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    Flame resistant



    Palm Fabric


    OR Infiltrator Jacket coyote
    OR Infiltrator Jacket MC multicam
    OR Infiltrator Pants MC multicam
    OR Infiltrator Pants grey
    OR Infiltrator Jacket - USA grey
    OR Infiltrator Pants - USA grey
    OR Tradecraft Jacket - USA coyote
    OR Tradecraft Vest - USA coyote
    OR Tradecraft Pants - USA multicam
    OR Obsidian Hooded Jacket - USA coyote
    OR Obsidian Pants - USA multicam
    OR Swoop Shell Mitts Coyote - USA coyote
    OR Firebrand Mitts Coyote - USA coyote
    OR PS150 Gloves - USA coyote
    OR Swoop Shell Mitts  Multicam - USA multicam
    OR Ironsight Gloves all black
    OR Convoy Gloves - USA coyote
    OR Suppressor Gloves - USA all black
    OR Firemark Sensor Gloves - USA coyote
    OR Overlord Short Gloves - USA foliage green
    OR Overlord Gloves - USA foliage green