Active Odor Control Powered by ActiveFresh™ Technology

Enjoy long-lasting, durable freshness on your next outdoor adventure.

Sweat, and the smells that come with it, are natural elements of the outdoor experience - even if they’re not the most pleasant elements. The good news is, you and your adventure partners don’t have to put up with insufferable smells any longer.

Enter, ActiveFresh™ Technology: Active odor control that eliminates bad smells with long-lasting, durable freshness.

First, a little background: Did you know that sweat does not actually smell? It’s actually the bacteria found on our skin that causes what we perceive as “bad odor.” When we sweat, we feed the bacteria with moisture and nutrients from our own body. For years, typical odor control technologies used silver and other biocides to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, which we now know doesn’t align with our ideal levels of sustainability.

A climber wears a Chain Reaction shirt with ActiveFresh Technology.

Which is how we land at our solution, with ActiveFresh Technology. This is the environmentally-conscious technology that inhibits environmental odors, food-related body odors, and bacterial odors by actively preventing the buildup of bad smells during high-exertion sports. It’s a bio-based, silver-free, non-antimicrobial technology that was invented to allow you to spend more time in closer proximity with others, without having to worry about bad smells on our clothes or in our surroundings.

Bonus: ActiveFresh does this all without jeopardizing the fabric’s breathability, softness, or performance. In fact, some of our favorite outdoor apparel infuses ActiveFresh into its design, like:


  • Echo Collection: The Echo Collection is the best-selling, award-winning solution to staying fresh, dry, and weightless during high-exertion activities in heat. Adventurers love the ultralight Echo for its minimalist size and weight, and its ability to stand up to weeks of use in hot conditions.
  • Chain Reaction Collection: The Chain Reaction shirts, hoodies, and tanks are each some of our favorite and most comfortable climbing and lounging pieces, both activities that after time, are bound to build up certain levels of stink. Choose the Chain Reaction when you need stretch, sun protection, and odor control.
  • Argon Collection: The Argon Collection keeps you cool, dry, and stink-free throughout all four seasons by wicking sweat and moisture via AirVent, and doubling down on odor with ActiveFresh™ technology. UPF 30 sun protection provides a stronger defense against harmful UV rays than other AirVent options, and works equally as well on snow, in the desert, or out on the water.
A surfer wears a Chain Reaction shirt with ActiveFresh Technology.A surfer wears a Chain Reaction shirt with ActiveFresh Technology.

Whether it’s your second day or tenth day on the trail, choose ActiveFresh to stay stink-free and keep your outdoor adventure partners happy.