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Women's Oasis Sun Sombrero


Beautifully Designed Sun Protection
$39.00 25.0% Discount Sale Price: $29.25
COLOR white
SIZE: S - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
This stylish broad-brimmed hat keeps you cool under hot summer sunlight. The expansive brim provides shade for relief from intense solar rays, and a wicking headband keeps perspiration in check. A subtle floral pattern under the back brim adds to this hat’s beauty.
Fabric :
86% nylon
14% polyester
double weave ripstop mainshell - 100% Supplex® nylon
plain weave under brim
Weight :
3.4oz / 96g Avg. Weight for size M
  • Fabric Performance:
  • Water-Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Wicking
  • Quick-Drying
  • TransAction™ Headband
  • UPF 50+
  • Design Features:
  • Dark Fabric Under Brim
  • Floating Foam-Stiffened Brim
  • Screen Printed Graphic
  • Varied Brim Width
  • Embroidered OR Logo
  • Functional Details:
  • One-Handed Drawcord Adjustment
  • Removable Chin Cord
  • Packable


Great hat!


Love the color and the way the brim shapes over your face and neck



Best sun hat


Keep up the great quality in your products! This is the third hat I've bought. Thanks!

Sheridan, WY


Great Sun Protection


I have this hat in another color and bought this second one. Not thrilled with the color but it's a great hat for gardening and hiking and protecting me from the sun. Wish it came in olive or navy.

Asheville NC


Have bought a dozen of these


I've purchased 11 of these hats in red or fuchsia, and wear them for sea kayaking. They provide great sun protection, the bright color makes me more easily seen, they stay on in high winds with the chin strap, and also stay on when rolling the boat. This color does fade from constant exposure to sun and salt water, which is the only reason I buy new ones. Otherwise, they're made to last. The 12th hat is turquoise, for wearing off the water.

Sarasota, Florida


I would buy this product again


This is perfect for being outside and it protects beautifully

Oak Park, CA





santa rosa


el sombrero Oasis


every day when it is sunny

Santa Rosa, ca


Love My Sombrero


I love my new hat. Although I've only worn it once, for sun and wind protection while out rowing, i found it extremely comfortable. I bought a size small and the fit was still a little big for me, a perpetual hat problem for me. What saved the day is the drawstring in the inside rim of the hat. This hat is perfect for what i bought it for, sun protection while on the water. I am sure it will be used hor hiking and as a travel hat as well.

Sooke, BC


Third OR sombrero


I keep buying these. They don't wear out--they get mislaid somehow (odd because I usually treat the hat as part of my body). This time I got a white one and it is really nice. The size is somewhat adjustable so fit is excellent, with a cord for a windy day. I live in Florida and the big plus is the lined brim, which really protects the eyes.

Gainesville, Fl


Great hat


Great all round summer hat, provides full sun coverage, can fold it up, get it wet and it still holds shape.



Women's Oasis Sun Sombrero

4.8 44



How wide is the brim? Which hat has the widest brim & possibly shapeable?


Hi Nancy, A size Medium and Large have a Center Front and Side brim length of 3 1/2", these brim lengths increase or decrease 1/4" for each additional size up or down. A size Small has a Center Back brim length of 4 5/8, while the Medium, Large, and XL have a 4 3/4" Center Back brim length. Both, the Women's Mojave Sun Hat (cotton) and the Mesa Verde Sun Hat (nylon) has a 4 1/2" brim all the way around, it offers the most consistent sun coverage. The Mojave Sun Hat is more suited towards casual use, where moisture wicking and drying is not as essential. These hats aren't very shapeable due to the design and the materials in side the brim, however, you may be able to slightly manipulate the Oasis Sun Sombrero's brim with steam. The most shapeable hat that we have would probably be the Women's Isla Hat which is made of paper straw, it has a brim length of 4" all around. Thanks for contacting OR,


How can I clean my hat? I've tried water with mild soap, and I've also used spot remover, but I can't get rid of the sweat stain on the front.


Hi Lynn, if using a laundry stain remover didn't work, you can dabbing the area with distilled white vinegar along the stained area. For very bad staining, multiple applications may be needed. Ideally, you want you clean the area before it sets in with a damn cloth. Stain treat the area before you submerge and swirl the hat in warm, sudsy water. Let the hat soak for a few hours, then rinse the cap really well with cold running water. Alternatively you may use the top rack of a dishwasher, however, the heat or dishwashing detergent may be harsh on the hat's materials or brim. Thanks for contacting OR!

Is this hat rain proof? I plan to wear it in an area that experiences light showers throughout the day.


Hi Sunsetave, this hat is not waterproof. Visit this link for our current rain hats Thanks for contacting OR!

can I roll this hat up for packing in a suitcase without harming the rim?

mary ann

The Oasis Sun Sombrero is foldable/rollable, however, we don't recommend storing it folded or rolled for a long length of time as a crease may set in the brim. You may be able to remove creases by placing the brim between two towels and gently ironing the brim with steam until the creases are gone. Thanks for contacting OR!

? Size to order for the oasis sun sombrero woman's hat My head measures 22 inches. Will a small be tight? Can you tighten a medium enough to fit well for my head?


The size S Oasis Sun Sombrero measures 22"; the size M measures 22.75". You should be able to tighten the size M to fit, but you may prefer the fit of the size S. I recommend purchasing both and returning whichever size doesn't fit as well.


Hats Size guide


Mesurement shown in:
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 717.2 – 17.8 7⅛ – 7¼18 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7½18.7 – 19 7⅝ – 7⅞19.3 – 20
CIRCUM 21½ – 2254.6 - 55.8 22¼ – 22⅞56.2 - 58.1 23 – 23⅝58.4 - 60 23⅞ – 2460.6 - 61
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 7⅝17.2 – 19.3 6¾ – 7¼17.2 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7⅝18.7 – 19.3
CIRCUM 21½ – 2456.2 - 61 21½ – 22⅞54.6 - 58.1 23 – 2458.4 - 61
AGE 0-1Y 1-3Y 3-6Y 6-12Y
CIRCUM 18½47 2051 2153.5 22½57.2

How to measure

Measure around your head where the headwear would fit comfortably.