Designed By Adventure: Revy Rain Cotton Collection

When it’s wet and cold, making the choice between a cozy cotton sweater and a hardy waterproof jacket can feel just as depressing as the weather. .. a scenario that the designers at our Seattle-based Outdoor Research headquarters were all too familiar with. We certainly embrace the heavy rain that the Pacific Northwest is so well known for, but we’d like to do it from the comfort of our favorite fabric.

That’s where Rain Cotton™ comes into play: The water-resistant technology that sheds rain and keeps in warmth. Rain Cotton™ is a finish that offers more water resistance than typical Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments, and maintains its performance throughout the life of the product. Compared to industry standard DWR finishes, Rain Cotton™ keeps you drier for longer without impeding on cotton’s incredible coziness and natural ability to breathe.


Wet-weather inspired and tested, you can find Rain Cotton™ technology in our Revy Collection of outerwear:

Men’s Revy Shirt: Trailhead style and summit performance merge in this classic button-up, collared shirt for men. Wear it on a rainy hike, wet bike commute, or impress friends by being the last to duck for cover when caught in a flash storm.

Men’s Revy Hoody: This is it: The classic cotton hoody you can wear during downpours. A zip chest pocket keeps electronics dry, while dual pockets work with thumbloops to keep sleeves down and hands warm.

Men’s Revy Hooded Jacket: The warmest and most durable option of our Revy line, the Revy Hooded Jacket gives wearers breathable weather resistance that’s too cozy not to pack on the next adventure.


Yes, rain protection is important, but Revy’s all-around weather-resistant performance doesn’t stop on its exterior. Rain Cotton™ maintains breathability and effectively transfers vapor from inside your clothing, to the outside environment. This moisture management works twofold: Keeping you dry, and keeping you more comfortable.

Plus, Rain Cotton™ technology dries 40% faster than untreated cotton, so that even if you do get caught in foul weather, you won’t stay wet for long.

Soak up fun, not water, with the cotton comfort and weather-resistant performance of the Revy Collection with Rain Cotton™.