Hometown: Savannah, GA
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I moved to Savannah 12 years ago to put the Georgia coast at my paddling disposal. The 14-ocean fringed primary barrier islands are my favorite aspect of living here, and I visit them one or two at a time, whenever the window of opportunity arises. I sometimes drive up and down the coast, to Florida and North Carolina on spontaneous surf kayaking trips.

Aside from keeping a gear shop, I guide heavily for three seasons of the year. From the infamous three-hour tour to multiday excursions, for girl scouts, college kids, family reunions, businessmen, tourists and local paddlers alike, I paddle the coastal waters constantly.

From time to time, I exit the madness of this first world in exchange for the madness of the third world, on which occasions I like to travel self contained…. boats and camping gear stowed in the hold. I am fortunate to have an enabler for a wife. Her name is Kristin and together we are paddling bums… living, breathing , working our kayaks and our gear to the bone.​