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Men's Harrelson L/S Shirt


Woody Would Be Proud
FIT: Standard fit
COLOR charcoal
Infinite Guarantee
Natural-born travelers will find this casually styled hemp/organic cotton blend shirt a must-have for international trips. With rollup, tab-secured sleeves and a hidden, oversized boarding card pocket with a concealed zipper, it’s perfect for every country, culture and climate.
Fabric :
55% hemp
45% organic cotton
Center Back Length :
30” / 76 cm
Weight :
9.5oz / 268g Avg. Weight for size L


The Goldilocks shirt


One of my most versatile shirts. I can wear it out or outside. When I'm driving my Jeep around topless and doorless during the summer it breathes in the daytime heat yet I can roll down the sleeves for some extra warmth when things cool down at night. Two thumbs up!

Gypsum CO


Great fabric and fit


Looks great with subtle stylish details.

Western mass


Great Start


I love Hemp. What a lot of people seem to miss is that Hemp has had a significance in America. It has traditionally been used to make ropes and sails, but is also speculated that the first Levis jeans with fabric taken from tents at the time was a Hemp and not Cotton. The founding fathers also supposedly grew it. Like Absinthe being shot down by Wine manufacturers in the US until its banning, Hemp also became banned after its threat to the Cotton industry served a jail sentence because its sister plant is considered a drug. Albeit, you can smoke a trashbag full of hemp and... nothing. No THC. While this fabric may feel like a cheaper spun cotton, like an Osnaburg weave or the more expensive Linens, I quite enjoy the way Hemp breaks in through wearing it. I think a 50/50 Hemp/Cotton weave is a good idea, and support maybe a 50/50 Hemp/Polyester, or something of the like. Regardless, I look forward to new Hemp weaves with Hemps legalization. Although, my biggest contention here is how light the fabric seems. It looks fragile to brambles and abration. Since it's a travel shirt and not a backwoods trail daisy walkathon, I look forward to the days of UltraLight ending and them beefing up this fabric a little too. Very breathable, as Hemp is, but also very see through. I also wish this used a cut like from the Remy/Gastown/Feedback Flannel. A little longer and a little wider around the waist. Like many hemp products today, the product seems a bit confused on what audience it should focus on. Business, functional, sporting, ultralight, hipster, who knows? Sometimes I wish Outdoor Research switched their focus from a specific sport to a specific audience that uses said product, and stuck with the corresponding designs that audience likes. Not everyone wants ultralight clothing that is only meant for the trail's path, instead of the entire backwoods. I know Outdoor Research makes stuff for the military, and wish that focus would inspire durability

Ex. San Jose, CA

light and sturdy


nice lightweight shirt



Pretty Good


The passport pocket doesn't really hold your passport if you have any kind of cover, but it works well for money or other items. This shirt is nice for travel, walking, casual wear, etc. I find the small is a little baggy compared to how other OR non-button-up shirts fit, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing it. Tends to get easily get wrinkles.


Great Looking


This is a great looking casual shirt that everyone can love. It fits great and allows you to dress it up if needed or just remain casual. The texture and buttons even had my wife asking if it was from a JCrew. If your looking for a great OR dressier product that doesn't scream outdoor hiking shirt...this is it.


Surprise find, on sale no less!


Another great piece of gear from OR! This shirt is so well constructed and so comfortable. The fit is spot-on, and the zip pocket and roll up sleeves are a bonus. I only have one other piece of clothing made from hemp and this one is comparable if not better. I hope OR continues to design and manufacture more of this hemp/cotton combo gear, for those of us making the switch from synthetic to natural fibers, to help save our precious wildlife. Thanks again OR!


great shirt!


I really like this shirt. It's a very relaxed and comfortable shirt but isn't boxy. It hangs really well for me. I have worn it on the hottest summer days and have layered it up on the cool nights. I can layer this shirt over a t-shirt, leave unbuttoned for a super casual look or button it up and dress it up with a pair of dark jeans. I like being able to roll up the sleeves and the button tab holds it up. The colors are really great. I bought the blue first and came back for the green. Both are my favorites now.



4.5 8






Size & fit guide

Men’s apparel - measurement guide & size chart

Measurement shown in:
CHEST 34”86 37”94 40”102 43”109 46”117 49”124
WAIST 26”66 29”74 32”81 35”89 38”97 41”104
HIPS 33”84 36”91 39”99 42”107 45”114 48”122
INSEAM 30”76 31”79 32”81 33”84 34”86 35”89
SLEEVE-LENGTH 30”76 31”79 32”81 33”84 34”86 35”89
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