Men's Verglas Gaiters™

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WENN GEWICHT UND GESCHWINDIGKEIT AUSSCHLAGGEBEND SIND Die extra leichten und klein packbaren Gamaschen sind aus robustem, wasserdichtem und atmungsaktivem Pertex® Shield, das dafür sorgt, dass die Elemente und Schmutz nicht in die Schuhe kommen.Strategisch platziertes Cordura® an Innenbein und Stiefel sorgt dafür, dass Steigeisen und Felsen keinen Schaden anrichten können.






  • Materialeigenschaften: Wasserdicht, atmungsaktiv, leicht, abriebfest, Laminatkonstruktion
  • Ausstattungsmerkmale: Robuster Hypalon®-Gurt am Spann, abriebfestes Cordura im unteren Beinbereich, verstärkte Stiefelschnürhaken
  • Funktionsdetails: Klettverschluss vorne, Verschlussschnalle oben


Fabric: Pertex® Shield 3L, 100% nylon, 70D ripstop leg panel, Cordura®, 100% nylon, 500D woven foot panel

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 7.4oz / 210g (L)


Outstanding (Review by Mike)

I broke my pair of Verglas Gaiters in hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada. Wet, mud, rain, and hiking on the sea shelf is a few words to describe the experience. Verglas Gaitors are easy to put on and stay on well. I stepped in a puddle that ended up being a 2 foot deep mud hole in the first 45 minutes of the week long hike. I was super jazzed to see my socks and pants were still dry, the gaiter did it job. As the week got wetter, my gaiters never failed me. I got these for summer and winter use. I have high expectations and they're preforming fabulously.

(Am 19.04.16 gepostet)

Great Product (Review by Kylie)

I am 6'2" 220lbs and size 13US. I use these with my Lowa Fugitives and they work great for all late fall/early winter excursions into the mountains here in the Wasatch Range. I have both the Verglas and the Crocodiles (issued to me in the MIL) and I love both of them. However, the Verglas are the perfect for mild/moderate inclement weather/conditions and are much more user-friendly than the Crocs. Great product (I just wish I could get them in Multicam...I'm a sucker for military gear)

(Am 12.11.15 gepostet)

Solid (Review by Bryan "Taco")

Like the other reviewer, I am tall (6'3") and thin (185lbs) and big feet (size 12US / 45EU). I do have to work at it to get them to fit over my Lowa Mountain Experts, but they do fit well and I can catch a showlace to snug them up, and I generally have to overlap the velcro seam at the top of the shin so it's tight enough that incidental snow or precipitation doesn't sneak in the top, but these have been on many trips with me and never failed me yet. Even when I took a bad step over a rope and sliced them and the next layer of clothing open, they resulting "L"-shaped hole was easy to patch with a large needle, dental floss, and a little seam seal. They've held up for 6 years since that repair. In fact, I just lost my pair in a fire and am on this site to replace them with the exact same product ;-)

(Am 28.10.15 gepostet)

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