffrey)

Had to go with the large to get the sleeve length I needed, so it is a bit larger in the chest than I would have wanted but the fit is still ok, more relaxed than "athletic". It is over-the-top constructed and should last forever, so the price is worth it. I wouldn't consider it "active gear" but I suppose it would be ok, just heavy. I would buy it again.

(Posted on 12/29/16)

Perfect Hoodie (Review by Anthony )

I've had this hoodie for about 2 months now. I wear it almost daily and it is holding up nicely. It's very heavy & warm but not overbearing or restrictive at all. I'm 5'8" ~180 lbs and it fits very nicely, sleeves are perfect length. I have the brown and it's very nice and goes with most everything...but I will be buying another color because this hoodie is perfect for the cold, damp winters here in Germany.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Perfect comfort for wintery social engagements. (Review by Joshua)

I purchased this hoody because I am an OR uber fan and like to make sure I have a layer for every conceivable situation (I know-DORK!). I purchased the Exit Hoody because I wanted a tech layer that I could wear to work and enforce the professional/casual look but also be warm and comfortable. This sweater/jacket fits the bill in full force as I put it on to meet friends out to dinner in a Colorado snow storm or if I have an onsite meeting with contractors bidding on a project. I don't tend to use this piece as a layer for skiing/boarding or camping as I reserve the style for situations where it won't get beat up but if didn't have the option I wouldn't hesitate to use this Hoody as my insulating layer under my shell.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

I wear it everyday. (Review by Dave)

During the winter, I don't think a day goes by where I don't put on this hoody. I wear it constantly. It's a bit heavier/warner than I expected when I purchased it more than 3 years ago, but it's proven to be super versatile. Under it's casual appearance is a rugged, warm piece of gear that is generally my go to jacket when running about town through out the fall/winter/spring. Only on wet or exceptionally cold days do I opt for something else.

We keep our house fairly cool in the winter so even on the days that I don't wear it out, I wear it around the house in place of a regular old hoody.

There is only one real change I could suggest, and I'm not sure I'd even want it. Wind cuts right through it. If it used a windstopper fleece as the lining, instead of regular fleece, I would wear it in colder temperatures, but the flip side is that it might be too warm for more mild days.

(Posted on 1/15/16)

Great Hoodie (Review by Erik)

I love this hoodie for hanging out around my place or even going out with a casual look. Quite warm and a cool look. As usual, OR has made another great product. 6' and 185 lbs. with a muscular build - a Large fits just fine.

(Posted on 10/31/15)

My favorite jacket of all time. (Review by 2PiRadians)

I bought this when I was looking for a nice warm midlayer to hike in under my rain jacket. It turns out it's a little too heavy for that purpose, but in all other respects I love this jacket and I'm super glad I bought it. It fits perfectly, looks really cool, and stays warm in windy and rainy conditions while not getting too hot on more moderate days. One of my favorite things about it is that when you wash it, it comes out of the wash looking almost new again. It holds up really well and isn't showing much wear at all. The hood is warm and the adjustments on the hood let you tighten it down over your ears so you don't need to wear a hat on windy days. This is the jacket I want to wear all the time because it's so practical but so cool. It doesn't really stuff down into a pack well, though, so it's probably not good for lightweight backpackers or stuffing into a small day pack.

(Posted on 3/31/15)

Even better than I hoped for (Review by Flaco)

The exit hoody is my new favorite garment. It warms me up in the house during winter. It is insulated enough to wear outside when shoveling. I'm sure it will be nice in the spring and fall as well. The fit is perfect: the hood fits snugly and doesn't interfere with peripheral vision, the cuffs are just right ( snug but not binding), the slightly longer tail keeps me warm on the bike. And, it is understated enough to wear just about anywhere including work or play (no brand-name labels calling out for attention). I couldn't be happier. Great design and even better function! I wear it every day.

(Posted on 2/7/15)

Great flexible all-around hoddie for layering or on its own (Review by Ben R.)

I bought my first Exit Hoodie in 2008 and have worn it at least 4 days a week in cool weather ever since. It's still holding up fine, though it's got a few campfire singes now so I just picked up a second one in December 2014 to use for in-town jaunts around home where I want to look a little tidier. The old one is relegated to dirty chores around the house and backpacking trips. The new model lacks the thumb holes in the sleeve that the older one had, but other than that it seems to be the same great, warm, comfortable hoodie I've come to love. The wool doesn't hold odors from campfires or extended sweaty backpacking trips, and the poly fleece/wool combination does a better job of keeping me comfortable than any other layer I own. The wool does pill a little when you first wear it, but after a couple of washes it settles down. Use one of those fuzz shaver things if it really bothers you, to me it's entirely worth it as the wool combo provides so much value and comfort - breathes when it needs to and retains heat when I need it. If I'm on the move, I'll often wear this with just a mid-weight t-shirt in temps down into the high 30s fahrenheit with no worries. I've soaked it a few times and it dries quickly on my body while still keeping me warm, even in near-freezing temps. Definitely pair it with a rain shell if you know you're in for damp weather, but this hoody and an ultralight shell will handle just about anything active in style. This isn't a criticism but this hoodie is NOT a wind-stopper. It's fine in mild to moderate windy conditions but if you want something to block a real arctic blast you're going to want another thermal layer under it or a shell over it. Both of which work fine.

(Posted on 1/14/15)

the hunting layer (Review by stephen)

I got this with hunting in mind, something warm that I would be able to move around in and not over heat, and most of all quiet. Success since the trip I wear it frequently from skiing to hiking and just around town or the house. I am 6ft 160 and went with an xl with the idea I may be wearing many layers underneath during the 430 am start to the tree stand, when temps could be inthe teens. The xl has worked out great, but a L would be just fine too

(Posted on 11/20/14)

Classing up the classic hoody (Review by Peter)

We all love the comfort of an old school sweatshirt hoody, but we don't always want to look like we're on our way to middle school gym class.
The wool blend classes up the classic look, and also helps it shed drizzle, dirt, grime, coffee spills, etc.
Super soft on the inside, sharp looking on the outside, warm throughout....this is the adult version of your favorite hoody from middle school

(Posted on 3/19/14)

Every day, any condition sweater (Review by Vimal)

I've worn this thing just about every day for the past two and a half years. It's a little heavy for backpacking, but it's been on plenty of backpacks with me even so. Comfy, durable, super breathable, manages moisture like a dream, so good I'm wearing it right now.

One of things I like best about this piece is that it has all the high tech performance you can ask for, but it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd. Non-flashy looking gear can be hard to find but it's essential if you are say, traveling in a poorer nation, working with underprivileged youth, hanging out with "non-outdoorsy" friends, or just trying to relax and have a drink at your local watering hole without looking like some sort of futuristic robot alien.

(Posted on 3/13/14)

"It's a beautiful day... (Review by Dan)
Quality the neighborhood!" This thing is basically my Mr Rogers' sweater. On the off chance that I don't wear it outside to either walk the dog, go to work or out to a bar, it is always within reach when I walk through the door. It's cozy, it looks great and it's uber-durable. It only has two drawbacks that I have found: 1) It pills pretty easily with regular use. No big deal. 2) I had to buy one for my wife to stop her from stealing mine.

(Posted on 11/23/13)

6 years strong! (Review by Alfredo)

Purchased my exit hoody in autumn of 2007.

I wear it daily during spring, autumn & winter and love it. It's is rugged and durable and can handle some abuse.

2 years ago I had to have the zipper replaced by a local seamstress (she maintains that REAL zippers have teeth, not spiral winding, sorry OR).

Other than that, regular wear & tear on the cuffs, a few campfire burns, it's still in great shape for it's age. If it ever dies, I'll get another Exit Hoody without a second thought

(Posted on 11/2/13)

Men's Exit Hoody™ (Review by By chaz)

I use this for hiking in the rocky woods around my house. I wear it over a tshirt and the softness of the lining feels great. It's nice to be able to wear a short sleever underneath. the wooly exterior is nice for keeping out the elements. I've worn this in light drizzle and it handled it ok. But anything more, and you're going to want a shell over this. But a good utility jacket. The hood has proved useful many days when I didn't have a hat handy, and the temp changed dramatically on me. Super comfortable, it even does well indoors without feeling too heavy.

(Posted on 10/18/11)

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