Alpine Bivy

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IDEALER SCHUTZ AUF SOLO-TOUREN Das GORE-TEX® Respiration Positive™-Material des Alpine Bivy bietet Schutz vor Regen- und Schneestürmen, ohne dass sich im Inneren Kondensation aufbaut. Dank der überlappenden Reißverschlussöffnung kannst Du wettergeschützt frei atmen. Eine einzige Zeltstange reicht aus, um mehr Kopffreiheit im Biwaksack zu bekommen. Die Stange kann weggelassen werden, wenn Du Gewicht sparen willst.


Mojo Blue




  • Materialeigenschaften: Wasserdicht, extrem atmungsaktiv, vollständig getapte Nähte, robust, No-See-Um Mesh, Hydroseal®-Boden, Boden mit antimykotischer Beschichtung
  • Ausstattungsmerkmale: Befestigungsgurte für Isomatte, fünf Verankerungsschlaufen, eine Abspannschlaufe, Netztasche innen, großräumiges Fußende
  • Funktionsdetails: Delrin®-Einstangensystem


Fabric: GORE-TEX® Respiration Positive™ 3L, 100% nylon, 30D ripstop upper - 2L, 100% nylon, plain weave taffeta floor

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 32.0oz / 907g (One Size)

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condensation tips (Review by star)

excellent lightweight shelter.. condensation can be a problem in certain conditions but ive worked it out.

(Am 29.07.16 gepostet)

Doesn't live up to claims (Review by Ray)

I tested this bivy hiking two weeks on the west highland way in Scotland. It held out the rain but I frequently had a LOT of condensation on the inside of my bivy and it never actually hit freezing. Enough condensation was present to the point that my sleeping bag was quite wet at the tip and on the sides. A less important issue, but something to note, is that the insect mesh layer is really easy to get caught in the outer zipper and I made a small hole in mine within a week that I had to glue. This was partially my fault, but still something to note for people purchasing: use caution when zipping.

(Am 05.07.16 gepostet)

Outstanding bivy bag! (Review by Harry)

I purchased this in August of 2014 and have used it several times, both in winter, as well as wamer applications. I have yet to experience any condensation and this is my lightweight alternative now to bringing a tent. I am somewhat claustrophobic, but have done fine in this, with the headroom that the pole offers.

(Am 16.06.15 gepostet)

Alpine Bivy (Review by Jake)

I have used this bivy a bit in Tasmania, keeps you dry even when its humid, raining and warm! very roomy and comfortable, light as well as compact. mine comes in at approx 880 grams. excellent product,

(Am 15.11.14 gepostet)

Excellent product (Review by Harry)

Kept me dry in wet humid conditions. I've used this bivy twice now in Olympic National Park--one on a dry climb and the other a wet. It kept me dry on both occasions with no condensation, even though the dew was heavy outside of the bag. My only complaint might be that it is a little hard to get into, since there is no lengthwise zipper, but without one the advantage is there is no way for this bag to leak. The mosquito net that touches your face when in use did not bother me. It is made of bombproof fabric and I can tell it will last for years. There is no place here to add a photo or I would add one of this product at my stay at Constance Lake.

(Am 22.09.14 gepostet)

Awesome well constructed (Review by the Grizz)

this bivy is awesome. worth every penny. there was alot of thought that went into this product it is reinforced and sturdy where need be and feels beefy all the while lightweight. there is piping around the entrance which is genius.

(Am 12.07.14 gepostet)

Alpine Bivy (Review by Murcus)

I’ve used it on two winter outings now. First was a January trip into Glacier park. Built a snow trench and was sweating all night. Second trip was last night. Headed into the Montana Rockies for an overnighter. When I reached camp, I started digging a snow cave and after three feet of digging I found ICE. I was too exhausted to do anything else so I just made a shelf and put the bivy up. It anchors in quite well with the loops. Throughout the night the wind blew ONE FOOT of snow on top of me, I recall waking up on occasion to shake what I thought were a few inches off. Nope, when I unzipped in the morning my boots, gear everything outside was under a foot of snow. This bivy kept me 100% dry and protected from the elements. Protip, boot a hand warmer in your boots and let the wind bury them in snow, they’ll be warm in the morning. Zipper is somewhat tedious, though I wouldn't knock the bivy because of that. Fits me, 5’9” a thermarest zlite pad, and a 0’ sleeping bag perfectly with room to spare.

(Am 20.04.14 gepostet)

Alpine bivy (Review by beldarski)

Recently purchased a couple of Alpine bivy's for doing glacier hikes, summits and such. Left Timberline lodge at 6:30pm and snowshoed up to Illumination rock to dig in for the night. The bivy sack is super light and nice and small to pack which made the trip up way more enjoyable. It unrolled and I had the poles inserted in just a couple minutes. The pad straps inside were awesome and held my airpad under me all night long without sliding around. The temperature was around 0 degrees so any condensation would freeze instantly and in the morning it looked like it snowed inside the bivy. My only complaints are the inability to zip it all the way up and even with the pole and bivy tied down the material continually drooped onto my face during the night. (going to buy a few poles and create my own modification to correct for the drooping material) This bivy kept me cozy and dry all night!!! Great value~

(Am 13.02.14 gepostet)

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