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Sombriolet Sun Hat


Vented UPF 50+ Sun Protection
カラー pewter
Infinite Guarantee
通気性に優れたUPF50+紫外線防止機能 海や夏のハイキングでは、頭と顔をしっかり守りましょう。UPF50+のファブリックが、強烈な太陽光線をブロックし、効率よく配置されたスリットとクラウンの吸湿発散性ファブリックが、涼しくドライ に守ります。つばに沿ってパイピングを施し、風が強いときには耐風性を発揮します。
Fabric :
86% nylon
14% polyester double weave ripstop crown - Supplex®
100% nylon plain weave under brim - 100% nylon
mesh crown lining (Multicam: 50% cotton
50% nylon - Realtree Xtra®: 60% cotton
40% polyester)
Dimensions :
Brim Length Font/Side (in.):
M-3; L-3 1/8; XL-3 1/4
Brim Length Back (in.):
M-4 1/8 ; L-4 1/8; XL-4 1/4
重量 :
3.1oz / 88g Avg. Weight for size L
Fabric Performance :
TransAction™ Headband
Mesh-Lined Crown
UPF 50+
Design Features :
Dark Fabric Under Brim
Floating Foam-Stiffened Brim
Side Vents on Crown
External Breathable Mesh Panels
Varied Brim Width
Embroidered OR Logo
Functional Details :
One-Handed Drawcord Adjustment
Removable Chin Cord


Excellent hat





I love these hats I have three or four of various colours..


I got mine all second hand and i love them. They are perfect for on a wheelchair the strap is wind proof from losing my hat by the wind of passing vehicles. I've not had a sunburn for years.

Kelowna BC. Canada


Brim shape does doesn't hold up.


Good material and generally quality construction. The execution on the brim stiffening is poor. It loses it shape and is seems impossible to get back into alignment.

Huntington Beach CA


Still the same great sun hat!


Bought this hat to replace a 10+ year OR Sombriolet Sun Hat and I'm so happy with the quality of my new hat. I have worn competitive brands and found that their wide brims are too floppy. The Sombriolet Sun Hat brim holds it shape after many washings. Additionally, my head stays cool when the the sun is bright and the temperature is 100+ degrees F.

San Diego


Wacky brim


Good solar protection until washed and air dried when brim lost its shape and went wacky. Tried to iron it flat and rehash but won't work. Suggest different brim material.

Truckee, CA


This hat has made me locally famous


I wear the Sombriolet hats everyday, and everywhere; I have several, in different colors. Strangers frequently comment about them, and ask where I bought it. I am not from this area, and went unnoticed, for several years, but that instantly changed, when I started wearing these hats. Everyone seems to know me, due to my hat; it's become my trademark. The sun, and heat, are horrendous in Northeast Texas, but these hats make it bearable. They are ultralight, comfortable, and wide-brimmed. They aren't waterproof, but they sure help, when running to the car, in the rain. They clean up easily, with Spray and Wash. The chinstrap is easily removable, and, there is noreal need for it, because there is an adjustable cinch strap on the back, to tighten the fit around your head.

De Berry, Texas


Love this hat!


I love the wide brim and how light it is. Cool how the chin strap is removable! It isn't waterproof but that can be easily remedied.

Eastern North Carolina


Golfers Sunhat


Those that are fair-skinned are always looking for a good wide-brimmed sunhat that holds its shape.This hat does exactly what you need.

Sunset, SC


Oid mans hat


I'm a professional sports photographer . The hat does not breath very well but it does protect me from the sun and bad weather. But I now I feel like one of those old guys Who bring camping chairs to work Who I always thought were posers. If you can't stand for 3 to 5 hrs. Stay home


Great Sun Hat


I do not have a large head but bought large because my sister already owned hat in large. Glad I got large so hat probably runs small.



Sombriolet Sun Hat

4.8 89



What is the width of the brim?


Hi Garth, The Center Front and Sides brim length starts at 3" for a size Medium, and increases 1/8" for each additional size up. The Center Back brim length is 4 1/8" for the Medium and Large, and 4 1/4" for the XL. Thanks for contacting OR,


Can the Sombriolet be rolled into a tube shape for packing?


Hi MorganAnderson, Rolling the hat might cause the piping along the brim and the foam in the brim to deform. You might be able to reshape the brim with steam or placing the hat on a flat surface and weighing the brim with flat heavy items (such as books). Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

How should I wash this hat? I don't want to loose the shape, so I assume just soak/hand wash?

The Keans

Hi The Keans, Yes hand washing the hat with a mild detergent would be best. You might be able to use the top rack of a dishwasher, however, the water temperature may be too hot for the hat. Thanks for contacting OR!

Hi OR, Do you have any recommendations for straightening out the brim on my sunbriolet? Thanks, Dan


Hi Dan, if you have a steamer then you can use that to straighten out the brim. If you don't have a steamer, but have an iron with the steamer function place the hat between two towels on a flat surface. The steam from the iron should help straighten the brim, while the towels act as a barrier so you don't burn or melt your hat. Rotate and steam as needed. Hope that helps, thanks for contacting OR!

does not mention the mesquito repelent quality? that is on the tag


The Sombriolet Sun Hat does not have any insect-repellent properties, but our Sentinel Brim Hat does:


How many inches is the brim in the front? How many inches is the brim on the side? How many inches is the brim in the back?


In size L, the brim is 3" at the front and sides and 3.75" at the back.


I am a 24-1/2 circumference measurement. I do want it falling off my head and will use it while golfing. I am in Kansas and the wind does blow. I wear a S/M sun hat in the North Face Breeze. Could I expect the Large in the SOMBRIOLET SUN HAT to fit the same? Also do you have anything else that would give me the protection while golfing and not have the brim bothered as much by the wind?


I'd probably recommend getting the Sombriolet Sun Hat in XL, because it has a circumference measurement of 24.5". It's a great option for golfing!


If the brim gets wet, will it sag? Want to wear it outside but if it rains, or if it gets wet in the pool, will the brim just droop? Want something that offers great sun protection but will also handle being wet. Is there a better hat out there that offers sun protection plus can get wet? Thanks.

Matty Daddy

Our wide-brimmed hats all have foam in the brim to give it structure, and this foam may cause the brim to sag when it absorbs water.


how to determine hat size? the size chart says to measure around head, but numbers seem like hat sizes, not head size. whose head it 7 inches around??


I'd go by the "CIRCUM" measurements on the size chart at the bottom of this page:


Hats Size guide


Measurement shown in:
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 717.2 – 17.8 7⅛ – 7¼18 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7½18.7 – 19 7⅝ – 7⅞19.3 – 20
CIRCUM 21½ – 2254.6 - 55.8 22¼ – 22⅞56.2 - 58.1 23 – 23⅝58.4 - 60 23⅞ – 2460.6 - 61
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 7⅝17.2 – 19.3 6¾ – 7¼17.2 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7⅝18.7 – 19.3
CIRCUM 21½ – 2456.2 - 61 21½ – 22⅞54.6 - 58.1 23 – 2458.4 - 61
AGE 0-1Y 1-3Y 3-6Y 6-12Y
CIRCUM 18½47 2051 2153.5 22½57.2

How to measure

Measure around your head where the headwear would fit comfortably.