Olympic halfpipe athlete Zoe Atkin has been on skis since she was two years old. After seven years skiing every weekend in Maine, her family moved to Park City so that she and her sister Izzy Atkin could pursue their passion – now profession – of skiing. 
Zoe’s ski style revolves around the halfpipe, a specialized discipline of which there are few training grounds in the world. She describes her excitement about the halfpipe as meticulously-crafted expertise: “You go as fast as you can, and as high as you can, but you still have this very narrow margin” to hit the landing safely. It’s the perfectionism of the landing that excites Zoe so much. 
When she’s not skiing the halfpipe, Zoe prefers the big canyons and powder snow she finds in her home state of Utah. She and her sister Izzy enjoy skiing outside of competitions together, pushing each other to stretch their limits, and occasionally frightening their parents with how far those limits can go.  
Surfing is Zoe’s newest favorite hobby. Whether skiing in the dead of winter or soaking up the sun riding waves, Zoe’s never bored. 



2023 World Championships Women's Ski Superpipe - 2nd
2021 World Championships Women's Ski Superpipe - 3rd
2019 Women's Halfpipe World Cup, Copper Mountain - 1st


2023 Women's Ski Superpipe - 1st
2020 Women's Ski Superpipe - 5th



2022 Women's Ski Superpipe - 9th


Passion Project

Zoe’s current passion is pursuing her education at Stanford University. At school, Zoe is just as interested in the mental aspect of skiing as she is physical. She’s written about the psychology of trusting one's body, understanding abilities and limits, and the fine line between fear and confidence.  

Zoe's Favorites

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