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Men's Foray Pants


Best Selling, Durable And Waterproof Versatility
$175.00 35.0% Discount Sale Price: $113.75
FIT: Standard fit
COLOR black
SIZE: L - Out of stock
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Infinite Guarantee
Waterproof, breathable and lightweight, the Gore-Tex Foray Jacket and Pants provide dependable rain protection and shrug off the wear-and-tear of the trail and cityscape alike. Consistently two of our best sellers, the Foray Collection is a must-have for every closet.
Fabric :
GORE-TEX with Paclite product technology 2L
100% polyester 50D plain weave
Inseam :
31½” / 80 cm
Weight :
10.7oz / 302g Avg. Weight for size L
Fabric Performance :
Fully Seam-Taped
Laminated Construction
Design Features :
YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers
¾-Length Side Zippers
Back Pocket Doubles as Stuff Sack
Carabiner Loop
Internal Loops for Instep Lace
Functional Details :
Articulated Knees
Elastic Waist with Drawcord
Gusseted Crotch
Accepts Accessory Suspenders


Awesome rain pants


Super waterproof

Whistler, BC


Great pair of waterproof/windproof pants


These are a great pair of pants to have in your pack. I just bought another pair for my wife. I use them skiing, hiking, on my motorcycle, everywhere.

Las Vegas, NV


Nor'easter proof


I used these while doing the entire section of the AT through Maryland. The last day, I got caught by the most recent Nor'easter. I experienced everything from graupel to freezing rain to rain to wet snow. They were great. Easy to fit over the boots and pants. I am 5'10" and 210. I have the XL but would be tempted to go with the L if I had to order them again. Hope this helps. Just buy them they are great.



Durable and versatile


Excellent waterproofing, love the long side zips, easy to slip on quickly over bulky BDUs + Boots. Not so packable with the large side zips but nothing a bit of cleverness can't solve.

Los Osos, CA


Features and specs hit a real sweet spot


good product. The concern will be how well it stands up to some extended camping, rain and wear and tear (hopefully no tear).

Toronto, Ontario


Outstanding product


I use the Foray Jacket and Pants combo when I'm fishing in light to heavy rain. During Spring time, you all know the weather is unpredictable, so I keep both items stored on my boat. The OR Foray is the best wet weather top and bottom I have ever used. Both items back well and breathe well too. The material is soft, and easy to move around in. I have had the Foray Pants for a little over a year, and have had no issues.

Central Texas


Awesome pants for the rain


I bought these pants and a Foray jacket specifically for a carbine and pistol match that I was competing in where there was a 100% chance of driving rain for the duration of the match. They both performed perfectly, keeping me totally dry although the rain was relentless and I was in it (mostly without any other cover) for nearly 5 hours straight. I was slightly concerned when I unboxed them because I felt that they might get damaged due to the activities/conditions encountered in these run and gun matches, but they came through without even a scratch. Can't recommend them enough!



Lacrosse coaching in the rain in Seattle


Yesterday I coached a lacrosse practice in the rain for 2.5 hours. It was 36 degrees and when the practice started it was raining aggressively, not your drizzle type rain we so often get. It was more the puddles everywhere, I'm having a hard time seeing type rain. By hour 2 of the practice, it started raining hard, like NYC rain where standing outside for 30 seconds gets you drenched. Was wearing Foray Pants + Jacket + the transcendent hoody and was bone dry and toasty. I was also able to run with ease to keep up with the kids. Nice work OR.

Seattle WA


Recent Purchase - Using for Snowshoeing and Hiking


I bought this, after much searching, specifically for snowshoeing. It is a good balance of being light, while still protecting from wind and snow. It works well for what I have used it for so far and would recommend. I have not used it during rain yet, thus I cannot comment on it's rain performance.

Calgary, AB


Great pants, but the ankle cuff is a bit too large.


This is an initial review based on fit and design. I already had the matching Foray jacket, and it has proven to be a nice water-proof piece of clothing. I am 6' tall, weigh approx. 175 lbs., and typically wear a size 33 waist x 32 length pant. I bought the Large. The waist on these pants, in their relaxed state, is approx. 34". They stretch to approx. 42". They also have an elastic tightener to reduce the waist a couple inches. They have a nice rubber grip on the waist which keeps them in place. The length is just right, for me. A little on the long side, which I prefer. The overall fit is more of a "relaxed fit" size, which I prefer for layering. The side zips are excellent quality. My only initial complaint is with the size of the ankle cuff, and lack of adjustment. The ankle cuffs are approx. 15" in circumference in their relaxed state. Like the waist band, they have a nice rubber grip, with a very strong elastic to prevent sliding around a boot. Unfortunately, for me, even in their relaxed state, they are too loose around my hiking boots to stay put. Therefore, the rubber elastic around the ankle cuff serves no purpose at all. This would not be a problem if wearing larger winter pack boots, but my winter hiking boots (size 10-1/2) are not that big, nor are any hiking boots I own. And there is no way to adjust the ankle cuff to a smaller size, like what is found on the waist. If OR would have either made the ankle cuffs about an inch smaller in circumference, or added a simple way to cinch them tight to the boot, I would have given these 5 stars. It's not like I wear a tiny boot. Size 10-1/2 is one of the most common sizes out there. Just seems odd that OR would take the time to design an otherwise excellent ankle cuff, complete with strong elastic and rubber grip, and not make sure it fits snugly around the majority of boots out there (size 10-1/2 & smaller). The only other thing I would have liked on these pants is front pockets.

Imlay City, Michigan


Men's Foray Pants

4.4 44



Hello. I have a question regarding sizing. I regularly wear waist 30 and inseam 30 pants, but since I would use the foray pants as an outer layer above my softshell pants, do I need to size up the foray pants to waist 32" to accomodate the layers beneath? Thank you


Hi cmortegab1, The Foray pants stretch up to 10" in the waist from their relaxed waist measurement. The size Small has a 28" (relaxed) waist and an inseam of 30". The waist size increases 3" for each additional size up and the inseam increases 0.5" for each additional size up. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

My waist size is between 30 and 31, which size pant do you recommend?


Hi Mike, I would consider a size Small or a Medium depending on your inseam. The relaxed waist measurement for a size Small is 28", it has a stretched waist of 38", and an inseam of 30". The relaxed waist measurement for a size Medium is 31", it has a stretched waist of 38", and an inseam of 30". Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

I am trying to use your sizing chart for your Men's Foray Pants. It's only showing the sizes in terms of inches for inseams and waist. When you select your size, it doesn't tell you which size fits best for you. Basically, no S,M, L speciations. I have a 30 in waist and a 32 in inseam. Do you have any suggestions for what size I should purchase? I want to make sure the pants are long enough to go over my boots. Thanks for your help!


Hi Shawn, Unfortunately the sizing on our inseam for the pants might be too short for your waist. You're in-between a size Small and a Medium in the waist. A size Small waist has a 28" relaxed waist measurement, a 38" stretched waist measurement, and a 30" inseam measurement. A size Medium waist has a 31" relaxed waist measurement, a 41" stretched waist measurement, and a 30.5" inseam measurement. A size XL has a 32.5" inseam, which would fulfill your inseam requirement, but the waist would be too large. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

What waist size is the L, XL and XXL?


Hi Wayne, the relaxed waist measurement of size L is 34", XL is 37", and XXL is 40". The stretched waist measurement of size L is 44", XL is 47", and XXL is 50". The inseam of the size L is 31.5", XL is 32.5", and XXL is 33.5". Thanks for contacting OR!

I am 6'1", 175 lbs, with a 31" waist. Would you recommend size medium for these pants? Thanks!


Hi Alex, the Foray Pants in size Medium have a 31" relaxed waist and a 41" stretched waist measurement. The inseam is 30.5". The inseam might be a little short for your height. Thanks for contacting OR!

What is the waist size of the XL?


Hi Almont, the relaxed waist measurement of the Foray Pants in size XL is 37", the stretched measurement is 47". Thanks for contacting OR!

This product is sized as S, M, L, XL, XXL. And the sizing chart list 32, 34, 36, 38... The question that I have is... If I have a 37 inch waist, do I purchase a L or an XL? It would be helpful to have the sizing chart list the Product Size of S, M , L, XL, XXL, and show the corresponding inchese for waist and inseam...


Hi Jon, the Foray Pants in size Large have a 34" relaxed waist, 44" stretched waist, and an inseam of 31.5". In size XL the pants have a 37" relaxed waist, 47" stretched waist, and an inseam of 32.5". I would recommend going with the XL if you plan on layering the pants over another pair of pants. Thanks for contacting OR!

Trying to determine which size I need. 38" waist 30-32" Inseam. The sizing chart doesn't specify!!

Joseph Ryan

Sorry about this, Joseph! I'd go by the size chart at the top of this page:


The men's Foray GORETEX pants: I have a 38" waist (and 30" leg length). Should I buy the XL or the XXL?


The size XL Foray Pants have a waist of 37-47" (it's a range due to the elastic waistband), so I'd go with those.


What size pant foray model should I get I am a 38 waist 31 inseam


I'd go with the pants in XL.


Size & fit guide

Men's Apparel Pants XS-XXL

Mesurement shown in:
WAIST 26”66 29”74 32”81 35”89 38”97 41”104
HIPS 33”84 36”91 39”99 42”107 45”114 48”122
INSEAM / REG 30”76 31”79 32”81 33”84 34”86 35”89
*All sizing is based on your body measurement.
We adjust the garment for intended fit and intended use.