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Project Gloves™


Lean, Mean Sending Machines
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Placing protection on ice sucks, but less so with the new Project gloves. We made maximizing dexterity the motivation behind every material and design choice with this baby. From the precision 3DFit Technology™ and waterproof Gore-Tex® Grip liners that remove every millimeter of excess bulk, to the supreme grip of Pittards® Oiltac leather and bonded, no-slip PrimaLoft® Grip insulation, they bring warmth and precision to your most technical winter projects.
Fabric :
GORE-TEX® Grip Insert
90% nylon
10% spandex stretch laminated twill - Pittards® OilTac water-resistant leather - EnduraloftTM insulation 100% polyester / 266 g/m2 at back of hand
PrimaLoft® Gold with Grip 100% polyester insulation 60 g/m2 at palm
100% polyester tricot lining
Weight :
6.8oz / 192g Avg. Weight for size L
  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Ultra- Tactile, Wicking, Pittards® Oiltac Leather Palm, Molded EVA Foam
  • Design Features: Carabiner Loop, Pull-On Loop, Sculpted Neoprene Cuffs, Protective Overlays on Critical Seams
  • Functional Details: Hook and Loop Wrist Closure, Undercuff Construction, Contoured Wrist, Tapered Wrist, Anatomically Contoured Patterning, FlexAction™ Wrist Articulation Matches Natural Hand Position, 3DFit Technology™


Waterproof gloves that actually have a grip


Just started using them. They are warm and comfortable but not too bulky. Feels as though you can still do functional activities with them on.



They don't keep my hands warm


I went to the OR store and said my hands are always cold when I bike, and I wanted gloves that would keep my hands super warm and dry biking in the rain in Seattle. They recommended these, along with some liners. The gloves alone are supposed to be good down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but I tried biking in them, both with and without the liners, on a sunny 39 degree day, and my hands were completely frozen. Apparently my hands get cold more easily than most!

Seattle, WA


perfect gloves


Fits like a... Great fit, not too bulky, just got them and use outside in first snow - worked like a charm. Low profile, not too bulky. Planning to use them skiing, camping and on chilly days on the motorcycle.



Best OR Gloves Yet


The fit and finish of these is top notch. I've owned several other pair of OR gloves and unfortunately I couldn't say all of them had great fit and finish, these however are exceptional. Not even a loose thread or misplaced stitch that I can find after a thorough examination. The "3D Fit" contour design as OR calls it makes these feel like they were custom made for my hands. I usually wear a size large winter glove so I can fit a thin glove liner on when it gets below 0F so I purchased these in a size large and glad I did. They're made to not use a glove liner to give you the most dexterous feel so when sliding my hand in the wrist is pretty snug, but when on the gloves wrap around my hands without squeezing them. I hate bad QC gloves with thumbs longer than your pointer finger or ring fingers longer than your middle fingers, I experienced this on past OR gloves (Overlord Sensor and Suppressors), but these are all good length with very little excess. The grip of these are nice and sticky. I haven't seen palm material like these on gloves before before, almost like a rubbery canvas like material that maintains grip in the cold, another pet peeve of mine are gloves that grip well at room temp but turn into smooth slippery plastic once freezing, experienced this with OR Illuminator Sensors. These have soft leather reinforced areas that appear where ski poles would wear most, but I don't ski. There's also a good amount of padded cushion on the back of the hand and wrist, also looks like they're placed it in the most common ski pole strap friction areas. There's a thin primaloft insulation surrounding the whole glove. It's very thin to help with grip but coupled with the windproof/waterproof gore-tex outer, they're very warm so far but it's been unseasonably warm so far in WI. My only gripe, and it's a very minor one, is that the wrist is a bit snug when putting them on but it's not noticeable when on. If gloves or hands are wet, they could be a pain to put on.

Madison, WI


Can't wait to use these!


These seem "as advertised" and the fit and feel could not be better! So of OR's gloves feel like they used my hands fit fitting, so I feel fortunate and have several models from them. Of course I can't see speak of their durability yet but they seem well constructed and I expect to have them for awhile.

New York


Initial impressions are very good!


I just picked up a pair of Project gloves and I'm excited about the fit and feel of the gloves. The distribution of insulation was exactly what I was looking for: thin on the palm for good feel when holding a ski pole, ice axe, or handlebars; thick on the back of the hand to keep some heat in when the weather gets cold or the wind is blowing hard (60mph on the sled!). I haven't put them to work yet but I have high hopes for this glove. I wish there was a severe-use version available with the same insulation strategy but a full leather shell and tougher leather palm/fingers. Waterproof membranes seem to fail but regular waxing works well on all-leather gloves and keeps them alive a lot longer. I expect I'll wear these out quickly if I have to scrape snow and ice off of splitboard bindings a lot this winter.

Fairhaven/Mt Baker


Great gloves


Great for their intended purpose - ice climbing. Supposedly rated to -15F, definitely not. In my experience only mitts are. Keeping that in mind they fit good and are reasonably durable. Ended up using them to haul wood, ice climb, mountaineering, ect.. So they got pretty tore up after 7 months of winter. Ordered another pair for this winter.

North Pole, AK


Project Gloves


Gloves fit well and fingers are not too long. The finger curvature is well designed. They slide on much easier than my Klim gloves. Haven't been able to evaluate my project gloves on warmth yet but my other pair of OR Goretex insulated gloves are warm. The gloves have double the insulation on the backs compared to the palms so should be great on my sled.

Northern Ontario Canada


Dexterous and warm!


I struggle to find gloves that are warm enough my hands don't freeze but still have enough dexterity to place ice screws. These gloves fit the bill! My friend also went out and bought a pair the minute she saw mine.



Project Gloves™

4.4 9



Is the Gore-Tex just in the palms or is it a liner for the entire glove?


Hi RC, The Project Gloves have a Gore-Tex glove insert around the entire glove. The Gore-Tex membrane is sandwiched between the Outer fabric and the Lining of the gloves so you hands stay dry (repels water, but allows moisture vapor to pass through). Thanks for contacting OR,


What temps would project gloves work for.

Papa bear

Hi Papa bear, The Comfort Range we have is subjective, however, we have it listed as -15 F to 15 F (-26 C to -9 C). Thanks for contacting OR,


So when the specs that GOR-TEX grip insert, does that encompass the entire glove, or just the palm? I'm looking for a totally waterproof glove and just wanted to make sure it isn't just the grip. Thank you.

Uhh, Ted

Hi Uhh, Ted, The GORE-TEX insert is inserted between the Outer Fabric and the Lining, it encompasses the entire glove. The benefit of having an insert vs a seam-sealed glove is that they allow the glove to be dexterous and tactile. All GORE-TEX inserts are leak tested and will keep your hands dry and warm. Thanks for contacting OR,


Which gloves are the most durable ? Strongest/heavy duty/waterproof/tear-proof/leather/ etc


Hi Noah, If you're looking for a heavy duty glove with good dexterity, that's waterproof, and has a leather palm then the Project glove is the best glove for your needs. The gloves, however, aren't tear-proof, but still durable. Thanks for contacting OR, Paul

Gloves Size guide


Mesurement shown in:
MENS’S S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 7 – 7¾17.8 – 19.7 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 9 – 9½22.8 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8½ – 921.6 - 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
WOMEN’S S/6 M/7 L/8
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8¼20.3 – 21
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 8+19.7 - 20.3+
UNISEX XS/6 S/7 M/8 L/9 XL/10
CIRCUM 6½ – 7¼16.5 – 18.4 7¼ – 818.4 – 20.3 8 – 8½20.3 – 21.6 8½ – 9½21.6 – 24.1 9½ – 1024.1 – 25.4
LENGTH 6½ – 716.5 - 17.8 7 – 7½17.8 – 19.7 7½ – 819.7 - 20.3 8 – 920.3 – 22.8 9 – 9½22.8 - 24.1
KID’S S/1 M/2 L/3 S/4 M/5 L/6
AGE 2 – 3Y 3 – 4Y 4 – 5Y 6 – 8Y 9 – 11Y 12 – 14Y
CIRCUM 4½ – 5½11.4 - 14 5½ – 614 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5
LENGTH 4½ – 5¼11.4 - 13.3 5¼ – 613.3 – 15.2 6 – 6½15.2 - 16.5

How to measure

Measure around a flat hand at the knuckles,do not include your thumb. Also measure your hand length from the base of your palm to the end of your middle finger. Use the larger of the two measurements to select your glove size.