Technology Glossary

Wind & Waterproof Technologies


Since 2016, Outdoor Research's proprietary AscentShell™ technology uses an electrospinning process to create a 3L construction that breathes faster, weighs less, stretches more, and far surpasses the comfort of traditional waterproof membranes. Never crunchy or noisy, AscentShell™ is just as comfortable as a soft shell, with the performance of a hard shell. Air permeable and breathable, AscentShell™ vents perspiration and excess heat during aerobic activity, while its light weight saves precious energy on demanding endeavors.

  1. Women's Skytour AscentShell Bibs, Nimbus
    Women's Skytour AscentShell Bibs
  2. Women's Skytour AscentShell Jacket, Sunset/Elk
    Women's Skytour AscentShell Jacket
  3. Men's Skytour AscentShell Bibs, Naval Blue
    Men's Skytour AscentShell Bibs

GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology

Comfort, protection, and enhanced freedom of movement are exactly what first-of-its-kind GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology aims to deliver. Combining the trusted waterproof durability that GORE-TEX is known for, with waterproof stretch panels that let you move freely, this technology is the best way to prioritize comfort without compromising protection. GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology can just as easily move with you as a second base layer, or accommodate extra insulation as the stretch panels expand to allow you more room.


GORE-TEX Pro garments can endure the toughest outdoor activities, now with improved breathability and durability. GORE-TEX Pro has more stretch than ever before, built for outdoor professionals and serious outdoor enthusiasts who need the best weather protection and mobility available. GORE’s extremely rigorous testing standards mean that you get the ultimate in waterproof, windproof, and breathability – guaranteed.

  1. Women's Archangel Jacket
    Women's Archangel Jacket
    Regular Price $649.00 Sale Price: $324.50 (Save 50%)
  2. Men's Archangel Bibs
    Men's Archangel Bibs
    Regular Price $649.00 Sale Price: $324.50 (Save 50%)
  3. Women's Archangel GORE-TEX Bibs, Black
    Women's Archangel GORE-TEX® Bibs


From one of the most trusted brands in waterproof protection, GORE-TEX brings you PACLITE®: Their 2L solution that's built for everyday comfort, light weight, packability, breathability, and of course, durably waterproof and windproof protection. Plus, all GORE-TEX products come with their Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™ Promise for added peace of mind when you head out into the rain.


The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER provides protection against wind chill by using a totally windproof membrane with maximized breathability, allowing perspiration to escape and reduces the risk of overheating when active. INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER is created using an ultra-thin protective layer laminated to a lightweight textile, rendering the product windproof. Its membrane technology has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, so even though wind can't get in, moisture from sweat vapor can easily get out.

  1. Men's Gripper Sensor Gloves
    Men's Gripper Sensor Gloves
  2. Women's Gripper Sensor Gloves
    Women's Gripper Sensor Gloves
  3. Men's Gripper Sensor Gloves
    Men's Gripper Sensor Gloves

Pertex® Diamond Fuse

Pertex developed Diamond Fuse technology as a unique way of improving the durability and abrasion resistance of fabrics without adding any unnecessary weight. Diamond Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique diamond shaped filaments that lock together to create a durable and highly abrasion resistant fabric. This engineered structure allows Diamond Fuse fabrics to remain very stable over extended wear and washing.

  1. Women's Helium Rain Jacket, Radiant
    Women's Helium Rain Jacket
    Regular Price $159.00 Sale Price: $159.00
  2. Men's Helium Rain Jacket, Redrock
    Men's Helium Rain Jacket
  3. Women's Helium Rain Pants, Light Pewter
    Women's Helium Rain Pants
    Regular Price $119.00 Sale Price: $119.00

Ventia Waterproof

Providing a waterproof barrier against rain, snow, and wind in tough, hardworking, rugged environments, Ventia Waterproof™ construction ensures moisture from the outside won't penetrate fabric. Breathability allows body vapor and moisture that builds during active pursuits to escape for greater warmth and comfort. With seam-taping for the most thorough protection, this proprietary technology provides storm-worthy protection for active use in rugged, demanding conditions.

  1. Women's Snowcrew Jacket, Sand/Naval Blue
    Women's Snowcrew Jacket
  2. Men's Snowcrew Jacket, Saddle/Treeline
    Men's Snowcrew Jacket
  3. Women's Snowcrew Pants, Naval Blue
    Women's Snowcrew Pants
    Regular Price $199.00 Sale Price: $199.00

Insulation Technologies

VerticalX™ SuperStrand

VerticalX™ SuperStrand is the lightest way to layer effectively and stay warm in all four seasons, providing the very best warmth-to-weight ratio. This new insulation technology is made of super-insulating polyester strands which have the best properties of down and synthetic, delivering optimized insulation, packability, and loft. Inside the jackets, these superpowered polyester strands use air to keep its high loft, and hold in warmth, while a unique discontinuous quilting makes compressibility easier without compromising long-term use. See SuperStrand in action by visiting the blog: The Best Down Alternative to Four-Season Warmth.

  1. Women's SuperStrand LT Jacket-Plus
    Women's SuperStrand LT Jacket-Plus
  2. Women's SuperStrand LT Hoodie-Plus
    Women's SuperStrand LT Hoodie-Plus
  3. Men's SuperStrand LT Vest, Light Pewter
    Men's SuperStrand LT Vest
  4. Women's SuperStrand LT Vest, Moth
    Women's SuperStrand LT Vest


VerticalX™ is the high-loft synthetic insulation that combines a superior warmth-to-weight ratio with breathability and moisture management that’s defining a new category of protective temperature control. Water resistant and resilient against harsh climates, VerticalX™ combines the best of weather protective ruggedness with lightweight compressibility in a packable size. If you’re looking for active comfort, look no further than the insulating, moisture-transferring products featuring VerticalX™ technology.

VerticalX™ ECO

High-loft synthetic insulation that uses 85% recycled content, VerticalX™ ECO has a superior warmth-to-weight ratio, breathability, and moisture management that combines weather protective ruggedness with compressible, packable comfort.

VerticalX™ ECO SR

Our new VerticalX™ ECO SR has the reliable warmth of VerticalX™ insulation, packed with even more loft, softness that feels like down feathers, and a new blend of sustainable materials. Low-density areas of REPREVE®, a recycled polyester, combine with high-density areas of Sorona®, a renewable plant-based fabric known for its durability. VerticalX™ ECO SR Insulation is just as breathable and stretchy as our best-selling synthetic insulation VerticalX™, we’ve just managed to add even more loft without adding any more weight – or bulk. Just as compressible as ever, this vertically-lapped technology still insulates the wearer even when wet.

VerticalX™ Air

VerticalX™ Air is a thermo-regulating synthetic insulation with advanced breathability and moisture management designed for active use. Compared to the leading competition, VerticalX™ Air has dramatically better thermoregulation properties, better loft resistance to compression over time, and better insulative warmth for its weight. VerticalX™ Air is the best choice for maintaining warmth in high-exertion activities when you’re working hard, and sweating hard.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel

Deadening cold is no match for the innovative breakthrough of PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel. Optimally designed for footwear and handwear applications, Aerogel insulation is a compression-resistant and waterproof thermal barrier made up of millions of air pockets that reduce heat loss from freezing cold elements. Aerogel is trusted by NASA space travel and retains on average 96% of its original thermal performance when faced with the pressure caused by active hands and feet.

  1. X-Gaiters - black/chili
  2. Women's BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves, Elk/Natural
    Women's BitterBlaze GORE-TEX Aerogel Gloves
    Regular Price $140.00 Sale Price: $140.00
  3. Men's BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves, Saddle/Black
    Men's BitterBlaze GORE-TEX Aerogel Gloves

Fabric Technologies


Outdoor Research proprietary Ferrosi Fabric makes up our largest, and most frequently awarded, product collection. It hits the equilibrium of being durable yet lightweight, it’s weather resistant yet breathable, and it’s complete with stretchy, easy-to-layer comfort. The Ferrosi line grows season after season, but is most frequently favorited by climbers and hikers for its jackets, hoodies, pants, and shorts. Ferrosi is truly the “do-it-all” choice for any adventurer looking for a layer that ticks three or more items off the gear list.

  1. Men's Ferrosi Hoodie, Redrock/Naval Blue
    Men's Ferrosi Hoodie
  2. Women's Ferrosi Hoodie, Moth/Elk
    Women's Ferrosi Hoodie
    Regular Price $129.00 Sale Price: $129.00
  3. Men's Ferrosi Convert Pants-30"Inseam, Pewter
    Men's Ferrosi Convertible Pants


Outdoor Research proprietary Astroman Fabric is a catch-all for the adventurer who spends extended time in sun-baked environments. Astroman products exceed our highest rating of UPF 50+ sun protection for long days on snow, water, or exposed rock and trail routes. Lightweight, stretchy, and silky-soft, the Astroman is comfortable for all-day wear, while retaining an extreme level of durability for brushes with rock while climbing. Named after the legendary climb in Yosemite Valley, the Astroman was originally built for exposed big wall climbing, but has since been commandeered for hiking, paddling, cycling - even dressing up for an evening out to dinner after the adventure.

  1. Men's Astroman L/S Shirt, Storm Plaid
    Men's Astroman L/S Sun Shirt
    Regular Price $95.00 Sale Price: $95.00
  2. Men's Astroman L/S Shirt, Storm Plaid
    Men's Astroman L/S Sun Shirt
    Regular Price $95.00 Sale Price: $95.00
  3. Women's Astroman L/S Sun Shirt
    Women's Astroman L/S Sun Shirt
    Regular Price $89.00 Sale Price: $89.00


Outdoor Research proprietary Echo Fabric is the all-time best-selling choice for ultralight protection during high-exertion activities in heat. Each Echo product is infused with UPF 15 sun protection to fight off dangerous UV rays, and ActiveFresh™ odor control technology to repel bad smells. The magic ingredient of Echo is its AirVent™ technology: An open texture mesh design that provides superb airflow and breathability. AirVent pulls perspiration away from the skin as you sweat for outstanding moisture management that dries quickly without sacrificing durability.

  1. Women's Echo Printed Hoodie-Plus
    Women's Echo Printed Hoodie-Plus
  2. Men's Echo Printed Hoodie
    Men's Echo Printed Hoodie
  3. Women's Echo Printed Hoodie
    Women's Echo Printed Hoodie

Vigor Plus Fleece

Vigor Plus Fleece delivers futuristic comfort, warmth, and versatility. Our most breathable and stretchy midlayer, Vigor Plus Fleece is perfect for layering in the backcountry during winter months when staying warm and dry are critical. This fleece is made of a 93% recycled polyester in a woven construction that’s engineered for amazing stretch and mobility. Its warm, high-loft grid interior combines with a superior breathability that moves moisture during stop-and-go activities. Low-bulk, lightweight, and easy to layer, the Vigor Plus Fleece is sure to be a new winter staple.

  1. Women's Vigor Plus Fleece Jacket, Nimbus
    Women's Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie
  2. Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie, Redrock
    Men's Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie
  3. Women's Vigor Plus Fleece Jacket, Nimbus
    Women's Vigor Plus Fleece Jacket


ActiveFresh™ provides active odor control that eliminates bad smells with long-lasting, durable freshness and doesn’t jeopardize fabric’s breathability or softness. ActiveFresh™ is made from bio-based, silver-free technology that inhibits environmental odors, food-related body odors, and bacterial odors by actively preventing the buildup of bad smells during high-exertion sports.


ActiveTemp™ is a thermo-regulating smart fabric treatment that manages your body temperature to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable during high-exertion activities. It self-adjusts depending on your level of exertion, sweat, and temperature to actively regulate body heat between too hot and too cold. The harder you work, the more ActiveTemp™ works to keep you comfortable.


ActiveIce™ is the best-selling sun protection technology that actively cools you as you sweat. More efficient and effective than ever before, ActiveIce™ now features the same thermo-regulating formula as our proprietary ActiveTemp™ technology, allowing it to dynamically adjust to your body's temperature to cool you faster when you need it most. Every ActiveIce™ product is infused with UPF 50+ sun protection, and each are breathable, lightweight, quick drying, and wick moisture as you sweat. Choose ActiveIce™ whenever you plan to spend time in hot, exposed, sun-baked conditions.


AirVent™ is the fabric technology you'll want on hot, humid days when ventilation is key and slowing down isn't an option. The lightweight, ultra-fine yarns used in AirVent™ fabrics use an open texture, mesh design to provide superb airflow and breathability for high-exertion endeavors. The wicking qualities of each AirVent™ piece pulls perspiration away from the skin as you sweat, for outstanding moisture management that dries quickly without sacrificing durability.


drirelease® is the breathable, wicking, and natural fabric blend that dries more efficiently than other fabrics. Since the technology is embedded in the yarn, it can’t be washed or worn out like other treatments that lose their luster with every wash. Drirelease® fabrics are made up of an engineered blend of 85 to 95 percent polyester and 10-15 percent natural fibers, offering the optimum combination for moisture management and odor control.

Insect Shield®

Insect Shield® is the long-lasting, durable bug-repellent technology that works just like sprays and lotions, but stays on your clothing and gear – not on your skin. Each Outdoor Research product made with Insect Shield® is tested, proven, and registered to repel a wide range of bugs like mosquitos, ticks, flies, chiggers, ants, and midges (no-see-ums). Proven to be effective and safe for the entire family, Insect Shield® products are put through a ringer of 3rd party testing like “KD” Knockdown, field testing, and more to ensure complete effectiveness. Plus, all Insect Shield® apparel is EPA-registered.

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