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Men's Suspenders


Keeps Your Pants Up
COLOR black
SIZE: 1size - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
Our popular suspenders feature elastic construction for improved comfort and adjustable hook / loop tabs to help dial in a customized fit.
Fabric :
1”-wide Flat Webbing Straps
Weight :
9.9oz / 280g 
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Good clips


The buckles work well, very adjustable. Good suspenders

Washington, DD


Fit me fine


I don't if Or changed these before I bought them, but they fit me fine. I'm 6'2" and where them with the White Room pants.


Only average


While these suspenders do what suspenders should do, they are by no means up to the typical OR standard. They are long as the other reviews state, but as a result that makes them rigid and heavy. (multiple layers of velcro and webbing folded up) If you're slightly creative you can work around it, but for the price you shouldn't have to. For reference: I'm a 5'10", 180 pound male using these with a pair of medium OR softshell pants for ice climbing and general shenanigans in the mountains.


Epic Fail!


OR products are generally well thought through and designed so I don't know who was in charge of designing these. I just threw mine away, and if I owned OR, this would be the first company recall. They are so ridiculously long that I have them maxed out at 5'11" with a long torso and there is barely any tension. I tried to lift them as high as I could and would estimate that ideal height for these is someone in the range of 7' to 7'6". If that's you, stock up! Otherwise don't bother. Also, I have noticed that OR places its suspender loops in a very awkward spot (i.e. my new Iceline pants), which makes them uncomfortable even if the suspenders were of proper fit. They're always too close to center, causing the suspenders to create weird tension over the shoulders and down the pecs.


Too long


strange length. I have to remove the velcro from the front sides, cut them and re-sew the velcro up higher. I'm 5,9.


Way better than a belt


I'm a huge fan of suspenders. Much better than a belt when Ice climbing or winter hiking. Pants don't fall down, long underwear doesn't ride down. Very comfortable under a harness.


Men's Suspenders

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