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Performance Trucker - Trail


Takes Abuse Like Your Favorite Pair Of Boots
COLOR night
SIZE: 1size - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
Everyone has that one hat that was so great—until it got smashed or folded the wrong way just once and never looked quite the same. This is not that hat. Fold the brim and it comes right back. Smash it in the side of your backpack and walk five miles, and it will rebound—as well as breathe and wick moisture.
Fabric :
85% polyester, 15% nylon front 100% polyester knit mesh back panels
Weight :
1.9oz / 53g Avg. Weight for size One Size
  • Fabric Performance:
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wicking
  • Quick-Drying
  • Cool & Dry Headband
  • Mesh Back
  • Design Features:
  • Lightweight Foam Brim
  • Half Moon Mesh
  • Sewn Eyelets
  • Vintage Logo Patch
  • Functional Details:
  • FlexFit® 110 Construction
  • Quick-Release Buckle Back
  • Packable


Great hat for all your adventures!!


This is an awesome hat. Bought it a few weeks ago as I needed a good hat that i could throw in my bag and use for my days hiking personally and my days guiding. My favorite thing about it is that it does not loose its shape. No matter how many bags i throw it into in a week, it still looks as nice as the day I got it (no folds or marks). ADD PLUS it looks good on too!

Lake Louise


Too tight, not adjustable enough, flimsy


I have a big head, and this fit isn't good. Also the fit is a slip buckle, not the kind you normally see on hats.

Washington DC


Never stop making this Hat!


This is easily one of the best purchases I've made. It's the only hat I've ever owned that fits JUST RIGHT. I've tried many trail hats over the years and this one is not too deep, shallow, it's super durable, and you can pack it and forget it. Most traditional trucker hats have to be babied and lose their shape due to poor construction, not this one. It's perfect in all the right ways. NEVER STOP MAKING THIS HAT....Please :)

Rochester, NY


My Favorite Hat


I own this hat in grey. I wear this hat to work daily. I wish it were black for that reason. But I'd buy it again in grey for wearing in the sun. The bill is slightly soft. In the store I thought it might be a problem but it was made it more comfortable. The wicking headliner is soft against my forehead. Please OR, make this hat in black. I'll buy enough of them to last the rest of my life! I own four others OR hats, different styles... I like this one the best!

Long Beach, CA


Great hat, fits small


I bought this hat for hiking and running. I have a big head, so most "one size fits all" hats are a bit on the small side (for reference the sun runner hat is a tad small on me but I still wear it and love it). But this hat was super small. I gave it to a friend, and he likes it.

Honolulu, HI


if I was limited to one hat ....


... it would be this hat! I bought this hat just before a week at the lake. As a test I only brought this hat on the trip. I wore it for paddleboarding (floats!) , spikeballin' , cornholin' and doc sitting. It looks darn good, too - good enough to wear to the ice cream stand and other public places. But the real litmus test was a run on double track and dusty dirt roads exposed to a blazing sun. Wearing the hat was cooler than not wearing a hat - and that's the whole point, right? I would call it a "semi-structured" design; there is a small amount of firmer mesh to keep the front panel from sitting directly on your forehead and causing a conductive heat exchange. Plus a couple of vents in the front panel. And of course the back is all mesh, so breathes really well, you can feel a breeze. We got back from the lake yesterday. I now have access to my excessively large collection of hats yet I continue to wear this one. And in fact I sent two of my hats to Goodwill - one a super geeky trail runner, one a Brooks road runner. Neither was as versatile or good looking as this one. So I guess you could say another benefit of this hat is that it will reduce clutter!



Not too bad


Got this for summer days in the alpine that are too windy for the sombriolet and too hot for a cotton ball cap. It's not bad but rides a little high ( I don't have a particularly big head either) and also the brim is a little small

Canmore, Alberta


I would recommend this hat to any outdoor active user


Great hat with smaller profile. Will say this hat is great for any high pace activity or just hanging around the water.



Comfortable Trucker


I ordered this hat after I inquired about the fit vs the swift hat. I prefer a low profile" hat best.This hat is a lower profile than most other "trucker" hats. I love the fit and found it to be the most comfortable hat I have. The hat is easy to fold and seems to retain its shape well so far. I would note that the bill is straight and is not one that can be "rolled" like most baseball caps.Very light....the mesh is very soft in the back, I am curious to see well the front section will breathe....



My boyfriend wants to steal it


The biggest reason I love this hat is because I think it looks great. I have it in grey—and it's a bit hipper than the usual running hat. The second reason I love this hat is because it's durable—I coat that thing in sweat and salt and then when I wash it, it looks as good as new. It's lightweight and perfect for sunny runs. My boyfriend likes it so much he's ordering his own—but in a different color so we won't be twins. ;)



Performance Trucker - Trail

4.3 10



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