Men's Foray Jacket

Style# 242926OR

BEST SELLING, DURABLE AND WATERPROOF VERSATILITY Waterproof, breathable and lightweight, the GORE-TEX® Foray Jacket and Pants provide dependable rain protection and shrug off the wear-and-tear of the trail and cityscape alike. Consistently two of our best sellers, the Foray Collection is a must-have for every closet.
Standard Fit






  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Breathable, Fully Seam-Taped, Laminated Construction, Windproof
  • Design Features: Fully Adjustable Hood, YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers, Internal Front Stormflap, TorsoFlo™ Venting - Hem-To-Bicep, Zip Chest Pocket, Zip Hand Pockets, Left-Hand Pocket Doubles as Stuff Sack, Carabiner Loop
  • Functional Details: Double-Separating Center Front Zipper, Pocket Placement Above Harness, Hook/ Loop Cuff Closures, Elastic Cuffs, Elastic Drawcord Hem


Fit: Standard Fit

Fabric: GORE-TEX® with Paclite® product technology 2L, 100% polyester 50D plain weave

Center Back Length: 283/4” / 73 cm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 16.3oz / 463g (L)

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Customer Reviews

The Best (Review by Richard)

I have used this jacket for 5 years for backcountry skiing, backpacking & hiking. It is lightweight, durable, well vented while keeping you dry. It is always in my pack or on me.

(Posted on 2/9/17)

All around winner (Review by T.J.)

The Foray jacket is a solid winner for all around use. The full length side/pit zips allow for great ventilation and for comfort when worn with a backpack using a hip belt. This is my favorite go to jacket for all kinds of activities and weather. I have and continue to recommend this jacket as well as other OR products to many folks I work with and come in contact with.

(Posted on 2/1/17)

The "Pit-Zip King" of gore-tex jackets (Review by Alex)

Jacket fits great, keeps you dry, gore-tex at just over 200 dollars is a steal. That's all well and good but the thing that makes this the greatest jacket known to man is the pit zips are massize. No jacket is breathable enough for high intensity activity, but with these massive pit zips I dnt need to shuck my jacket every time I go to do a climb on my mountain bike, or when I step inside for a minute from the cold and the rain. These pit zips are massive and amazing

(Posted on 1/8/17)

Ultra light outer layer (Review by Ivon)

It is my daily ski jacket and always in my pack as my overall storm shell every day of the year.

(Posted on 12/31/16)

Waterproof whit awesome ventilation (Review by Alex )

This jacket offers perfect 3 seasons rain protection without being too hot with the full side vents. Perfect for rock climbing as well for work since I can easily have access to my holster

(Posted on 12/31/16)

The ultimate weather-proof hardshell! (Review by Bogs)

I have had this jacket for 4 years now and it is always my go-to shell for all of my outdoor pursuits. Hiking/backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, climbing, and even paddling, this shell is guaranteed to keep you dry. The Gore-Tex integration never ceases to amaze me. This jacket has never let a drop of water in! On the coldest, and windiest days on Mt. Washington, NH this jacket has kept the wind out and kept me warm (when layered of course). When I paddle on the coast of Maine it keeps all that cold ocean water out so I can paddle to the next island. Another great feature about this jacket is zips under the arms that allows the jacket to become ventilated. I have used this feature many times on warm days of ski touring and climbing. This jacket is also great for wearing around town as well, and gives you some added style points! So whether you are walking around town and/or throwing yourself to the elements this is the jacket for you!

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Rapport qualité prix (Review by Junior)

J'ai acheté ce manteau il y a environ 3 mois. J'en suis très satisfait. Je lai porté plusieurs jours de suite à la pluie et je suis resté sec. C'est probablement le meilleur rapport qualité prix sur le marché. Pourquoi payer 500$ quand il en a un a 215$ qui fait le même travail avec la même garantie.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Perfect Shell (Review by Sean)

I waited for a year to write this review. That let me use the Foray in all kinds of weather and in both an urban and in outdoor settings. I bought the Foray to replace a 10 year old Montbell 3-layer Gore-tex shell. The Foray is a little heavier than the Montbell, but the quality level is about the same. Both of them are excellent, well built jackets.

The Foray has a softer 'feel' than most gore-tex shells that makes it well suited to everyday wear. It almost has a 'knap' to the fabric. You don't look or feel like you are wrapped in plastic. The outer layer does wet through in a downpour, but the moisture never penetrates the Gore-tex layer to get to the inside. I was worried that the softer nature of the outer fabric would hold stains, but even after repeated use on my bike commute to and from work, wiping down the back with a damp cloth after a ride is all it took to keep the fabric from becoming deeply stained.
Thanks to the full length pit-zips, the Foray ventilation is easy to fine tune for conditions and activity level. Warm July downpours hiking in the Porcupine Mountains, shoveling snow with Chicago's hawk wind blowing sideways or traveling through cold wet snow and sleet on XC ski trails in western Wisconsin were all comfortable thanks to the Foray. In the colder weather I would pair it with the transcendent down sweater I bought when I bought the Foray.
It packs pretty small and serves a wide variety of conditions. It looks to easily last 10 years.
It's not super light-weight, but it is the equal of many competitor's jackets priced much higher.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

awesome jacket (Review by MidnightDriver)

I work in Marine Law Enforcement in the Northern gulf of Mexico and this jacket is great for the job. it blocks the wind at 40 knots per hour and keeps me dry and is lighter than most jackets I have worn. I cant ask for more.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

The complete package (Review by MDT22)

I've worn this on the Olympic Pennisula in cold, windy, and wet conditions; in the Rocky Mountains through rain and hail; and as an outer shell while snowboarding in 5 deg all of these scenarios the Foray has been amazing. The breathability is unmatched and the "poncho" style side zips are the best way to dump extra heat in the summer. In my mind the best goretex shell for its value, hands down. Fit is also great. I'm 5'9" and 170 and the M fits awesome with room to layer underneath.

(Posted on 12/22/16)

Alaska summer (Review by KoKo)

The Foray kicks some serious butt! I spent this last summer in the interior of alaska and put this shell through its paces. Running through brush, silt ridden rivers, and a secton of rain that lasted for 35 days... the jacket still looks and performs like brand new. It packs down to a solid size for easy travel.

(Posted on 10/15/16)

A+ (Review by Foray Jacket)

Great lightweight jacket, full of features. This thing is bulletproof; great for the trails or bike. Love the attention to detail and the full seam taped seams. I would certainly buy this jacket again or recommend it to anyone in the market for a lightweight waterproof jacket.

(Posted on 10/4/16)

Light, pack-able, great fit (Review by Neil)

I wore this jacket most of the time on a recent rainy three-day tent camping trip. One of my favorite parts about this jacket is that it is cut well and light. You almost don't know you're wearing a shell. I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs a 100% waterproof jacket in a light, packable format.

(Posted on 9/18/16)

Excellent 3 Season Rain Jacket (Review by Roadscrape88)

I'm on my second Foray jacket. First one developed a front zipper issue after 1.5 years. OR replaced it quickly. The best companies have wonderful customer service and OR is right up there.

On to the jacket. I hike near where I live in the southern Appalachians most of the time, but I've done trips with the Foray all over the US in the rainy seasons (NH, ME, WA, CO, NM, NC, SC, TN, GA, VA). We get a lot of rain in the mountains here, about 85 inches a year. The Foray is the only rain jacket I've used that gives enough ventilation with the Torsoflo zips to be usable for all day rain hiking most of the year, including storms with 50 mph winds.

The double zipper front offers options with pack on for ventilation. The Torsoflo vents are without peer - I'll never hike in 3 season areas without them. The hood is the equal to the best fitting, allowing it to turn with your head and keep the cold wind out. The hood seems too small for a climbing helmet, but this is a hiker's jacket, not a belay jacket.

As for seasonal use, any 2 layer Goretex Paclite jacket is intended for 3 season use, not sub-freezing winter use. If you want a winter waterproof/windproof jacket, get a 2.5 or 3 layer jacket - the lining will help hold a layer of warmth near your insulation layer. Two layer Goretex is good up to about 50-60 mph (just came back from 3 days above treeline in 35-50 mph winds and the jacket was stellar). That said, I've used the Foray in the mid 20s F in snow with 30 mph winds, a merino shirt and softshell vest and stayed comfortable while hiking. I've also used it in 65 T temps in constant rain and not overheated (though still soaked in sweat, but I do that no matter what the temps).

The wetting through does indeed seem to be an issue due to the "soft" fabric used. I noticed it first on the shoulders (pretty typical for most 2 layer rain jackets) and then the chest area. I threw the jacket in the drier a few minutes to reset the DWR coating. That helped the next couple of times but then the fabric started to wet-out again. Then washed the jacket with Techwash to make sure my body oils were out of the fabric. Next, I used the wash-in Nikwax for Goretex. The DWR remained good for a few months, but then started to wet-out again.

I've not contacted OR about this issue but feel confident they are aware of it. I'm willing to deal with it due to all the outstanding features of this jacket (after you've used Torsoflo venting, how could you go back to just underarm zips?). The Foray, while not perfect, is excellent for the weather I hike in. It's my go-to when rain threatens. There is no other rain jacket with all the features for the same weight.

(Posted on 8/1/16)

Ideal 3 season rain shell (Review by Gif)

I received this jacket from OR for review. This ultralight three season rain shell won't weigh you down and is packed full of features. I really like the water proof dual opening zipper and the hood on this piece. The poncho style side zippers allow you to really dump some heat if you are moving fast. To me, this thing is ideal. Check out my full review at:

(Posted on 7/10/16)

Good Basic Jacket (Review by AmeriFinn)

Bought the Jacket in Jan 2015. I am 182-183cm Tall and abt 74kg.

Fit: The large fits surprisingly well w/ w/o use of down layer.

Climate: Living in Finland means long cold winters, short wet spring, mild summers, wet autumns.

Use: Everyday outdoor wear. Active non-active.

Quality: Noticed that after a gentle wash and appropriate setting in the dryer, the jackets tends to wet out less. Wind proof indeed. Torso flow zippers when lower hem is fully cinched tend to ride up when in active use. Could be the zipper type. Suggest a velcro tab to secure the to secure the hemline when cinched to avoid this problem as it is annoying. All zippers are too small to operate with gloves. Zippers in general are too small toothed as they seem to have issues of splaying or riding-open when in active use. The stuff pack works great and really packs down and is very light. Hood works and fits perfectly well. All seams and seals are great. Enjoy all the venting options. Fabric drys very fast.

Summary: Great everyday jacket to moderate activity. For heavy use/activity would recommend others specially when wet and cold involved. Great on the trails and running or walk through town. Climbing or skiing suggest other types or brands. However at the price point and features it is a very good value. Not only that, OR customer service has been outstanding. Makes it hard to look elsewhere.

(Posted on 7/6/16)

Great Jacket (Review by HalJordan)

I was looking for a new rain jacket. Read a lot of good things about OR. Read through the reviews on REI and the OR site about this jacket. I needed a jacket that would handle warmer weather and some cooler temps if necessary. I purchased this jacket in April but didn't need to put it to the test until May.
USE: I travel and work out side for long hours. I had 2 days of moderate to steady rain in 2 different cities. The first city the weather was humid and during out setup became warm while the the jacket was on, I almost took it off, then remember the dual side pit zips. I undid them from the bottom to form the poncho and cooled off fast with no sweating or moisture build up. Shortly later it began to rain, tightened up the zips and was excited to see how the jacket would hold up. It did well with some slight wetting, but I stayed dry all day. The jacket was slightly damp when I put it back in my bag for the plane flight. When I got to the hotel, I took it out and hung it up. Drying time was fast. The next day it rained all day pretty moderately and was chilly. The front of the jacket did wet out a bit, but again, I was dry and relatively warm. Wind protection is solid. The weather the first day was in the mid 60's. The second day in the upper 40's-mid 50's. Chilly, but manageable. I wouldn't go much cooler if I'm standing around but for at home the jacket and limited time outside I would be OK.
DWR: I read some reviews with the "complaint" on the DWR and the jacket wetting out. I'm thinking the softer fabric may not hold the DWR well or the application the jacket comes with is not applied well? I don't think re-applying it would hurt along with "juicing" it up a bit.
FIT: I went with a medium, a size smaller than typical.. Fit is slim with no restriction. Good freedom of movement. The large was to big for me even accounting for layering. I would have no trouble layering with a medium. The hood fit great, not to big, a nice snug fit. It didn't seem that the hood was overly big for a helmet.
OVERALL: A great jacket, with many options depending on the conditions. The double zippers on the front and pit zips are an excellent feature, part of what sold me. I did not use the pack-pocket yet so I cannot comment on that. But it will come in handy when traveling and saving space in my pack. I'll actually consider OR for future clothing. Looking at the Seattle Sombrero or Sombriolet next.
RATING: I would love to go 5 stars, but the wetting out was disappointing and more than I would have expected. I'll give it a very firm 4 stars.

Have a great day. Peace

(Posted on 5/14/16)

Another excellent review (Review by Evan)

I've been using this jacket for a while now and on my past overnight backpacking trip. This really is a multi-use item, I can wear to in heavy rain to stay dry or as a shell on those chilly windy days.

The torso-flow zips sold me on this jacket along with the great reviews. Defiantly top of its class!

(Posted on 5/12/16)

NIce jacket. (Review by Travis)

I just picked this up and so far it seems to be doing well against the rainy days of spring.

Other than this I have no complaints; it breathes, has plenty of ventilation options and keeps me dry.

Thanks and enjoy.

(Posted on 3/21/16)

Awesome (Review by Culby)

Probably the best all around jacket you can get if you factor everything in. The waterproofness is great. The first thing I did was take it in the shower and it held up. I'm 5'11" 200lbs and the large is a great fit leaving some room for a light insulation layer if need be. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it isn't the best at anything, but is a close second in just about everything. When you factor in what you would have to spend to get the absolute best and have it only be good at that one thing. This jacket at this price is a no brainier.

(Posted on 3/19/16)

Great Customer Service/Good Jacket (Review by chrispy)

First off I want to say that the Infinite Guarantee from Outdoor Research is why I'll stick with Outdoor Research for all my gear. I was looking for a jacket that I could use walking around Seattle as well as use while hiking out in the woods. Going to the retail store in Seattle the Foray was recommended. After reading some reviews I pulled the trigger and bought the jacket.

The first thing that I read and will reiterate is that this jackets DWR is not very good and wets out quickly. I wasn't too worried about this since this is a Gortex jacket. Granted it's not a great feeling being a bit clammy, but at least you're not wet right? Well that is what I thought, but after some time in the rain walking my dogs for about thirty minutes I was wrong. I was very wet inside the jacket. I had the vents open to make sure it wasn't condensation.

Overall I was pretty frustrated, but then went to customer service and it was a breeze getting the jacket exchanged. I'm chalking up my experience to a single defective product and not the entire jacket line. The only thing I would like more is if the Customer Service wait time wasn't 1-2 weeks before a representative gets in touch with you.

(Posted on 2/29/16)

Good, but could be better. (Review by JustVu)

I don't know how one person writing these reviews haven't come across this yet, except for one person who was spot on. I own 2 of these jackets (Pewter & Taos) and one of the biggest problem this jacket has, is that the outer fabric wets out - Gore-Tex still good, still waterproof. I live here in Toronto, ON. and we get a good amount of rain here. I was itching to test the jacket out, because I heard of good things about OR. After receiving it, I waited for some rain and after testing it in 2 different occasions, where the weather had about 5-10mm rain, the DWR wore off and the outer fabric starts to wet out. Very disappointing. I think because of the constant use of the stuffing it in the stuff sack, it wore off the DWR - wore it 2 times, so stuffing it and pulling it out 4 times can definitely wear it out faster. Not sure if that was the issue though. I work at an outdoor store, so I get to try things out and test 'em. There is only one company that utilizes Gore-Tex very well and their usage in Gore-Tex is why it surpasses other companies, but there ridiculously expensive.

One of the other disappointing thing about this jacket is the durability of the jacket. Because of the soft outer face fabric, it's prone to puncture. It actually has the look and feel of a softshell outer face fabric. After 3 months of use, there were 2 small size holes on the lower back of the jacket and it punctured right through the Gore-Tex. No idea how it got there. I sent it to OR for a warranty and received a new one in return. Warranty is awesome by the way!

I mostly use this jacket for city-wear and hiking. I tried using this for skiing/snowboarding, but I find it a bit to restricting in the upper torso area. Helmet wouldn't fit underneath the hood properly, probably a bit to fitted. Because of the Paclite, I could toss this in my pack and I'm ready to tackle the day without worries, minus the wet out. I've been wearing this jacket in the winter this season and I like to layer up - if you layer up properly, you'll definitely stay warm and happy during the winter. I'm 180cm and weigh in at 170lbs with a 16-17" shoulder. I tend to heat more than the average person, and during -10°C weather, I could wear a baselayer, t-shirt or longsleeve and a fleece underneath, I have decent mobility only if I don't reach my arms forward. If you add an inch or inch and a half, I'll be happy. Any colder, I'll swap the fleece for a down jacket.

I wouldn't wear this jacket in summer, like rainforest type weather. I find Gore-Tex ability to breathe diminishes from there and you're basically SOL. Good for Fall, Winter and the early seasons of Spring or like very mild weather (anything below 10°C). I really like the 2-way zipper; and the Torsoflo you have going on! I was skeptical at first about it, but it won me over. You got extra ventilation with the pockets because of the mesh, but who really needs that when you got the Torsoflo! I like the elasticized cuff with the velcro closure. - you can cuff it all the way down (or half way) and still have some stretch to move. I do notice that the outer face fabric has some stretch to it. That's a nice touch, but prone to wet out very easily. You got many good things going on, but a lot of the bad has kept me from buying more. Unless there was minor improvements, I'll definitely get more, but I think I'll stick to just 2 for now.

(Posted on 2/23/16)

Fits well (Review by REEj)

I'm 6"2 and 175 lbs. I spend a lot of time outdoors in varying climate conditions The jacket fits a little larger than what I thought it would but after wearing it in temperatures ranging from the lower 40's to around 5 degrees, I'm glad that it does. I can put on a wool sweater underneath when it's very cold and can just wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath when it's not. The breast pocket is large enough to fit a Nexus 6 and all of the pockets including the jacket are 100% water proof, I've tested them for hours. The draw strings are in the right places for tightening the jacket. The hood is large but can be tightened as well. I"m not sure if it will fit over a helmet but, I have read that it will.

(Posted on 1/17/16)

Performed better than expected - Goretex Rocks! (Review by @john.nolen)

I couldn't be happier with this purchase. This jacket performs in well all four seasons. I've used it as a ski shell, biking shell, climbing shell, hiking shell, rain shell, and a windbreaker. 5 stars across the board

The GORETEX fabric is resilient, lightweight, and performed better than expected (and my expectations were high to begins with, know it was GORETEX I'd be wearing). The Paclite tech makes this jacket ideal for stuffing into packs when you don't need the coverage.

Climbing : the side vents are clutch. Easy access to my harness
during a belay. Easy access to quick draws and biners on a climb.

Mountain biking : during high output activity, this jacket performs it's best. Because it uses GORETEx, it is fully waterproof and breathable. The side vents help to release excess heat and they also serve well with hip straps on packs (your jacket can hang over the hip straps without becoming a nuisance or being in the way).

Hiking : I've been in damp conditions with this jacket, as well as dry and windy places too. It is quite astonishing how well this piece of gear blocks the wind. Even on cool/cold days. Even with a tshirt on. I was not expecting a performance such as this. Highly recommend, if even just for a windbreaker

Ski touring : I was in Rocky Mountain National Park with this jacket as my shell. In 12 degrees F and 50 mph head wind, all over new snow, this jacket held its own. It was the only thing that kept me in the right mindset to push forward. Visibility was low, it was cold, and the new snow acted like a mist coolant in this whirlwind tunnel we were skinning up (if you've ever been to RMNP near Hidden Valley, you know exactly what I'm talking about). The 2L GORETEX Foray blocked the wind and the frigid chill, packed extremely well into my BCA Float 22, and stayed nice and dry when some of my other non-GORETEX pieces of gear were damp.

Rainfall : I bought this jacket as a rainshell. All the other benefits mention above were icing on the cake. I wanted a jacket that I could take with me during summer camps, spring showers, fall sleet and rain, and I wanted to trust that I'd be dry and warm as long as I had it in my stash of goods. It outperformed that expectation, not only because it provided me with multiple uses, but because I have used it in many downpour situations, and it kept me completely dry. Not a drop of water through the jacket! AMAZING.

GORETEX AND OR, thank you for teaming up on this one. Killer product.

Check out my Instagram: @john.nolen

(Posted on 1/5/16)

Couldn't be happier - performed better than expected (Review by @john.nolen)

I've used this jacket in 3 seasons so far: summer, fall, and winter most recently.

Let me start by saying this jacket is a do-it-all piece of gear. The GORETEX material is resilient, lightweight, fully waterproof, and wind proof (in my opinion).

I've climbed in this jacket. I've mountain- biked as well. I've worn it in the pouring rain. And I've worn it skiing.

Climbing: this jacket is athletically cut, but not in a small tight fitting performance way. It fits snug where it should and is loose fitting in the places where range of movement is key. The hip-to-pit full side vents are clutch!! Great for belaying/making room for access to your harness, and great for cooling down when you need it. I've worn this in the windy land of Wyoming as well as a cold and bitter Rocky Mountain National park. It performs great in any climate.

Mountain biking - as mentioned before, it is cut very well. I ordered a large

(Posted on 1/5/16)

Great Jacket (Review by Piglet)

5'10" and 180lbs. Size large fits with enough room to wear a insulated jacket under the shell. Well make and travels well as it has a built in stuff pocket. Great product.

(Posted on 1/1/16)

great but needs inside jacket pocket (Review by Hiker)

Love the Jacket, use it for warm rain , and cold days as shell.

Only thing missing is inside left "ticket" pocket. So when travel, put ticket, agenda, parking ticket......

(Posted on 12/19/15)

Awesomeness that you can wear..... (Review by Derek )

Gore-tex, need I say more? The Men's Foray Jacket was recently purchased to replace an old warn out rain shell. I opted to go with the Gore-tex over the Helium 1 & 2 and I was pleasantly surprised. Lightweight, cuts the wind, Looks sharp, packs well into one of its pockets. Fortunately I bought this before a canoe trip that was a pleasant combo of wind & rain the entire time, and even after 4 days of that my fleece mid-layer stayed bone dry. I even tucked it under a motorcycle jacket for a few days when the weather turned cold and I was looking for any kind of wind protection possible. Buy this one, you'll be happy when mother nature is unhappy!

(Posted on 9/8/15)

Great for a Texas Summer Storm (Review by Travis)

This stays in my backpack, stuffed into its own pocket until I have to leave for daycare and it's pouring sideways for my walk to our remote parking garage. The Foray keeps me bone dry and actually feels cool when rain hits (and it's 103 outside in Austin).

(Posted on 9/6/15)

perfect for any rainy day (Review by great Seattle jacket)

this jacket is a must have - if anyone knows RAIN it is Seattle folks! This jacket is perfect in any temperature of weather - add a layer for colder weather, wear over a tshirt in summer rain days. For those of us who find umbrellas lethal weapons, this is a great way to stay dry!

(Posted on 6/15/15)

Great Jacket (Review by BT)

I use this jacket for spring skiing, hiking/backpacking, as a wind breaker, and sitting on a raft in the rain. Essentially it's my three season shell for any outdoor activity and it's been in some hearty Colorado sleet/snow/rain storms and has kept me bone dry. The side vents open all the way down the side, which is great for venting when I need it. It packs down small, clean up nice, and looks great. I'm 6'0", about 180 lbs. and the large fits me perfectly with a mid layer underneath or just a T-shirt.

(Posted on 5/18/15)

Waterproof, breathable, & light weight. (Review by Rich)

Fantastic jacket for outdoor activities like backcountry skiing, backpacking & hiking. The gore tex fabric and pit zips allow maximum ventilation & breathing during strenuous outdoor activities. It is light weight, low volume and in my pack everytime I head into the mountains. After 3 years of continual use and abuse, it's still in great shape.

(Posted on 2/27/15)

100% plus 10% (Review by mek)

I absolutely love this shell. It is perfect for many applications, dealing with exterior moisture. That is why I bought it. I've owned it for about eight month's, and keeps doing what it is supposed to do. Simple Goretex membrane with paclite technology. Torsoflo zips, make things even better. Hiking with it stowed, using it for moderate heavy winter to summer rains. It just rocks!!!! Awesome product. Thanks OR!!!!

(Posted on 2/16/15)

Adorei este casaco! (Review by senhorboejengos)

This jacket is one of the best ones I have utilized in my adventures. Its light weight goretex design and added ventilation create a harmonious living space in the back country and around town. When paired with the Mens Transcendence Puffy it is the perfect mix for comfort, warmth and all without breaking the budget.

(Posted on 12/29/14)

Nice and light (Review by mean old manning)

Nice, light and easy to pack. Roomy enough to fit some fleece under it without being too billowy. Over two years old and still impresses.

At 6'5" and 215lbs, the XL is pretty close to what I need size wise, but a Large Tall would probably be better. (Hint - please start making tall sizes)

(Posted on 12/3/14)

Great 3 Season Jacket (Review by Skier82)

I've had this jacket for about ten months now and it's been a great performer. I've used it as a spring ski-shell and as a rain jacket in the summer and fall. I love its packability, and it's definitely waterproof. I spent two hours stuck on a chairlift in a heavy late-april wet snowstorm and barely a drop made it through.

(Posted on 11/2/14)

Foray for all around (Review by Mikey B)

This is my go to backpacking jacket. It's light, loose fitting and packs away with only grams. Easy to access underneath layers with the waist to pit zips, also makes it easy to keep that waist pack belt tucked away underneath for added comfort. I absolutely love this jacket for just about anything that might involve some wet weather. Amazing value for the price!

(Posted on 8/11/14)

Good For Around Town... Doesn't Cut It In The BC (Review by juskuz)

So, here's a brief history...

I owned an older foray jacket that I really loved. It had waterproof zips under the arms and the outer fabric, while a little stiffer and noisier, performed well in the rain. I eventually got rid of it, purchased another brand of jacket, immediately missed the torsoflo zips, and went out and purchased the new Foray Jacket (current model summer 2014).

It's waterproof, but...

The thing that really kills me is the outer fabric. It's very soft, quiet, and has a nice matte finish. It looks great around town, but out hiking it wets out very quickly. Just walking from the car into the grocery store and you will start to see patches soaked through.

Now, the jacket remains waterproof... but any breathability that existed is gone, and the jacket starts to weigh significantly more. It also take a bit to dry it out. Not ideal for actually using it for backpacking.

Anyway... it's decent jacket for most people, most of the time. But if you're actually looking for something to use in the backcountry... you might consider something else.

(Posted on 6/13/14)

3 season dry (Review by beldarski)

The Foray Jacket has proven to be an exceptional addition to my backpacking gear. Have used the jacket in heavy and light downpours all along the Cascade and Coastal range in Oregon and Washington. The jacket is not as light as the minimalist but still a great packable item, waterproof and breathable, has fitting adjustments in the waist, wrists and hood and sealed zipper seams. For winter I go with a heavier "pro-shell" gore tex and more layers. Only additions or changes I would like to see is flaps over zippers and raise the pockets up so they are more useful when wearing a backpack. Great jacket and well worth the price!!!

(Posted on 4/27/14)

Waterproof and Excellent 2-Season Jacket (Review by ActiveHiker)

Test Conditions: a)40°F with sustained 20-25mph winds gusting to 40mph and pouring rain (sideways rain of course with the wind); b)30°F with sustained 25mph winds and driving light snow; c)15°F with wind chill of 8°F and no precipitation; and d)50°F with light winds. I was lucky (?) to be able to test under all 4 of these conditions. The jacket performed well and as advertised, but I wouldn't call it exceptional performance.
It is certainly waterproof but does seem to leak a tiny bit at the seams - it's not enough to get you wet but I did notice trace-moisture on the inside where the seams are taped. I loved being completely dry in the driving, cold downpour. It is wind-resistant but definitely not windproof. At the colder temperatures I was wishing I had worn my old rundown but still-wind-proof shell. I really loved the breathability of the jacket - I was never too hot, even after strenuous exercise. But again, in the colder temperatures, I wish it retained more body heat – I felt like I was struggling to keep my body temp up and heat in. With temperatures that dip down to -20°F around here, I really can't see wearing this jacket in the winter - I'd need waay too many layers underneath and it does let the wind in. I like this as a 2-season jacket (from mid-Spring to mid-Fall) with appropriate layering underneath. I usually don't wear a rain jacket in the summer and choose to just get wet, usually because prior shells were just too hot. I can't wait to test this jacket in the summer rain - with its breathability, features like underarm zippers, etc., my guess is it will keep me dry without overheating.
Overall, I like this jacket and will change my expectations from a 4-season to a 2-season jacket. I was really looking for a 4-season shell but now I'm thinking I may have to keep my old shell around for the winter months (even though it's dilapidated and I look like a hobo when I wear it, it traps more body heat!). I also like OR's warranty and I can buy 4 of these or 1 Arc'teryx shell! I just can't see Arc'teryx being worth 4 times the price... Taking price AND performance into account, I give this jacket a 4 out of 5 rating. I am very happy with it…

(Posted on 3/13/14)

Solid Performer (Review by Ed G.)

I have had the chance to test this jacket out in heavy rain and wind, as well as sleet and a big snow storm. It is solidly constructed, all of the hardware is excellent and functions flawlessly. My only complaint is that the torso flow zip to hem pit zips means the waist cannot be completely sinched down, as only the back has a drawcord.

I am 6' 230lbs and wear a 48 long suit coat, and generally XL tshirts, 36" sleeve dress shirts and the XL fits me well.

(Posted on 3/12/14)

Put it through it's paces and color me highly impressed (Review by braincloud)

I have owned this jacket for about 4 or 5 years now. I purchased it as I needed a good light, waterproof shell for not only hiking/backpacking but also for walking the dogs around town on wet Seattle days. It has been a trusty addition to my coat collection (I have way too many jackets, but each serves a purpose I suppose) and generally is my go-to shell for most applications.

That being said, my Foray really impressed me on a recent trip to the Enchantments on a wet September weekend. My normal packout includes my Foray for light coat/rain deterrent as well as an OR Transcendent down sweater for warmth. Paired up, these two pieces of gear keep me warm and dry even when temps drop below freezing. In fact, this pairing is super versatile and will fit your needs for most conditions.

The weather was driving snow in the upper basin which turned to torrential downpour as we descended. 11 1/2 hours (not setting any speed records) later, we reached the parking lot at Snow Creek. 11 1/2 hours of being pelted with wetness and my Foray didn't complain once. No leaks, no dampness, nada. I couldn't believe it. Most waterproof jackets fail after a few hours of constant rain but not my Foray. I was dry as a bone (well, my torso was - I'd long given up avoiding puddles and let my smartwool socks keep my soaked feet warm in my hikers).

(Posted on 1/7/14)

So Far So Good (Review by Mr. Cool)

I have owned the Foray Jacket for about a Month now and though it hasn't seen rain, I have tested it in the extreme cold and snow. It has been a great layer for taking out on hikes as there are three ways to vent this jacket, though I haven't needed to because it seems to be rather breathable. The Foray is great for around town, top of my pack when the weather is predicted to roll in, and might replace my BC ski shell due to its versatility and weight. I have been pairing the Foray with the Radiant hoody for hikes in the foothills and am very pleased, as I never seem to get too hot or too cold.

(Posted on 12/15/13)

great versatility (Review by wellnesscoach)

Full length side zips make this great for changing conditions or activity levels. Handy hook and loop wrist sleeve adjustments make going over gloves or mitts a breeze while allowing for a nice tight windproof fit. Hood is adjustable in almost too many ways and front zips up to the level of your nose, really providing protection when the wind kicks up the powder. This is a great shell, shedding wind and moisture alike. It is heavier and not as compact as other minimalist OR shells, but makes up in versatility. I wear it as an everyday around town jacket as well.

(Posted on 11/25/13)

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