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Don’t Let Sweat Cool You Down with VerticalX™ Air Technology

Author: Outdoor Research

October 14, 2019

Earlier this year, we gave you a breakdown on how our VerticalX™ technology works to keep you warm while moving fast in the cold. This tech has been a hit in some of our most popular products – like the Refuge Collection – when people jettison uphill for their favorite winter activities.

But as always, there were faster, crazier athletes out there who asked for something with even less weight, more breathability, and that had the capability to dump sweat and precipitation faster than anything we’ve made before. And: it still had to keep you warm throughout.

That’s where VerticalX™ Air comes in: The self-adapting insulation that keeps you warm when you need it, and rapidly moves moisture the moment you start to sweat. See it in action!

So, how does it work?

VerticalX Air has a raschel knit that can be found in few other types of synthetic insulation. The thing that makes VerticalX Air stand out is that we insert two different types of yarn into this basic structure: One creates loft that makes that puffy shape, and the second has a higher “crush” resistance to ensure it doesn’t want to go back to being flat. Basically, it lofts up, and stays lofted up thanks to the double-action of these unique yarns.

Plus: These specially-shaped, cross-section yarns have more stiffness than the other, which makes them compression-resistant and more likely to bounce back after getting wet. That more consistent loft maintains a higher clo value, and lower RET.

For a refresher on clo and RET, read our original VerticalX blog: How to Stay Warm While Moving Fast in the Cold.

What makes it stand out?

Here’s a cheat sheet for comparing the VerticalX of the Refuge Collection to the VerticalX Air of the Refuge Air:

Where can I find it?

You’ll only find VerticalX Air in the Men’s Refuge Air and Women’s Refuge Air hooded jackets.

Shop the entire Refuge Collection.

Move faster, and move sweat faster, with VerticalX Air.

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