Meet the 2018 #SheAdventures Scholar

Over the last two months, thousands of women across the U.S. and Canada submitted their dedication-driven, inspiration-filled applications to be our 2018 #SheAdventures scholar. We heard stories about hardship, dreams of empowering local communities, and even poems that embodied the spirit of #SheAdventures.

We are truly blown away by the powerful messages that came our way, and want to give a huge high-five to all of the ladies who applied to this scholarship. Today, we are pleased to present to you the 2018 #SheAdventures scholar: Sarah Boles.

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom that fills her time with all types of adventures, including working as the editorial manager for Adventure Mamas Initiative. By day she creates highway infrastructure from piles of dirt at the park, performs science experiments on the kitchen floor, and fights lightsaber battles in the living room. However, she always daydreams of her next epic adventure. Motherhood may keep Sarah grounded, but wilderness keeps her sane.

We chatted with Sarah about what #SheAdventures means to her, and how she’ll use her scholarship to inspire other women in her community.

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What does the #SheAdventures prize mean to you?

My job as an editorial manager, my fairly introverted personality, and let’s be honest – motherhood in general – do not lend themselves toward recognition. So to be named the 2018 #SheAdventures Scholar is huge for me. Summiting the Grand Teton represents an epic adventure I would never take on by myself. It’s one of those huge, scary, insanely rewarding challenges that takes specific knowledge and skills that I just do not have yet. But arm me with the opportunity to glean the necessary information and skill sets from an incredibly talented guide, who also happens to be a mama, and I can face whatever adversity the mountain throws at me. And really, that’s what the adventure of motherhood is all about: all-encompassing, often terrifying and painful, but frequently rewarding experiences. Working together, we mamas can move mountains, or summit them!

How will you use your Grand Teton trip to inspire other women in your community?

I may have been selected for this scholarship, but it’s really about an opportunity to inspire mamas everywhere. No matter how different your body feels and looks postpartum, you are strong enough to battle through and strong enough to embark on epic adventures. Two years ago I was laying in bed unknowingly suffering through post nursing depression, doped up on pain meds from a bulging disc, and I had myself convinced I would never be able to run again, much less climb or mountaineer. I wish that I had in place a community of women to inspire me and help educate me back then like I do now (who knew post nursing depression was a legit thing!). This is why I volunteer my time with the Adventure Mamas Initiative and this is why I applied for this awesome scholarship.

Tell us more about Adventure Mamas.

The Adventure Mamas Initiative is a non-profit focused on supporting women’s wellness. Specifically we work to achieve this monstrous task by facilitating adventure, building community and providing educational resources. It’s crazy that it’s 2018 and so many topics of motherhood are still not being talked about. We have hosted two large-scale expeditions, but mostly we focus on grassroots events throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more at or by following them on Instagram.



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