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Sonic Balaclava


Deflect Cold Air, Stay Warm
COLOR black
SIZE: S Only 4 left!
Infinite Guarantee
The vapor permeable GORE WINDSTOPPER Fleece offers maximum cold-weather protection, Polartec® Wind Pro® ear panels allow for better hearing, and a mesh breathing port means the only reason you’ll be short of breath is the view.
Fabric :
GORE WINDSTOPPER 3L 100% polyester microfleece crown
Polartec® Wind Pro® 90% polyester
10% spandex hard finish face with soft fleece backer earports
Weight :
2.4oz / 69g Avg. Weight for size M
  • Fabric Performance:
  • Windproof
  • Wicking
  • Breathable
  • Hybrid Mapped Construction
  • Laminated Construction
  • Design Features:
  • Mesh Breathing Port
  • Embroidered OR Logo
  • Functional Details:
  • Flat-Seam Construction


Good ideas, but fails to perform


I am in search of the best winter balaclava for cycling and skiing. Currently, I use a Dakota branded fleece type balaclava with the mouth mesh cut away and it crushes my nose. This could be an improvement on that but if falls short. I fit the large in the sizing chart and head parts feels okay, maybe a little tight. I have an average sized, maybe a fit small featured face for a man of 6'3" 190 lbs. The face of this hovers in front and all my breath travels up my face and the moisture freezes to it and fogs my goggles making it basically non-goggle compatible. Second issue is the eye opening is way to big. Its so wide from side to side that I have exposed skin in either side. It could come further down the brow also. The third issue it the neck is too short in the back as this tapers aggressively. It would be okay with a hood up on a big parka though, but that is not my primary use. The shaped and open at the bottom nose piece is the best part of this, but it doesn't work if it's not tight to your face. The mesh doesn't breath for aerobic activity. It would need a cut out. I actually think the mesh should be shaped and open at the bottom like the nose piece to let breath escape. Overall, this balaclava is not as good as my current one because of these many drawback and I will have to give it away or something because I won't use it.


Sonic Balaclava

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Hats Size guide


Mesurement shown in:
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 717.2 – 17.8 7⅛ – 7¼18 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7½18.7 – 19 7⅝ – 7⅞19.3 – 20
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US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 7⅝17.2 – 19.3 6¾ – 7¼17.2 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7⅝18.7 – 19.3
CIRCUM 21½ – 2456.2 - 61 21½ – 22⅞54.6 - 58.1 23 – 2458.4 - 61
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CIRCUM 18½47 2051 2153.5 22½57.2

How to measure

Measure around your head where the headwear would fit comfortably.