Men's Transcendent Down Sweater

Artikelnr. 243069OR

PERFEKTIONIERTE GÄNSEDAUNENISOLIERUNG Die warme, komprimierbare und unglaublich leichte Transcendent Kollektion hält Dich schön warm, wenn die Temperatur in den Keller fällt. Wenn Du die Extraschicht nicht brauchst, beansprucht sie so gut wie keinen Platz im Rucksack. Die hochqualitative 650er Gänsedaunenfüllung des Sweaters hält Dich auch beim Langlaufen oder im Camp schön warm.
Standard Fit


Agate/Hot Sauce




  • Materialeigenschaften: Wasserabweisend, windabweisend, leicht
  • Ausstattungsmerkmale: Brusttasche mit Reißverschluss, Seitentaschen mit Reißverschluss, rechte Seitentasche dient als Packsack, Windschutzleiste innen, Karabinerschlaufe, Kragen mit weichem Trikotfutter, Seitentaschen mit weichem Trikotfutter, Schlüsselclip
  • Funktionsdetails: Einweg-Frontreißverschluss, elastische Armabschlüsse, elastischer Kordelzug am Bund


Fit: Standard Paßform

Fabric: 100% polyester 20D ripstop shell 100% nylon 44D embossed taffeta lining, 650 fill power responsibly sourced goose down insulation

Center Back Length: 29” / 74 cm

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 13.0oz / 369g (L)

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awesome (Review by Ryan)

Really versatile. I have worn it with the maximus and a t-shirt in single digit temps with wind for hours and have been fine. I have also worn in day to day use in the cold temps and it is great. I usually run warmer than most people and this is a great insulator for me. I haven't taken it overnight camping but i plan on using it in my hammock as my overnight gear.

(Am 07.03.17 gepostet)

Another Great One (Review by Thane)

I'm 6'2", 200lbs and I always have to order tall sizes for sleeve length. This is a great jacket. I'd say you're good in this up to about 40 degrees if you aren't active, you can definitely endure colder temperatures if you are moving and working up a sweat.

This thing doesn't really block the wind, so for cold/windy days, you are better off with a good soft shell, but I've worn this baby across Watertown, NY, Canada, Northern Germany, and all of Eastern Europe in the fall and spring and haven't been disappointed.

(Am 19.12.16 gepostet)

excellent addition. (Review by Johnny Mac)

The transcendent is a great addition to my layering system. This jacket does great regulating body temp. I have been wearing it as an insulation layer under my rain shell out hiking and just by itself heading to the office. Nice work OR!

(Am 15.03.16 gepostet)

Nailed it! (Review by Zach)

I use this jacket for work and play. It is great for the shoulder seasons and milder winter days. Packs down small and light. I have a larger proportional upper body (6', 200#, 45" chest, 32x32 pant) and have found that OR size large is usually a perfect fit. I will be ordering another to have one that lives in my work pack.

(Am 06.03.16 gepostet)

Outstanding down jacket (Review by Bryan)

I purchased the Transcendent Sweater in Medium, Dusk/Night roughly six months ago. I'm 5'7 and 165, I wear 16.5 32/33 shirts and a 42 reg suit. The fit is comfortable and looks sharp. It isn't baggy or trendy tight. I think a large would also fit me but i'm glad I got the medium because I'm not likely to need any bulky layers underneath and this is a perfect fit under my OR Foray shell in Medium. I picked up the Transcendent Sweater and the Foray shell to use as a system and it has been an outstanding combination. The transcendent seems pretty tough and I expect it will last a long time. The fabric seems pretty rugged and capable of keeping the feathers in and the zippers are appropriate for the jacket, not just the lightest weight zips available. It easily packs into a pocket which is great. The packed size isn't tiny but you won't destroy the zippers and break your thumbs cramming it into oblivion. I suspect it will tolerate many years of abuse.
The look is this down jacket is Seattle-technical but with a little more western ruggedness than the competition.
I've worn the jacket throughout a NW winter and on a trip to the East coast during one of this year's deep freezes. So most of the wear has been in temps in the 30's and 40's but I've used it down to about 10F. More times than not, I've wished I opted for the vest version because it just isn't cold enough where I live to need a jacket this warm, especially during activity. It really is a warm piece, especially for a 650 fill that's only an inch or two thick. It performed admirably when the temps were in the low teens. Worn with my Foray shell and a light fleece or wool base layer and I would trust this down well below freezing.
A few particulars worth mentioning. First, the glove warmer pockets inside the jacket have an elastic band along the top that I notice and feel even when the pockets are empty. I like the pockets and I think the extra layer of fabric contributes significantly to the jacket's warmth, but for comfort I would use a simple velcro closure at most over the elastic hem. It's not really uncomfortable but I feel it and find it annoying. This is my only serious gripe with this awesome jacket. Second, the lining inside the hand warmers is nice but I would prefer it to be on the other side. Perhaps just a preference thing, but the soft fleece lining is on the back of my hands which are often dry/chapped and they sort of catch on the fleece. No big deal but I would like to have some of that nice fuzzy stuff where my palm and fingertips go. Third, the hem at the cuff could be made of something a bit softer. This might also be a solution to the glove pocket hem. Perhaps durability took precedence here. Lastly, the fleece lining around the neck was something I didn't think would matter when choosing a jacket, but that stuff is amazingly nice and helps the jacket score high on comfort points.

(Am 15.02.16 gepostet)

Best Jacket i own (Review by Mike)

For a down jacket, this is by far the most versatile piece of kit that I own. Most recently, I slept out on a glacier in Austria in conditions of -1 F. During the breaks while skinning to the Wildespitze, busting out the transcendent sweater kept the cold out and all of the heat in. If need be, throwing on a soft or hard shell isn't a problem because the down packs well. I'm 5'6" and 155 lbs so a medium fits well.

(Am 10.01.16 gepostet)

Amazing jacket. (Review by TheNairn)

I own two Transcendent sweater's and absolutely love them. I have layered them in -20 and stayed toasty warm. Also the ripstop shell Is a life saver!

(Am 09.11.15 gepostet)

Can't say enough! (Review by Norm)

My first down jacket and now I wish I'd had it way earlier. I use this with my military gear too. It easily stuffs into a cargo pocket when not needed and when needed will fit over a flak or plate carrier. So far I've had it in 10 degree temps with no problem. I also went with the Transcendent Bennie that fits into the breast pocket well.

(Am 21.01.15 gepostet)

supreme lightweight warmth (Review by slideswiper)

I purchased this jacket to throw in my patrol pack. Super lightweight, packs small, incredible warmth for the weight, and I now don't leave it in the bottom of my pack- I wear it all the time instead! Great for rewarming after coming in from a cascade snow day.
Also has an awesome outer pocket to hold iPhone, hand warmers, wallet, etc. Internal shove pockets hold my hat. Great choice!

(Am 05.01.15 gepostet)

Awesome choice (Review by John)

The transcendent sweater is a great choice for an ultralight down jacket. Since purchasing this jacket about two months ago, I've already put it to the test on multi day trips backpacking and skiing in some very cold temperatures. In harsh conditions, this jacket works great as an insulation layer under a hard shell, and when the sun's out or even in some light snow, it's a very nice outer layer. It's very light and packable, and I really like the discreet chest pocket for conveniently stuffing away a phone or other small essentials. Originally couldn't decide between the hooded or nonhooded version, but I'm happy I chose the nonhooded just because it fits under a shell a little more easily.

(Am 23.12.14 gepostet)



(Am 17.11.14 gepostet)

Awesome and warm for the weight (Review by Curt)

This 650 fill transcendent jacket (sweater) is awesome. I have had it for several weeks and I can tell you if you buy it you will not regret it. I have warn this in temps of 30 above to 5 above by itself and it is very warm. The construction of the jacket is very nice the zipper never gets caught on the jacket due to OR adding a strip of material that goes the full length of the zipper (on the inside flap). I have tried other jackets of this type and OR has out done themselves again with awesome outdoor gear. Very Very happy

(Am 29.10.14 gepostet)

Blows the doors off the comp!!! (Review by Attack7)

BLUF- my company receives samples of most of the industry's clothing......we were given another jacket of a likeness, then these were delivered to us! I must say, OR outdid themselves with this! I've worn it in DC, NC, and even up to the Pacific Northwest to the OR Hqs and Berry Compliant factory recently! Most other companies are a name but lack the performance! Outstanding!

(Am 08.03.14 gepostet)

My Favorite (Review by Bryan K.)

I have owned this jacket for two years now, and going to another for next year. I work Ski Patrol and this year we have been incredibly cold in the midwest. This jacket has been all I've needed out on the 'hill' when wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath and my patrol vest on top. I absolutely love the fact that I can come in from the cold, remove the vest and feel completely comfortable in the patrol room. also like the fact that you can stay warm outside, then get in your vehicle and not feel like you have to remove some bulky jacket to be comfortable for a long drive. So light you don't even notice it being on! Highly recommend this 'sweater'!

(Am 15.02.14 gepostet)

Staple (Review by J. Utah)

Light. Perfect amount of warmth. Have used it as a mid layer, but mainly gets used as an outer layer. Got one size bigger than I thought I needed, like a slinky it seems to expand and contract for what I want to use it for. Gets used so much I thought it warranted a review. I have had it for years and really like that it's not shiny. Got paint on it and it scrubbed it off. Very impressed. Get it.

(Am 27.01.14 gepostet)

Single Best Piece of Gear for my Thru-Hike (Review by Timber)

I used this jacket everyday for 6 1/2 months on my Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail 2013. I only wore it hiking when it dropped below 25, but it went on immediately whenever I wasn't moving on those cold days, or early mornings/late evenings. One thing to note about this jacket is the design in which it stuffs into itself. It turns into a nice little rectangle with a soft fleece side which makes for one heck of trail pillow. Love this thing. Still wear it all the time, even with all the little repair patches due to popping embers.

(Am 01.01.14 gepostet)

A Must Have! (Review by Nick)

A fantastic light winter jacket and fall backpacking piece. The ability for this jacket to keep you warm compared to the overall weight of the piece is impressive. As a standalone piece, this works well for me down into the 20’s with a layer underneath while partaking in a light to moderate activity. This thing packs down inside the right hand warmer pocket to about the size of a softball. Inside the pocket there is a loop to allow you to attach it to your pack, and a very nice little addition to the jacket.

Due to the multiple stitches for the baffles, this jacket does let a bit of a breeze through. I like to use a shell over this in windy, and colder conditions. This combination allows for plenty of movement, warmth, and wind protection. The fabric used at first glance appears to be prone to snags, but I have found it rather durable thus far. The one precaution I would advise are gloves that have Velcro. They appear to snag the cuffs a little with continued contact.

Having this on the trail, I have needed to launder this jacket, and I am always afraid of losing down through the process. I have found on two occasions that the down stays where it should be, and doesn't clump up. A short cold machine wash, a short tumble dry with a few tennis balls, and line dry it still appears brand new. At 5’ 10” and 185 lbs, the medium works very well for me. I wouldn't feel that its an athletic fit, buts its just barely loose enough to offer good movement, but not too baggy.

A fantastic piece, and with the weight and packability of the jacket, this will always make the trip in the pack from now on. I can’t believe I have lived without this jacket for so long. Don’t hesitate, get yourself one!

(Am 29.12.13 gepostet)

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