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Sparkplug Gaiters


Our Lightest Trail Running Gaiters
COLOR black
Infinite Guarantee
The ultra-minimal Sparkplug Gaiters are running gaiters stripped down to only what you need: breathable, wicking, water-resistant stretch fabric shields your shoes and socks from trail debris, light rain and snow, while the single attachment-hook easily and quickly attaches to most running shoes.
Fabric :
86% nylon
14% spandex knit
Weight :
1.2oz / 34g Avg. Weight for size L/XL


So light I hardly realized they were there


I've worn these a couple of times on dry trails in the PNW (a novelty, for sure) and they've been great. My shoes have a built-in velcro patch on the heel and these gaiters stuck in place for 10 miles and 4000 feet of gain. They were so lightweight I wasn't sure they would keep dirt and rocks out, but did a great job.



My default 3-season gaiter


When I saw these on sale, I bought 2 extra pairs in case they are being discontinued. These are a minimal ultra light solution to keeping stuff out of your boots, and my go to trail gaiter unless there is deep snow or boot sucking deep mud. They are water resistant enough for light moisture, which I found out when trying to improvise a pre filter for my drinking water, and the water bounced right off. On very wet days and slushy snow excursions I've kept them on underneath my regular gaiters and they have helped there too. My only regret is the choice in colour, as for hot weather the black isn't the greatest and the blue can get guys a bit of teasing (not that it's stopped me). The velcro works decently on my trailrunners, and I don't even bother with it for my hiking boots. I wear size 13 with skinny ankles and the L/XL work great.

Wet Coast of BC


Poor fit


Got these as a gift. I wear size 12 mens and so based on the sizing chart L-XL was purchased. Fits great on the bottom but the upper part is way to loose around my leg.



Nice Lightweight Protection


Have been using these for keeping the muck out of socks and shoes while mountain biking and hiking the autumn trails. They are very lightweight, take up no space in a pocket or pack and quick to put on when conditions warrant. The velcro strip on the heel and shoe lace hooked front stay put very nicely, no issues. The stretchable XL version fit and hold on size 14 no problem.

Bellingham, WA


Yes I would buy this product again


I use these gaiters while trail running. They are not water proof, I don't run with water proof shoes. They do breath somewhat however they keep the debris out of the shoes and socks.

BC Canada


Do the job


Wore these with my trail runners on a 125 mile hike through high rugged terrain in the Rocky Mountains to keep the small rocks and trail grit out of my shoes. They did the job. I did not have to stop once to clear trail debris from my shoes. They dry quickly and breathe well. I did not have any instances of them becoming unattached.



Great Little Gaiters


I grabbed these to try gaiters out for the first time. They did an excellent job keeping snow out of my hiking boots in the early mountain season, and are quite light, small, and packable. They did, however, soak through very quickly but I was still content with their performance granted they are made for trail running. Eventually I may upgrade to some larger gaiter, but I was happy with what I got out of these ones.

Edmonton, AB


Trail running essential


The Sparkplug gaiters are perfect for trail running, and for hiking on hot dry days. I have size 9 feet and use the smaller size with my running shoes (qualified for the Boston Marathon on a dirt rail trail with these puppies), and have the larger size to use with my low top hiking shoes. They are extremely light and breath well, so I forget that I have them on.


Top Notch Gaiters


I've used these rail running in the high alpine of Colorado and the deserts of Southern Utah with great success. These puppies are light and breathable and you won't know you're wearing them even after putting in big mileage. Fit is great and I don't see these wearing out any time soon, even with regular use.


Only one problem!


I can only think of one problem with these gaitors - they are always sold out. I have the blue ones and I use them with my Altra Lone Peaks or Olympus shoes. Both of these shoes have a gator gripper in the back and these things are completely effortless to use. They do a great job of keeping stuff out of my shoe, but more importantly I never remember I have them on. They really are a mindless piece of equipment, you never have to think about it until you get back to the car. My primary activity is trail running around the Wasatch Mountains. I have not used these much for snow, but I have significant experience with them in wet and dry trail conditions and they could not perform better. I just wish I could find a black pair in stock one of these days!


Sparkplug Gaiters

4.4 10






For the sparkplug gaiters, do I attach the velcro tabs to the leather at the base of the heel (just above where it meets the rubber sole), or on the rubber of the top part of the heel/sole (just below where the fabric meets the sole)? I want to make sure that these things stay put for a 50 mile race that has quite a bit of sand on the course. Thanks, Anne Laschen


Hi Anne, Apply the Velcro tabs at the base of the heel. This will ensure that the material at the bottom does not reach/hit the ground and cause abrasion to the fabric. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

Ankle (top) diameter of L/XL?


Hi Paul, There is no diameter measurement on the measurement spec sheet. The Top Edge Length of the gaiter (when open) is 9", the folded length should be 4.5" when flat. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

Will these work will low top/minimalist shoes? It seems like they may not go low enough to cover the shoe.


Hi Yana, it depends on the shoe. There is a Hook/Loop Patch at the Heel (Velcro) that helps secure the shoe with the gaiters. If your shoes can accommodate the patch then it might be an effective way to keep trail debris out of your shoes. Thanks for contacting OR!

Gaiters Size guide


Measurement shown in:
4 – 735 – 40 6 - 938 - 42 8 - 1141 - 45 10 – 1343 - 47 12 – 1546 - 50 5 - 837 - 41 9 - 1242 - 46
5 - 735 – 37 7 - 937 – 41 9 - 1139 – 44 5 - 835 – 39 9 - 1141 – 45

How to measure

Please refer to your shoe size.