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ActiveIce Sun Sleeves


Feeling Cool Never Looked So Cool
カラー charcoal heather
Infinite Guarantee
今まで以上にクールなルックでクールさをキープ キシリトールクリスタルを使用したActiveIce™ファブリックが、汗を素早く発散し身体を涼しく保ちます。このコレクションは、水のアクティビティやトレイルのランニング、暑い気候のハイキング、釣り、サイクリングなど、暑く乾燥した日差しの強い環境で活動する方の必須アイテムです。
Fabric :
91% polyester
9% spandex
stretch knit
重量 :
1.3oz / 36g Avg. Weight for size L/XL
Fabric Performance :
Active Cooling
UPF 50+
Quick Drying
Design Features :
Reflective Logos
Bicep grip
Anti-Slip Palm Print
Optional ThumbHole
Finger Loop


first impression's great


This is my first pair of sun sleeves, and so far I like them. I usually wear a women's small in OR tops, purchased the smaller size in these, and I haven't had a problem with slippage. The sun sleeves come up a little higher on my long arms than I'd expected, which means I won't have a gap with short sleeves. I appreciate the hand coverage, but I don't expect the palms to hold up to much scrambling. The fabric does feel like it will hold up to abrasion from brush and rock better than my Echo hoodies.



Great product




Blocks sun very well but...


...the tops of the sleeves occasionally pinch some. I also had some sliding which was weird because the tops felt pretty tight. I ordered the XL (not sure if there are separate women's sizes but ordered XL from the Women's gear page) to get the tiny bit of extra length. I don't have particularly heavy or muscular upper arms (I'm late 60's) but they were tighter than I wanted. They are also billed as "cooling" which might be if you are sweating hard. I found them almost as hot as a sun shirt - the only thing different is no extra fabric layer over the torso. I did find them cooler if I poured water on the sleeves when I was in the sun. They were cooler in a breeze. My initial wearing of them was in Yellowstone where it is higher elevation, often very sunny and sometimes pretty windy. They did protect my arms and hands from sun exposure in the geyser basins which are very hot and reflective. I will continue to wear them because they are very effective with sun blocking.

North Idaho


Ooohhh sssooo cccoooooolll!


I wore these in the high 90's to a peak 101° F weather in Sabino Canyon, Arizona and they were a phenomenal fit and outstanding cooling to a harsh sun fun filled day!

Tucson, Arizona


Love them


I can't be exposed to the sun otherwise I get quite sick. So, last year I bought the ones with the glove attached and I loved them. I wore them at work almost every day. I haven't really had a chance to try my new ones but from want I can tell they fit them same and will work just as well. Colour is great.



I have bought this product more than a couple of times...


I always like to keep a pair of these in my kit to put on if / when the sun comes out. I carry sun screen but I'd rather pull these on to ward off the rays without all the lathering up. They are very comfortable and easy to wear out biking or kayaking with active use of the arms. Well worth the purchase!



Uniquely awesome product.


These have been outstanding. I wear them while working in warm environments and while doing combatives training. They keep me cool while protecting me from unwanted exposure to bacteria and other irritants.

Seattle area


Great Alternative to Sunblock Application, Comfortable


Have a pair of these sleeves with me here on a month long visit to Perth / Fremantle Australia in the blazing summer sunshine. Been here for about a month and hired a bicycle for self transport. These have been great for having in my pack and sliding on for a ride or beach time sun protection. Sometimes a little warm in the blazing sun, but then so is having the sun glaring down on the bare skin. I recommend them!



Wished the sizes were reliable


I own the silver version of these sleeves and they are awesome! So awesome I decided to order the olive green as well since I spend a great amount of time out in the sun. To my disappointment there was a big size difference between the two pairs. Either the olive material has a different kind or stretch or the manufacturing process has far too much size variance.



GREAT all day protection.


Spent the day in direct sunlight playing at the beach. I was concerned that the material wouldn't hold up, but by day 3 I became a firm believer. Will buy again

Myrtle BeAch, SC



4.7 19






I usually wear size large gloves because my hands are big, but my wrists and forearms are quite skinny. I'm not sure what size I should order! Advice, please?


Hi Jaren, I have fairly skinny arms and I would go with the L/XL. There is bit of loose material in the forearms and wrist, but it fit well in the biceps. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

How do I decide on what size sun sleeves I need? Thanks


Hi Zlady, I have fairly slim arms and a S/M offers a snug/compression like fit whereas the L/XL was a little looser in the forearm. I have some flat measurements, hopefully this helps: S/M Overall Length: 21 1/4" Hem Width at Arm-lay flat (side edge to side edge): 4 7/8" Hem Width at Finger-lay flat (side edge to side edge): 3 1/4" Forearm width (fold sleeve in half): 4 1/8" L/XL Overall Length: 21 1/2" Hem Width at Arm-lay flat (side edge to side edge): 5 1/4" Hem Width at Finger-lay flat (side edge to side edge): 3 3/4" Forearm width (fold sleeve in half): 4 3/8" If you can I would order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. Thanks for contacting OR!

Do these "Activeice" products have some sort UVF sun blocking qualities ? ? Are the sleeves long enough to reach up to the sleeves of a bike jersey ? ?


All of our ActiveIce products are UPF 50+. The Sun Sleeves are 21.25" long in size S/M and 21.5" long in size L/XL.


Are the L/XL longer than the S/M? I have S/Ms (and love them) but most women's shirts are cut with super short sleeves. This leads to a gap between the S/Ms and my shirts with few exceptions. I also find myself not protecting my hands to get an extra inch to help close the gap. Would sizing up help from a length perspective (for reference I'm 5ft 9 in and roughly 143 lbs)?


The L/XL Sun Sleeves are only 1/4" longer than the S/M Sun Sleeves, so they may not be a good fit for you - sorry about that!


I Hi. I am a tall and long-limbed man. How long are the Activeice Sun Sleeves size L/XL? Thank you.


The ActiveIce Sun Sleeves in L/XL are 21.5" long.


Gloves Size guide


Measurement shown in:

*Gloves are Unisex unless marked Men's, Women's or Kids'

MEN'S S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 7 – 7¾17.8 – 19.7 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 9 – 9½22.8 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8½ – 921.6 - 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
WOMEN’S S/6 M/7 L/8
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8¼20.3 – 21
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 8+19.7 - 20.3+
UNISEX XS/6 S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 8½ – 9½21.6 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8 – 920.3 – 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
KID’S S/1 M/2 L/3 S/4 M/5 L/6
AGE 2 – 3Y 3 – 4Y 4 – 5Y 6 – 8Y 9 – 11Y 12 – 14Y
CIRCUM 4½ – 5½11.4 - 14 5½ – 614 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5
LENGTH 4½ – 5¼11.4 - 13.3 5¼ – 613.3 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5

How to measure

Measure around a flat hand at the knuckles,do not include your thumb. Also measure your hand length from the base of your palm to the end of your middle finger. Use the larger of the two measurements to select your glove size.