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Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters


Simple, Durable, Water-Resistant Gaiters
COLOR black
SIZE: S/M - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
Durable, traditional packcloth construction and a no-bulk low-top design provide all-season performance with the Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters. Pair these lightweight gaiters with hiking boots or shoes to keep rocks, dirt and light snow from finding its way into your footwear.
Fabric :
100% nylon
420D packcloth
Weight :
4.5oz / 128g Avg. Weight for size L/XL
  • Fabric Performance:
  • Water-Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Abrasion- Resistant
  • Design Features:
  • Durable Hypalon Instep Strap
  • Reinforced Boot Lace Hooks
  • Functional Details:
  • Hook/Loop Front Closure
  • Hook/Loop Top Closure
  • Elastic Top and Bottom Edges


Not exactly what I was hoping for:{


It's hard to stretch these around the ankle collar of my biking boots, which are not particularly big, and then to secure the two velcro tabs over the velcro strip. And after all that, they are bulky around the ankle.



Love these


These are exactly what I was hoping for. Super small and light, but keep the snow out of my boots:)



not bad


Gaiters were kind of small for my intentions, I was thinking I could use them for lighter use when I didn't want to use my full size gaiters

Southern Oregon


as good as it gets in a more casual gaiter


beautiful little gaiter!

bozeman mt


Great buy if you use low top approach shoes


Perfect, almost uniform item for Sar team members who use low cut approach shoes

Westcliffe CO


Perfect hiking gaiters in summer


Perfect in the scree, hiking when it's hot

Saguenay, Québec


Good Gaiter


This gaiter does what it should: keep trail debris out of your boots. The large is plenty big (almost too much material) for my size 9.5 Asolo boots. The material and construction held up well to granite and dirt. I cleaned the dust off the gaiters by rinsing with water.



Work as Intended


I use these gaiters once in awhile for work and have zero issues with them. I've used them mainly in the Fall and Spring and I really appreciate having them when I do. They do a great job of keeping dirt and pine needles out of my boots or pant cuffs getting muddy, but my favorite thing is they keep my boot laces from coming undone while bush bashing. I don't have fairly large ankles and find the L/XL fit just fine.


Grat gaiter almost perfect


Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain Low gaiters Outdoor Research as their name suggest really do their research when it comes to manufacturing products and have very few flaws through out their range. The Rocky Mountain Low gaiters certainty doesnメt let the name down. I owned 4 pairs of these gaiters for a period of 4 years. These gaiters are not waterproof however they can be treated with DWR treatment. I find that moisture doesnメt tend to penetrate the material but sneaks in between your legs and gaiter. Made of the durable packcloth construction and little bulk the low-top design provide all-season performance for the Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters. Pair these lightweight gaiters with hiking boots for hot or cold climate treks to keep rocks, dirt, mud and light snow from finding its way into your footwear. I have worn these in temperatures from -20 - +35 degrees Celsius with no issue. For the under boot strap and buckle tighten them 1 more hole than you think you should, the strap can take it, and they stretch a bit when new. I have walked 100メs if not 1000メs of kilometers in these in the Khumbu valley in Nepal (including the rocky sharp section of Cho La that destroys the soles of boots regularly), Kokoda trail in PNG, Mt Kilimanjaro and a Varity of Australian bush locations and I have never found the buckle to come undone or the strap to break. While hiking in the Australian bush I have had the fine bush burrs and grass seeds to stick to and hang on to these gaiters taking a little time to clean them at the conclusion of the trek however this is far more desirable than being in your footwear or socks as that would become crippling. The only design flaw I have found is the fold-over Velcro tab/flap that is awkward to grasp because it is so thin and the Velcro runs all the way to the edges of the flap making it hard to pull free. Getting these open with gloved hands would be all but impossible. They need to extend the closure tabs or attach a finger-pull on them. I found the material between the Velcro backing and the outer layer (where the logo is found) has come apart quickly on my two new pairs (I have multiple pairs due to little time between treks), this is only superficial but looks detracting for such a high quality gaiter.


They do the job


I happened to pick mine up in the Whites mid hike at an AMC hut, after having to repeatedly stop and clean out trail trash from my boots. Problem solved. These snug in nice around the top of my boots (a 7" Miendl hiker, waterproof), while also sealing off the lacing area entirely. When I have on my waterproof O.R. Rampart pants with these gaitors over them to lock them down at the ankle, fording a stream is no problem, or hiking all day in pouring rain or wet low hanging brush, I remain totally dry. (That is also my snowshoeing configuration, over a pair of 9" NorthFace Verbara boots) Some have noted issues with the buckle coming undone...tighten them 1 more hole than you think you should, it can take it, and they stretch a bit when new. The extra pressure keeps it snug and latched. I've never had an issue and I love them. Good value for the price.


Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters

4.2 13



Men's Hiking Shoes size 8.5. Should I buy S/M or L/LX?


Hi Hiro, you are right inbetween sizes and could go either way. The S/M should fit up to a size 9 boot and the L/XL should fit a size 8-12. The S/M is a little shorter in length than the L/XL. Thanks for contacting OR!

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