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This land is your land, this land is my land, and together it is ours to share. This season we’re celebrating our public lands with the all-new Wildlands and Painted Hills patterns for accessories. Each of these pieces are cut from the same fabric map of our beautiful, colorful country, making each product as unique as the people who make up our American outdoor family. Plus, 5% of profits from sales of this collection will be donated to The Conservation Alliance.

ABOUT THE CONSERVATION ALLIANCE: The Conservation Alliance’s vision is to protect and restore America’s wild places for their habitat and recreation values. They are catalysts who represent strength in numbers, who embody simplicity and effectiveness, and who have a responsibility to invest in protecting the places we love to explore. Learn More at

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Sarah Uhl is dedicated to making art that plays a role in the protection of public lands, clean water, and climate issues. She has found a way to weave outdoor adventure into work as an artist and an activist, and she intends to keep discovering continued opportunities to blend all three. Learn More at