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Women's Ferrosi Convertible Pants


Zip-It, zip-It good
FIT: Standard fit
COLOR black
SIZE: 14 - In stock
Infinite Guarantee
These two-in-one bottoms feature zip-off lower legs, making them ideal for hiking and backpacking; They’re never too hot but always block shiver-inducing wind and light rain on the trail.
Fabric :
86% ripstop 14% spandex 90D stretch woven ripstop
Inseam :
9 1/2” / 24 cm
Weight :
11.1oz / 315g Avg weight for size 8
Fabric Performance :
Movement-Mirroring Stretch
UPF 50+ Sun Protection
Design Features :
Button and Zipper Fly
Zip Thigh Pocket
Brushed Tricot-lined Waistband
Functional Details :
Zip-Off Legs
Articulated Knees
Drawcord Cuff Closures
Harness-Compatible Waist
Belt Loops


Fieldwork Use


I am a wildlife biologist and I've had these pants for about a month. I've only use them for fieldwork and I have to say that their stretchy fit and breathability is amazing. I'm always climbing inclined rocks or hills and I'm super sweaty, so when wearing other pants they always rub on my thighs. This pants don't rub on my skin no matter how sweaty I get and they don't stick on me making my job more comfortable. The only thing I don't like is that the waist stretches out, so they fall. I do use the drawstrings that are there so it minimizes the pants from falling. I also wonder about how strong they are because I go through a lot of brush and dead fallen trees. I hope they are durable because these are great pants. I would purchase again.

Moreno Valley, CA


Awesome pants, but almost too small in the thighs


In an ideal world, I'd wear Ferrosi bottoms all the time. They're like functional pajamas. I am, however, slightly disappointed by the circumference of the zip-off sections. I fit very comfortably in a size 10 in these, but if I bend my knees a lot (ankle to bum), the zipper cuts into my sturdy lady legs. I feel like pants for active women should better account for muscley legs.


Love these pants


I work as a fisheries biologist for the Forest Service in central Idaho. During Spring, Summer and Fall I spend a lot of time outside and in rivers. I love these pants. They are comfortable and versatile. I just completed a three day, 28 mile trip that included sunny days and wet, rainy days. These pants were the bomb. They were soaking wet and within hours of hanging under a dry tree they were dry enough to wear the next day. These have become my favorite work pants. They've fared well during this entire season, most of my gear doesn't last a full season. I'm buying another pair. Thanks OR!


New favorite pants


I'm a kind of short, small lady (5'3, 120ish lbs.) with a decent amount of leg muscle, which can make finding well-fitting pants very difficult. I usually end up in the kids' section, but even the toughest "kid-proof" clothing ends up worn out too soon doing wildlife field research. After my favorite boys' cargo pants finally came apart at the seams, some of my coworkers recommended OR's Ferrosi pants as a good replacement. I decided to try my luck with these in size 2, and am so happy- they fit great! They're a tiny bit long on me, but not enough to be an issue, especially over work boots. These are hands-down the most comfortable pants I've owned, pajamas included. Although I originally bought them for field work, I end up wearing them to the office, class, rock climbing (the stretchy fabric is great for doing my usual short person/high step moves!), and just lounging around anytime they're clean. I was worried that the soft-shell fabric wouldn't hold up well, but so far so good, just a few small snags in the fabric from some hardcore bush-whacking. I will definitely be buying another pair of these as my old kids' cargo pants continue to wear out and need replacing.


perfectly versatile


Wore these pants for 3 days on el cap. So great to have pants that you can temperature control instantly, with the pant/short option. The fabric is light and flexible, feels like you're wearing pajamas, but rugged enough they didn't get beat up by the granite or light bushwhacking through manzanita. I'd love it if the 2 front pockets were deeper, but the side pocket with the zipper is awesome. Best converter pants I've ever had.


BEST Pants


My entire group of friends is quickly converting to these pants. They're amazing. Hiking, climbing, snowga (snow+yoga), etc. Great stretch, great pockets, great warmth & breathability, etc. I've had these pants for about a month. The only time I'm not wearing them is when doing laundry. This week, my friend and I, who also has a pair, hiked up Whitetop Mtn, VA through ~2 feet of snow (w/o inc. drift). We both stayed warm and dry the entire time, even when the sun went down, the fog rolled in, the temperature dropped, and it started raining. I feel so confident in these pants that I'll be wearing them on the PCT from Mexico to Canada this year. ***Note: I'm usu. a size 8, bought a 6, could have gone smaller. They run pretty large, but they're a darn fine product. OR has good customer service, too.



4.7 6



Size & fit guide


Measurement shown in:
  0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
WAIST 2564 2666 2769 28.572 30.577 32.583 3486 36.593
HIPS 3384 3486 3589 3794 39.5100 41104 42.5108 44.5113
INSEAM/ SHORT 2974 2974 2974 2974 2974 2974 2974 2974
INSEAM/ REG 3179 3179 3179 3179 3179 3179 3179 3179
INSEAM/ LONG 3486 3486 3486 3486 3486 3486 3486 3486
BUST 30.578 3281 33.585 3589 3794 3999 40.5103 42.5108
SLEEVE LENGTH 307 30.577 3179 31.580 3281 32.583 3384 33.585
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