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Designed By Adventure: The Floodlight Jacket

Author: Outdoor Research

October 31, 2017

Teaching clinics, writing blog articles, and inspiring outdoor stoke are just a few of the things you’ll find on the resumes of our athletes and ambassadors. But one of the most crucial reasons why we rely on this group of bold individuals is their ability to conduct real-world product testing to help us constantly improve and create innovative, functional, and durable gear. It just so happens that one of our most popular pieces is a direct result of that feedback: The Men's Floodlight Jacket and the Women’s Floodlight Parka.

They wanted it all: Dependable waterproof protection, warm down insulation, lightweight compressibility, and a style that fits in at the pub just as well as on a blustery alpine summit. They needed purpose-built features for climbing and design details that matched the demands of all-day ski tours. And they needed the protective superpowers of Pertex® to stand up to the wear and tear of the harshest environments on the planet.

After all, our athlete and ambassador teams are made up of mountain guides, ski instructors, and professional outdoor athletes who call the mountains their office. Here are a few of their favorite performance features of the Floodlight:



Little of that makes any sense until you really get to see it in use. So don’t just take our word for it – take it from the Outdoor Research athlete and ambassador teams who put the Floodlight to the test every day in their professional mountain endeavors.

Alberta-bred ice climber Margot Talbot calls the Floodlight “hands-down one of my favourite pieces.” When asked to pick a stand-out feature of the Floodlight, she couldn’t choose just one, responding with: “Insulated. Breathable. Lightweight. Waterproof down. What more could an ice climber want in their kit?”

Professional mountain guide, skier, and founder of the women’s camp series Ski Divas in Jackson, Wyoming, Jessica Baker can’t say enough about her Floodlight, but she’ll start with: “I love that I can wear my Floodlight during a wet storm without having to find a shell to put over it. It holds up to wetter weather on its own, preserving the lofty down on the inside.”

Finally, ski ambassador Drew Petersen shared two stories that particularly resonated with Floodlight fans:

“Deep in the backcountry of the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, the Floodlight was key for staying warm during the harsh, cold temperatures. From warming up after a sudden whiteout on a high ridge to full-moon outhouse runs to drinking vodka around a campfire, the Floodlight did me proud and kept me warm and dry... [And on a different occasion] Camped at the foot of Mount Whitney, the tent rustled in the wind, and my alarm was ready to get us up to the top for sunrise. On what would have been a restless, shiver-filled night, the Floodlight kept me warm, stoked, and ready for an unforgettable day to come.”

Every Outdoor Research product is developed using the feedback and experiences from this group of adventurers, whose tireless hours and sleepless nights outdoors – along with the occasional alpine start – help create a better experience for you. So get to know the athlete and ambassador team today, and take their word on one of the most bomber, stormproof jackets in our technical outerwear line.

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