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Sun Runner Cap


Best-selling training cap with UPF 50+ sun cape
COLOR bahama
SIZE: S Only 5 left!
Infinite Guarantee
Two-in-one training cap and sun cape let you run, hike, and spend extended time in the sun without worrying about dangerous UV damage. The cap's brim wicks sweat and shields your face from the sun, while a UPF 50+ cape provide all-over sun protection for your ears and back of neck, so you can skip the sunscreen.
Fabric :
100% Supplex® nylon
plain weave
Weight :
2.8oz / 79g Avg. Weight for size L
Fabric Performance :
TransAction™ Headband
UPF 50+
Design Features :
Dark Fabric Under Brim
External Breathable Mesh Panels
Removable Cape
Embroidered OR Logo
Functional Details :
Hook/Loop Back
Removable Chin Cord


Worth every penny


This is a great hat for all around use, mowing the grass picking berries,fishing and hiking.

Fairbanks, Alaska


blocks sun and vents the heat


Barely feels like it is there. Blocks almost all sun, just need a touch of sunscreen on the nose now. Tried in light rain with a hooded jacket, did pretty good. If the rain is heavy I would recommend a different hat that is made for that.

Snowmass Village


Lightweight and it works!


It was a very hot, sunny day in Miami when I decided to clean the pool. I stepped outside to check the mail and the box with my hat was sitting on the step, several days before I thought it would arrive and I thought, this is perfect, I can wear it while I clean the pool. 3 o'clock in the afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, yikes I must be crazy. But I put on long pants for sun protection, put sunscreen on my arms, and put the Sun Runner Cap on my head. It kept my head cool, cooler than the straw hat I would have worn and kept the sun off my neck and ears. I was in the backyard where it was private and no one could see me, I wondered how I would feel wearing it in a more public environment. Then next day I decided to wear it when I went running around the local golf course near my home. Again, not a cloud in the sky, but it was much earlier in the day, and little after 8 AM in the morning but already heating up. At first I felt self conscious but I kept my head down and ran. After about 30 minutes or so I no longer felt self conscious, but smug and superior. All the duffers on the course wearing their bucket hats, getting sunburned on their necks, dumb, they should be wearing the sun runner cap. It wouldn't impede their swing and it would protect them. With my other cap, a regular, white baseball cap with a button on top, I would have to take it off every five or 6 minutes to wipe sweat off my head. With the sun runner, I took it off once at 25 minutes, then again when I finished running at 42 minutes. I performed exactly as I hoped and better than I expected. I won't run without it, or work in the yard without it.

Miami, Fl


Great for my ginger son


Great head and neck sun protection



A world class product.


I saw a person running the MDS marathon across the Desert with this hat.if it can work there it can work anywhere.



Comfy, practical, would buy again


I wear this when hiking, on runs, or just when out and about on a sunny day. The hat by itself is super comfy and provides good sun protection, and the easily detachable sun cape is awesome - shirts easily rub sun screen off of the neck area.

Middle East


Love this hat!


I love the protection on the neck and face this hat provides. It is well ventilated as well. The only thing I would change (not a big enough deal to lower the star rating) is make the bill a bit longer. I think that would increase the sun protection. This hat's bill seems a bit short.

New Mexico


I would buy it again.


I play tennis with it!



nice and light


light and cool



Still too large


Please make this hat in an XS. I had one that I ordered years ago in a size small and just tried to replace it. I ordered 3 colors because I liked that hat so much. All 3 new hats are size small and all are too large on me now? The hat seems to be made differently than my previous one--the grey side panels seems a little too big for the hat? Hopefully you will add a smaller size in the future, or make the panels fit better for the size of the small hat. I am admittedly a petite woman. This hat used to be my holy grail but sadly, no longer.

Wellington, FL


4.7 62






My head is basically right on the borderline between Sun Runner hat medium and large sizes (at different angles its circumference is 22 7/8' and others 23'). Should I size up or size down? Thanks!


I would recommend the size up, you are at the max range of the medium leaving no room to adjust the band for a good fit, hoping this helps dial it in!


Folks have complained about the elastic giving them a headache. I don't want that but need a sun skirt of somekind. Do you make a hat with a non elastic or corded skirt?


Hi Sloper, the hat will only give you a headache if the hat is too tight. Circumference measurement of the Sun Runner Cap: size Small - 55 cm / 21.65" size Medium - 57 cm / 22.44" size Large - 59 cm / 23.23" size XL - 61 cm / 24.02" The ActiveIce Cap (item 243439) does not have an elastic or corded skirt, it's cape hangs freely. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size with a 60 cm circumference. Thanks, for contacting OR!

Hats Size guide


Measurement shown in:
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 717.2 – 17.8 7⅛ – 7¼18 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7½18.7 – 19 7⅝ – 7⅞19.3 – 20
CIRCUM 21½ – 2254.6 - 55.8 22¼ – 22⅞56.2 - 58.1 23 – 23⅝58.4 - 60 23⅞ – 2460.6 - 61
US HAT SIZE 6¾ – 7⅝17.2 – 19.3 6¾ – 7¼17.2 – 18.4 7⅜ – 7⅝18.7 – 19.3
CIRCUM 21½ – 2456.2 - 61 21½ – 22⅞54.6 - 58.1 23 – 2458.4 - 61
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CIRCUM 18½47 2051 2153.5 22½57.2

How to measure

Measure around your head where the headwear would fit comfortably.