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Men's Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves


Classic overcuff high mountain armor now infused with VerticalX™ insulation technology for added loft and warmth
COLOR black
SIZE: S - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
The Highcamp Collection has always been celebrated for its dependable warmth and unwavering weatherproofness - and now we're adding a little something extra to cheer about: VerticalX™ technology, the high-loft synthetic insulation with a superior warmth-to-weight ratio, breathability, and moisture management. Highcamp Gloves and Mitts with VerticalX™ perform better in the high alpine while still packing in all of your favorite features of this acclaimed collection. Touchscreen compatible liners still intact, with the same waterproof, windproof Ventia™ exterior shell, the Highcamps will outperform your other handwear options when conditions are substandard but the stoke is high.
Fabric :
Ventia™ insert - 100% nylon shell - Water-resistant goat leather palm - Vertical X™ Insulation 100% Polyester 130g/m2 in shell
100% Tricot lining at back of hand
Moonlight Pile Fleece 100% polyester Palm Lining
Radiant Fleece™ 95% polyester
5% spandex lin
Weight :
9.7oz / 275g Avg weight per pair for size L
Fabric Performance :
Water-Resistant Leather Palm
Design Features :
Touch-Screen Compatible Removable Liner
Anti-Slip Silicone Palm Print on Liner
Removable Leash
Pull-On Loop
Glove Clip
Stretch Fourchettes
Functional Details :
Ladder-Lock Wrist Cinch
SuperCinch Gauntlet™
Pre-Curved Construction


Superior Design and Quality


It bears repeating that OR gear is extremely well designed, the quality of the materials is altogether impressive and the final product lives up to the promise. These gloves are no different. In a banner winter here in Central Oregon, these gloves have been my go-to pair and never disappointed. My only recommendation is to replace the full fingered inner lining and go with an index finger + mitt design. Once the finger lining is pulled, even partway, from the glove, it is tricky and time consuming to re-insert fingers into the lining, particularly if wet/sweaty.

Bend OR


Warm, functional, waterproof, leather froze


These are the most comfortable and functional gloves I've ever worn. I love the unique style that gives you the benefits and dexterity of a glove with the warmth of a mitten. The reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wore them snow camping this weekend and when I woke up the next morning the leather part of the glove was frozen solid. Took me a bit to get the gloves pliable again. Not a deal breaker as I only snow camp about once a year and the warmth and dry hands they provided out ranked this small drawback.



Great gloves for cold weather


Great product

Edmonton AB


Warmest Gloves


I recently wore the gloves at the Grand Canyon while snowshoeing, around camp and while doing photography. Low temp was 12. This is my first pair of 3 finger gloves and I was very impressed. The design allowed me to do many tasks that required dexterity. They also were Very warm. I would remove my right glove for fine camera setting and as soon as I put the glove back on my hand warmed up which was not the case with regular finger style gloves. I wore them for many hours over three days. The pull-on loops are great for getting the gloves on. None of the seams were an issue. OR quality and design.



Perfect glove for my morning bike commute.


Perfect glove for my morning commute. It's been below 20 and these glove have done the job. Can't wait to get them up in the mountains.


Extreme Weather Performance


I've used several types of hand protection through ten years in the U.S. Army and a lifetime of outdoor adventure including three years in Alaska. I recently used the High Camp 3-finger while hunting deep in the Zirkel Wilderness. The gloves performed fantastic during days of blizzard like whiteout snows and blistering winds. The glove is blizzard proof but offers just enough dexterity for everything from glassing hillsides with binoculars to climbing through dense frozen deadfall. This is the perfect extreme weather glove for those of us who work and play in extreme environments.

Mount Zirkel Wilderness, Colorado

Great option for cold hands


I used these extensively last season after trying several other mitten and glove options. I really like the 3 finger design and that there is insulation in the mitten and not just the liner. I actually took out the liners that came with it and use a soft shell glove underneath so that I can have a functional light weight glove for high output activities and a warm outer glove for when the temps drop. I've used these in as low as -10 degree weather and they get the job done. I'm prone to cold hands and find that traditional gloves leave my fingers too cold and regular mittens leave me wanting for dexterity. The 3-finger strikes a good balance and this mitten works particularly well for my layering system. I put in ~30 ski days last season with these and am very happy with the performance.

Lafayette, CO


Not too bad


I got these instead of the multicam ones due to the heavy price tag on the multicam. These gloves are good in the spring and fall. Actual winter you'll still need your Opie dopie mitts



4.5 8



Gloves Size guide


Measurement shown in:

*Gloves are Unisex unless marked Men's, Women's or Kids'

MEN'S S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 7 – 7¾17.8 – 19.7 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 9 – 9½22.8 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8½ – 921.6 - 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
WOMEN’S S/6 M/7 L/8
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8¼20.3 – 21
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 8+19.7 - 20.3+
UNISEX XS/6 S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 8½ – 9½21.6 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8 – 920.3 – 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
KID’S S/1 M/2 L/3 S/4 M/5 L/6
AGE 2 – 3Y 3 – 4Y 4 – 5Y 6 – 8Y 9 – 11Y 12 – 14Y
CIRCUM 4½ – 5½11.4 - 14 5½ – 614 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5
LENGTH 4½ – 5¼11.4 - 13.3 5¼ – 613.3 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5

How to measure

Measure around a flat hand at the knuckles,do not include your thumb. Also measure your hand length from the base of your palm to the end of your middle finger. Use the larger of the two measurements to select your glove size.