Sun Runner Cap

Style# 243433OR

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, EAT YOUR HEART OUT Years ago, the Sun Runner Cap set the standard for versatility in the sun hat category. To this day it remains one of our best sellers offering convertible, multifaceted sun protection and comfort.






  • Fabric Performance: Water-Resistant, Breathable, Lightweight, Wicking, Quick-Drying, TransAction™ Headband, UPF 50+
  • Design Features: Dark Fabric Under Brim, External Breathable Mesh Panels, Removable Cape, Convertible, Embroidered OR Logo
  • Functional Details: Hook/Loop Back, Removable Chin Cord, Packable


Fabric: 100% Supplex® nylon, plain weave

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 2.8oz / 79g (L)

Customer Reviews

Only adequate for hairy heads (Review by Theo)

I bought the OR Sun Runner and was really happy with it at first. It really protects the major part of my face from the sun, which is great and different from most other sun-protective headwear including wide-brimmed hats. However, the mesh-panels on the sides of the cap are basically "sunburn-portals". I have a slight receding hairline above the temples and with many caps, including this one, I get sunburned due to the side mesh-panels they feature. The same would happen for anyone with a short haircut. For a hat that is specifically supposed to provide bomb-proof sun protection, this is an absolute no-go! I'm really disappointed about this major design flaw, especially as I don't think the mesh-panels provide a lot of ventilation anyway. I would like to love the sun runner, but in its current state, it only works for hairy heads.

(Posted on 11/15/16)

Not a great helmet (Review by Climbing with Morgan)

This hat works great for most standard face-shading uses (lightweight, comfortable, extra long bill, great breath-ability and good wicking) but it is absolutely terrible at withstanding the impact of a 300lb+ chunk of rock falling from ~25 meters above it. As such, I would not recommend using this hat as a helmet substitution. Thank goodness that the hat was laying on the ground and not on my head when this product shortfall was discovered! Upon direct impact of the rock, the cap sustained severe damage to the mesh, bill and metal clip for attaching the neck protector. Surprisingly, the elastic band remained completely intact and the hat is still wearable, save for a gaping hole in the left side. Again, I do not recommend this cap be used in place of a helmet. For the sake of your brain matter, use the hat only for sun protection and not also rock protection.

(Posted on 9/26/16)

The best out there (Review by guygevaart)

I use it summer and on a sunny days on the mountains
Is it fast dry! super light! keep you sun out of your face.

I'm a professional nature photographer and can't wear sun glasses for I can shots. it is the best "tool" for my work in the field.
Buy it!!!

(Posted on 1/31/15)

Perfect! (Review by Tgrabs)

Bought this for a 2 week trip to the Virgin Islands this past spring and for kayak trips under the summer sun. Haven't used it yet for kayak trips but I expect it to perform as well as it did hiking in the hot sun of the Caribbean. Often I used just the hat with the sun shade in my pocket. The sun shade packs down super small so I had no problem bringing it along even if I wasn't sure I would use it. On really sunny days I attached it quick and easy-like to the hat and protected my ears and neck from the pounding sun. The hat is nice and breathable and even somewhat stylish!

(Posted on 6/21/14)

A hat, you say? (Review by Jim)

I am a self-professed gear freak. I own every commercially available brand of high-end outdoor gear, (except Mammut, and I'm still shopping for the perfect Mammut piece), and I have a lot of great kit. And I use it all. But I can say unequivocally, that this OR hat is the most versatile piece of gear I own. Rain or shine, hot or cold, with or without the Pharaoh neck attachment, it is literally the only piece of gear I own, that I use every single day. And I have done this for 5 years without the slightest problem. This is more than just a hat. It is protection for the part of my body that is exposed more than any other - my face. It works.

(Posted on 4/22/14)

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