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Water Bottle Parka Growler


The Best Innovation Since Growlers, Really
COLOR black
SIZE: 1size - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
There’s nothing better than a nice evening walk, except a nice evening walk to your local brewery to get your growler filled. Our Growler Parka pads the bottle, has a small interior pocket, and a shoulder strap, because sometimes swinging a glorious half-gallon beer from your hand as you walk gets tiring.
Fabric :
100% nylon
400D ripstop
100% nylon water-resistant lining
Dimensions :
250179: 12¾“ x 6½“ / 19 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (4L) 12.4 oz. / 352 g#225083: 12¾“ x 6½“ / 19 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (4L) 12.4 oz. / 352 g Fits: Klean Kanteen 64oz GrowlerHydro Flask 64 oz. Wide Mouth GrowlerClassic glass beer growler 64oz
Weight :
124oz / 352g 
Fabric Performance :
Design Features :
Open Cell Foam Insulation
Waterproof Zipper
EVA Molded Foam Lid and Base
Interior Mesh Pocket
Webbing Shoulder Strap
Webbing Handle On Side SPECS
Functional Details :
Adjustable Shoulder Strap


This is an essential


This is must have! This goes back OR's Bottle Parka roots. I have a tuned Honda Ruckus I use in the warm months. This not only keeps the Growlers cool, it certainly helps protect them from breakage.

Vancouver Island BC


Water Bottle Parka Growler

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Hey ! Hope you guys are doing well. I was just wondering if this model provides the same insulation as the Water bottle Parka #1 ? And also, would a 1.5L Nalgene fit in one of these ? Thank you !


the growler parka provides the same insulation as the water bottle parka #1, and a 1.5 nalgene woould fit with around an inch of top room, and given that the growler is made for beer growlers, you might even be able to fit two 1.5 nalgenes next to each other inside.