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Alpine Bivy


GORE-TEX® waterproof power for winter mountain missions
COLOR steel blue
SIZE: 1size
Infinite Guarantee
The newly revamped Alpine Bivy for Spring 2019 is significantly lighter than its precursor, the heralded choice for solo winter alpine pursuits. The Alpine Bivy features the seam-taped waterproof performance of GORE-TEX® Respiration Positive™ technology - without collecting interior condensation. A traditional clamshell opening lets you breathe freely without letting in the weather, and a single pole can be used to create overhead space or left at the trailhead to save weight.
Fabric :
GORE-TEX® Respiration Positive™ 3L
UPPER: 100% nylon
30D ripstop
LOWER: 100% nylon
40D ripstop with TPU lamination floor
Weight :
20.6oz / 583g 
Fabric Performance :
Fully Seam-Taped
No-See-Um Mesh
Design Features :
Reflective Logo and Trims
Two Stake Loops
One Guy Line Loop
High-Volume Toe-End
Clamshell Opening
Two Internal Fly Fasteners
Functional Details :
Delrin® Single-Pole System


Very Tight


This is super tight through the shoulders...needs a few more inches to make it somewhat comfortable. Additionally, I never thought setting up a bivy could be more perplexing than setting up a tent, but it's counter-intuitive....

Central Coast, CA



1.0 1






for severe conditions would this be a better choice vs. the interstellar bivy? Or would the interstellar be preferable? They seem similar in many ways just wondering where there best uses lie.


The Alpine would be a better choice in severe conditions as it has a higher waterproof rating on the outer fabric and membrane then the interstellar, and is more designed to handle extreme weather.


Is this bivy suitable for winter conditions?


the alpine bivy is a 4 season bivy that can be used year round.


What happened to the advanced bivey? Will it be back?

Old guy

the advanced bivy was discontinued check out our stargazer and interstellar for our new models this season!


What's the internal size of this please?


82" length x 26" head width x 19" foot width x 19.75" top height


Do you think that a serious back packer might have some small interest in the height width and depth of your bivey? Possibly to plan for pack distribution? Maybe??!?

Old guy

82" length x 26" head width x 19" foot width x 19.75" top height, check out our bivy guide in our verticulture blog for the best info on our new options and old bivy favorites like the alpine and more info on the model updates.for the new season.


How long is the alpine bivy? I'm 6'3" and have a long sleeping bag and am wondering if I'll fit. Thank you for your time -Soren


Size: 82" length x 26" top width x 19.75" top height, this should give you around half a foot of extra wiggle room, just make sure you have a tapered pad as the foot box width is 19"


What are the dimensions of the bivy? Feet and inches, length, width!!, depth???


Size: 82" length x 26" top width x 19.75" top height, you can find the best info in our verticulture blog here: