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Papyrus Brim Sun Hat


Direct From Bondi Beach
COLOR khaki
SIZE: M - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
Make your own shade with this wide-brimmed natural sun hat. Paper straw fabric provides excellent breathability, while a Supplex® lining provides UPF 50+ protection. A removable chin cord keeps the Papyrus in place during hot afternoon winds.
Fabric :
100% paper straw
woven main shell - 100% Supplex® nylon
plain weave under brim
Weight :
3.4oz / 97g Avg. Weight for size L
  • Fabric Performance:
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-Drying
  • TransAction™ Headband
  • UPF 50+
  • Design Features:
  • Dark Fabric Under Brim
  • 360° Lightweight Plastic Brim Edge
  • Varied Brim Width
  • Embroidered Outdoor Research Logo
  • Functional Details:
  • Removable Chin Cord


I own two and rarely go a day without them.


I cannot tell you how much I love the papyrus hat. I am a master naturalist and thus spend a good deal of time in the field throughout the year. The papyrus is everything I need out of a full coverage sun hat, which breathes remarkably well and dries quickly. It's easy to reshape it (just add water), if you're going for the Indiana Jones look or it simply gets crushed.

Champaign, IL


Sadly disappointed


I bought this hat as a sun hat for out in the yard. As such it does the job that it is supposed to do, it is light, and provides good sun protection to the head, neck and shoulders. I normally have trouble with "one size fits all" hats because, in my case, that usually means "won't fit". This hat fit well, so I selected true to size. My first problem with this hat was that it came in a plastic bag in a box but box and hat were both squashed. I thought the hat would spring back into shape but it hasn't and the crown still looks squashed. The brim was also misshapen and I seem to spend quite a bit of time playing with the brim when I'm wearing it. This is meant to be a casual hat so that probably doesn't bother some people. I only wanted it for summer gardening so the squashing is not a huge problem but it irritates me. The main problem with the hat is the material that it is constructed from. I am not sure how waterproof it is. It certainly absorbs sweat and shows stains. Also, with my use in the garden, I tend to take it off with dirty hands and I am not sure how well it will stand up to being cleaned.

Newport News, VA


I might buy this again.


When I received this hat it was very out of shape. Since I have been wearing it, it still doesn't hold its shape very well. I use it for fishing and at work.


Good warm weather hat


Nice hat for hot, humid weather but I wouldn't subject it to any sort of rough use. One of the threads on the peak of the hat had a loose end that popped free not long after I got it. The hat is still in one piece and the loose end isn't particularly noticeable but just the same, it's something to consider. Best to buy this one on sale.

San JOse, CA


Well made but too hot in humid climates


In the humid and hot Southeast, finding a breathable hat that has sun protection and is as cool as bare headed might be impossible. If you use the hat anywhere else, you'll probably like it. I like Outdoor Research products for winter use...

NW Florida

Love it!


Love this hat for days on the lake paddle boarding. Great wire brim that allows you to shape the edges and I prefer the cowboy style shape. Drawstring keeps it in place, as I have a small head!

Knoxville, TN


So comfy, and tougher than it looks


I have really enjoyed wearing this hat for the last month of the Colorado summer. It keeps my head cool, and my small children have not managed to destroy itラthe material is substantially tougher than it feels! I'm pretty confident I'll get at least two more great years out of this one. One nitpick, as others have mentioned: the brim feels lumpy and gets a bit oddly shaped. I'd love a wire brim in this one to up its wind resistance (which is already pretty good) and shape retention.


Works great! But warps...


I do landscape maintenance and got this hat to use primarily while working. The materials look great, and the hat keeps me cool. Works really well and feels like it will last a long time. You can really feel that air move through it and cool you off. I like how light it is too, and that it comes with a drawstring. With a hat like this you want it to be shaped like it is in the picture. That traditional forward bend in the front and back, or else stay flat. The thing I don't like about this hat is it looks as if there is a bit more material of the papyrus than the liner under the brim, so when you go outside and it heats up, the papyrus expands further and causes the brim to warp all kinds of weird ways. Ends up looking wavy all over the brim like a big women's sun hat. Really bothers me and looks funny for this style of hat. Perhaps a wire brim could help it maintain shape, or simply a stiffer liner, material, or better manufacturing so the amount of material on top and bottom is closer to being the same. I gave it four stars because it works well and seems to be made to last, and some people may not be as concerned with the shape as I am. Be aware that if you want it to look like it does in the picture, it probably won't. I like the one I've got, but wouldn't buy another unless this is fixed.


Great Protection, Too Hot


I love many things about this hat, which I purchased at REI: the style, the natural fabric, it is packable and crushable, and its outstanding protection from the sun. I recently wore it in the scorching and humid Middle East and I probably could've gone without sunblock on my face and neck (although I wouldn't). My one serious complaint is its lack of breathability. The instant it was off, my head was cooler, even in 95 degree direct sun. The Supplex panel in the crown is largely responsible, and I would prefer the hat without it. I have the Khaki and the new White color looks to have a wider weave that might be cooler. So: great for sun protection, but not in high heat conditions.


Durable, breathable, excellent protection


I have had this hat for about 5 years (If not this exact model, a very similar one by outdoor research). I do lawn care and landscaping for a career, and coach track and field and fish for hobbies. I need excellent protection from the sun and I beat up my hats and gear, this hat had been through the gauntlet and back and has been fantastic. Lightweight and breathable, doesn't hold sweat all day. I spray it with a water hose at the end of the day to clean it and it's been around for this long. About to buy a second one only because I stretched out the hat band.


Papyrus Brim Sun Hat

3.6 14



Can this Papyrus Brim hat be cleaned or washed in any manner to remove sweat stains? Thanks Ray


Hi Ray, We recommend that you try spot cleaning it with a clean, damp cloth. To remove perspiration stains, wipe the area with a clean damp white cloth as soon as possible after wearing to prevent body salts and oils from staining the straw. For stains around the sweatband, use 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 teaspoon of warm water on light colored straw. For dark straw, use 1/2 teaspoon of ammonia and 1/4 cup warm water. Use a soft-bristled brush - an old toothbrush - and work on a small area - one to two inches - at a time. Clean and then blot with a white towel dampened with water. Allow the area to dry completely before wearing again. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

Can this hat be embroidered? I see it is embroidered on the band is there room for more embroidery on the band and/or can the papyrus material be embroidered?


Hi Alaina, we recommend that you do not embroider the paper straw material. Embroidering the band or a applying a sewn on patch would probably work best on this hat. Thanks for contacting OR!

Hi Alaina, we recommend that you do not embroider the paper straw material. Embroidering the band or a applying a sewn on patch would probably work best on this hat. Thanks for contacting OR!

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