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Men's Expedition Crocodile Gaiters


Our Most Durable High-Performance Gaiters
COLOR black
SIZE: S - In stock
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Similar to our popular “Crocs” but featuring even thicker skin, our burliest gaiters are designed for extended mountaineering trips in extreme conditions. The large circumference is roomy enough for plastic mountaineering boots and heavily insulated pants, and the durable Cordura® inner leg prevents crampon snagging and puncturing when you’re high in the mountains.
Fabric :
100% nylon
70D plain weave leg panel
Cordura® 2L
100% nylon
1000D woven foot panel
100% nylon
1000D woven back leg panel
Weight :
12.1oz / 343g Avg. Weight for size L
Fabric Performance :
Laminated Construction
Design Features :
Durable BioThane® Instep Strap
Abrasion- Resistant Cordura® at Inner Leg and Boot
Abrasion-Resistant Lower Boot Lined with Packcloth
Larger Circumference Accommodates Plastic Mountaineering Boots
Double Stitched Front Closure
Functional Details :
Hook/Loop Front Closure
Hook/Loop Top Closure


Excellent for mountaineering boots


Excellent heavy-duty gaiters. These fit better over my mountaineering boots than the regular Crocs or the Verglas gaiters (both excellent). However note that these would be too big for regular winter boots, these should be considered strictly for mountaineering boots only. I've only used this a few times so far, but I have not yet managed to make a hold in them with crampons. It will probably happen eventually, but the extended coverage with 1,000 denier cordura on the full inside leg should take more abuse than other gaiters. On my last climbing trip I snagged a crampon at least once (though not badly) on the gaiter and it barely left a mark.

Brooklyn, NY




I wear these gaiters snow shoeing and hiking. They work great work, love them so far.

Massey Drive, Newfoundland


I would recommend this product to everyone...


Awesome product with a awesome warranty, friendly staff, quick shipping all around great stuff from OR

East Carbon, utah




When logging miles in rugged terrain these are my go to gaiter. They are the toughest I've found to date. They aren't indestructible - but as close as you'll find. The underfoot strap wears and will break. The buckles will tear from the reinforcement patch which they are attached to the gaiter and the seams and gaiter bottoms will fray from prolonged use - but other gaiters put through the same conditions would fare far worse.

Kelowna, BC


Outstanding product


Outstanding product for off trail and overgrown trails. Material is very durable and breathable. Great protection for my boots and legs/pants during search and rescue missions and personal adventures.

Clovis, CA


Heavy duty, perfect for the treeplanting season!


Most durable gaiters I've used!

Victoria BC


the bes,t 3rd pair if bought, still have first pair great


Work in heavy snow, ploughing need to keep bed snow out of my boots

Prince George B.C.


Great piece of equipment


These Gaiters are comfortable, fit well, and are built to last. I highly recommend them.



Durable sides, but sewn strap concerns and these run HUGE


Definitely the most durable gaiter material for resisting rocks and crampon tears, but the sizing is way off. I have size 46 (US men 12.5) La Sportiva Nepal Evo mountaineering boots (single leather boots) and the XL is waaaay too big. When I tighten the under-foot strap tight enough to hold the gaiter in place, I'm only 7 notches from the smallest setting with an extra 7" of strap tail, and the bottom edge of the gaiter is still loose. The thin metal buckle is almost going under the boot, and it is already scratched and dented to heck from one trip as it sits so low to the ground. I don't know if they changed their sizes but I can't return them now and I definitely need a size L, despite the size chart, before I break off the buckle and render these useless. I am slightly concerned about the sewn strap running underfoot tearing or getting cut off on some sharp rocks while mountaineering so I bought some 18mm tubular webbing and slipped it around the strap under the boot to act as a sacrificial barrier that costs about $0.30/ft. Other than the sizing complaints and the fact that these are obviously less breathable than thinner, less durable ones, these are great gaiters!

Seattle, WA


Not as fantastic, disappointed they are no longer US made


I purchased my first Outdoor Research Gators during 'the storm of the century' in December 1996 in Victoria BC. They were American made and fit fantastic. They had a snap at the bottom with a lace hook for the boot and the velcro system held them together to the top where there was a clasp. I finally decided to replace them this year with 2 new pairs. I ordered the same size (large). They are much larger than the originals, made in China and only have the velcro with the lace hook. Much more difficult to put on and too loose. The fabric quality is good, but they should have followed their original sizing and features. disappointed in the fit compared to my originals.

Manitoba, Canada


Men's Expedition Crocodile Gaiters

4.5 34



I wear a size 13 boot. I noticed that its right on the edge or the XL sizing so should I go with a XXL?


Tyler, the expedition crocodile are designed with a larger bottom opening to accommodate a full mountaineering boot or ski boot, if you are on the edge of sizing I would default to the smaller size so that you don't have a gaiter that is far to big on the top.


When it comes to sizes for Gaiters (men's) says to refer to shoe-size. Is this the only part of the gaiter (I'm assuming the strap?) that would make the difference between the sizes?


Hi D, Refer to your boot size. Gaiter width and length are also affected with an increase in size to accommodate a larger boot/bulk. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

Hi. Does the height of the gaiter change with the size. I have the XL and they are a little taller than I would like because I'm a bit short with a large foot. Could I possibly get a get a height in inches for the Medium, Large, and X- Large. I would like this information for my next pair. Thank You


Hi B, The total height measurement of the Expedition Gaiters (when laid flat) are 16.25", 17.25", and 18.25" for the Medium, Large, and XL, respectively. Cheers, Paul

Hi - im confused on which size i need. My boot size is a 11.5. But the that falls in the L/XL and the XL category. which size should i choose.? Thanks, Elijah


You should get the Expedition Crocodiles in XL.


Gaiters Size guide


Measurement shown in:
4 – 735 – 40 6 - 938 - 42 8 - 1141 - 45 10 – 1343 - 47 12 – 1546 - 50 5 - 837 - 41 9 - 1242 - 46
5 - 735 – 37 7 - 937 – 41 9 - 1139 – 44 5 - 835 – 39 9 - 1141 – 45

How to measure

Please refer to your shoe size.