Men's Gripper Gloves

Style# 243170OR

These multi-purpose outdoor work gloves have a secure, comfortable fit. The weather- resistant fleece blocks wind and provides warmth, and the durable synthetic palms allow them to handle difficult and rugged tasks in cold conditions.


Foliage Green




  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Suregrip Palm
  • Pre-Curved Construction
  • Tapered Wrist
  • Pull Loop


Fabric: WINDSTOPPER®, 100% polyester micro-fleece 3L // 65% polyester, 35% latex palm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 3.0oz / 85g (L)

Customer Reviews

my favorite (Review by Naveen)

Good dexterity. Layers well.

Lasts a winter or two when I get a good pair.

(Posted on 12/28/16)

Primary mushing glove (Review by Owl Creek Kennel)

These have been my go to gloves while mushing dogs. I live in Alaska and run mid-distance races up to 300 miles long and these gloves are my favorite trail gloves. Rarely do I have to put on an over mint unless the temperature drops below 0. These gloves provide the warmth and dexterity I need while running dogs. I usually bring multiple pairs so I can change out to a new pair about every 10 to 12 hours.

(Posted on 2/4/16)

Awesome but size varies (Review by Clayton)

I bought a pair of these last year before a 9 month trip and they were amazing. They fit perfectly (M for me). I use them for skiing, climbing, and general use. Love the windproof fleece and the grippy palm is great. By the end of the trip I had holes in the fingers but that's my own fault (Patagonia granite destroys everything). Bought another pair when I got back, and they were bigger than the others. Still a great design but noticeably different sizes from pair to pair.

(Posted on 4/29/15)

Good Everyday Glove (Review by Eric)

I work and play in outdoor environments. I purchased the Gripper because of the less bulky, fleece, windstopper capability. I've been using them as my everyday gloves at work and around a campfire at night. They are light enough to toss into a coat pocket as I move in and out of trucks and buildings, but enough weight to keep my hands warm. As long as I'm moving these keep my hands warm and dry. IMO I don't think they are as breathable as marketed, but this hasn't been a deterrent for me. If they breathed better I'd probably give them 5 stars. They do grip as advertised and the grippy stuff is in the right places. I also appreciate the pre-curved fingers and they mold well with my trecking poles when snowshoeing. They are tighter around the wrist and I like this function to keep out cold and they also dovetail well at the wrists with the cuff of my jackets. Maybe the tighter wrist fit, contributes to them being less breathable? Nonethless, I like them. I'm looking forward to seeing how these hold up over the next couple of years and I've always been impressed with the OR items I've purchased over the years.

(Posted on 3/22/15)

Comfortble, Easy to Pack, Great for Mild to Cold Weather (Review by TAS)

I received these gloves as a gift. Living in Hawaii there usually aren't too many times gloves get used, but I sometimes work at Mauna Kea (almost 14,000 ft. elev.) so it gets cold and windy. These were easy to pack and provided just enough warmth and wind protection to keep dexterity. My only regret is that I was given the right size. I got a XL and I'm a Large. Too bad, but otherwise AWESOME gloves!

(Posted on 2/1/15)

Second Pair (Review by Prockwel)

It's been my go-to glove for almost everything for the past 3 years. The fit is great, the windstopper is good for my winter bike commute, but the glove is also breathable enough that I can dry them out against my body during movement when they get wet from condensation or rain. It's not a tactical glove, but the gripper material gave it just enough durability that I could justify keeping my hands warm at the expense of some dexterity. I wore this glove more than any other in Mountains at Ranger school, which means handling heavy equipment and putting a lot of stress on the glove, and it survived several more winter field training exercises and PT sessions. Thick enough that they're not great to writing, but it can be done if it's cold enough and I'm not writing too many details. The most wear has been on the fingertips from doing burpees and pushups on concrete during physical training, so I'm finally buying a new pair for another military school even though I will still be using this old pair and will restitch the finger tips to get everything I can out of them. I absolutely recommend these gloves for anyone seeking medium insulation with reasonable dexterity, windstopper, grip, and dry-ability where water resistance is not required. If you're going to Ranger School in the winter, take a pair of these and a pair of backcountry gloves that will offer protection from rain.

(Posted on 12/5/13)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Oldfielder)

I had a pair of these for many years that I used all of the time for general use and for backwoods use and spring skiing. Love the fit and function. Recently it became time for a new pair after so much good service and Ibought a new pair.The palm seam split after very light use (literally driving the truck) for a month. I am sure they will be replacedwith the guarantee but I am glad this didn't happen in the middle of a trip.

(Posted on 1/4/13)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By The lone ranger)

I use these gloves for climbing(ice, alpine, mountaineering, belaying), winter camping, walks in cold weather, bike commuting, fly fishing, and driving early in the morning in the winter. I love their fit most of all. My fingers aren't super long and these gloves fit them perfectly while many gloves tend to have fingers that are too long for me. After 4 years of fairly regular use the grip part is no longer grippy but that is to be expected. They still don't have any holes in them or rips. On the negative side (barely), these gloves will wet out after a couple pitches of ice and aren't super warm, especially when belaying or standing still but on the move in frigid temps, these guys are rad. Just climbed the North Ridge of Baker in them and they worked just fine.

(Posted on 8/1/11)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Anders)

I use these for ice climbing all season. I turn right around and use them with a pair of pogies for sea kayaking. Solid grip. Dry fast.

(Posted on 3/4/11)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Clem)

These are really good gloves, I am so happy with my purchase. These are really windproof and although they are not waterproof, they seem to be water repellent and keep my hands dry for a long time before I feel any moisture coming through. I use them for alpine climbing and the fit and grip are excellent. They are durable and can handle the rigors of alpine climbing and still wear well and last a long time. These gloves fit on the hand very well and they stay on without being loose, so you get real good tactile feedback when handling tools or rope or just holding on to a rock. These are my "go-to" gloves for every activity, until the temperatures get too cold and then I switch to the Alti-Glove or mittens. This is really a superb product and one of my all time favorite OR product.

(Posted on 2/25/11)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Duke the kayaker)

These are my ever day winter gloves. Anything from driving to work,walking around town, hiking, to spring skiing. These gloves are great for active winter adventures in Mild temperatures +20F. The Windproof feature and good grip make these my favorites. The gloves are a thick windproof fleece like material and are great for active pursuits however, I do not recommend these gloves for sub zero temps at the top of the mountain. When the temps drop to OMG levels get a set of OR Mitts! I replaced my first pair after 5 yrs of use and still keep my old ones for riding my bike to work. You won't regret this purchase!

(Posted on 1/14/11)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By crow)

These gloves should be considered basic, standard equipment in any pack, or glove box. They are warm, tough and rugged, yet allow for touch and dexterity needed in fine motor skills tasks. They are warm enough to be worn on the summit of Mt Rainier in a strong, cold wind. (See my profile pic, yep those are OR Gripper gloves!) In winter or sloppy spring Cascade conditions they can be worn as an insulation layer under shell gloves or mitts. They also look and work well in urban conditions, in and around town. A solid basic equipment piece, that you can take home to mom.

(Posted on 12/10/10)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By SpltBrdr)

These are an excellent fleece glove for moderate temps (15-30F). They have excellent grip and a snug fit. The grip is so tacky however that it makes them difficult to use in a layering system over a liner glove or under a heavier glove. They do however layer under a mitt just fine. Satisfied with their performance and would purchase them again without hesitation.

(Posted on 12/9/10)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Rafter Dan)

I like them! They have become the glove I always throw in my pack. I like the fit a lot!

(Posted on 12/9/10)

Men's Gripper Gloves™ (Review by By Alan)

Purchased gloves for U.S. Army Ranger School during winter season after several other gloves "just weren't cutting it." Gloves provide excellent dexterity and warm in 20-degree weather. Take care of the gloves by keep them dry and they will take care of you. Only downfall, my hands did sweat a little, but that is expected due to high activity level.

(Posted on 12/1/10)

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