Expedition Crocodiles™

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NOS GUÊTRES HAUTE PERFORMANCE LES PLUS ROBUSTES. Comme des Crocs avec une peau encore plus épaisse, nos guêtres les plus robustes; sont destinées aux expéditions en montagne, en conditions extrêmes de froid. Leur large circonférence offre davantage d’espace pour les chaussures de haute montagne en plastique et les pantalons très volumineux. L’intérieur, en Cordura® solide, évite les accrocs dûs au coups de crampons lorsque vous êtes en haute montagne.






  • Performances techniques matériau: étanche, respirant, résistant à l'abrasion, construction laminée
  • Éléments techniques design: lanière solide d'attache BioThane® sur le cou-de-pied, Cordura® résistant à l'intérieur de la jambe et au niveau de la chaussure, tige basse de chaussure résistante à l'abrasion, doublée toile, diamètre plus large, s'adapte aux chaussures plastiques, fermeture avant à double surpiqûre
  • Caractéristiques fonctionnelles: fermeture par rabat velcro sur le haut et sur le devant


Matériau: Panneau jambe tissage GORE-TEX® 3L, 100% nylon, 70D, panneau pied tissé Cordura® 2L, 100% nylon, panneau arrière jambe tissé 1000D, Cordura®, 100% nylon, 1000D

Avg. Weight (oz./g): 12.1oz / 343g (L)

Avis du client

The Gold Standard for Gaiters (Review by Sam)

I don't trust any other company to make a gaiter. Mine are from the nineties, and were given to me by my Dad. In addition to his mileage, I've put another 1,000+ miles on them. They're not shiny-new anymore, but they are still 100% functional, and I'm constantly amazed that the strap underfoot hasn't broken after all the wear.

My only critique: the metal hook on the front is a bit sharp, and after wearing them for hundreds of miles in the same place, it can cut into and break the shoelace, but if you're prepared, you should have extra shoelaces or p-cord, so not a huge deal.

These are also great for ice climbing, and will prevent you from shredding your expensive pants with crampons.

(Posté le 13/02/16)

Essential Gear - Outstanding (Review by Bix)

I've had these gaiters for years. If my boots go on, these go over them. Put more miles on these than I care to count. I've worn them out, cleaned 'em up, and they haven't failed me yet. They just keep going. Keeps snow, ice, mud, scree, water, etc. out of my boots. Worn them dove hunting in shorts in 100 degree Texas heat, to near zero temps in the back country snow. These gaiters are an essential piece of backcountry gear for me.

(Posté le 18/11/15)

Burly gaitors (Review by Bogie)

I have used Expedition Crocs for over 3 years working as a Wilderness Ranger in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Bob gets all kinds of weather deep snow, mud, constant stream fording, crossing scree fields, etc., and these crocs have held up to ALL abuse. Wash them off and they look almost new.

Only issue is they get HOT if the sun is out. It is enough to notice. My wish for the OR dev team is for a Coyote colored pair that doesn't absorb as much sun heat. Otherwise there is nothing bad to say about these crocs. Worth the investment and will last forever.

(Posté le 13/04/15)

Better later than never! (Review by Trailbeater)

I've not used gaiters when hiking before, but finally decided to give them a try, since I was trying to get out more and didn't want the weather to hold me back. Now that I've used them, I keep thinking to myself why I waited so long. These gaiters are easy to throw on and take off and the keep my legs and boots so much dryer and cleaner. When I get back to the car, I can pull the gaiters off, shake them clean and throw them in back of the car. My pants are still clean enough I can walk in somewhere and get a bite to eat.

(Posté le 15/03/15)

The only one to think about. (Review by From Big Island)

I worked as a snowmaker building a racecourse at Beaver Creek this season. You don't go into varying conditions like ice and waist deep snow without quality gear that you never have to second guess. These are way more rugged than any other product on the market.

(Posté le 17/01/14)

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