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  1. How Bibliographie Made Sean Bailey Rethink His Projecting Strategy

    Sean Bailey on Bibliographie.

    Up against the toughest route he'd ever tried, Sean Bailey found what had always worked before might not get him to the top this time. 

    The clock was ticking when Sean Bailey started working out the moves on Bibliographie—one of the hardest sport routes in the world—in Céüse, France. Following a World Cup competition, he had about eight weeks before his visa expired.

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  2. Anatomy of A Send

    Keenan Takahashi climbs Empath, 5.15a, in Tahoe.

    Keenan Takahashi breaks down how he unlocked Empath, 5.15a, in Tahoe.

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  3. What To Wear Indoor Rock Climbing

    What To Wear Indoor Rock Climbing

    Heading to a climbing gym? We’ve got something to tell you first.

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  4. Sean Bailey's Obsession Pays Off

    Sean Bailey relaxes on a day of sport climbing.

    Torn between comps and outdoor climbing, he’s not willing to give up either.

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  5. How To Convert Your Anti-Bouldering Parents

    Laura and Quinn doing The Stick Game. Doing routes on the fly by pointing out the next hold.

    It took a pandemic lockdown, but Quinn Mason turned her old-school parents on to bouldering in a big way.

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  6. Escaladora: When A Climb Is A Prayer

    Escaladora: When A Climb Is A Prayer

    Sunglasses, hood and helmet sheltered Monserrat Alvarez Matehuala from the cold sun above 17,000 feet—but underneath all that, lots was happening. On top of Iztaccihuatl, Mexico’s third highest peak, emotions were strong.

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  7. A New Kind Of Brave

    A New Kind Of Brave
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  8. 7 Tips for Staying Organized on A Climbing Road Trip

    7 Tips for Staying Organized on A Climbing Road Trip

    How to pack so your stuff won’t drive you crazy.

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  9. Super Ill with COVID-19, A Climber’s Life Is Changed

    Super Ill with COVID-19, A Climber’s Life Is Changed

    Justin Willis sought the rawest experiences in the mountains—but being sick widened his perspective.

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  10. The Making Of A Climber: Russia, Montana, Brooklyn And A Stubborn Attitude

    The Making Of A Climber: Russia, Montana, Brooklyn And A Stubborn Attitude

    In The Field With: Climber, Artist and Software Engineer Aleks Shineleva

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  11. Quinn Mason’s Fire For Climbing

    Quinn Mason’s Fire For Climbing

    There’s a photo of Quinn Mason when she was 9 years old, placing fourth at Youth Nationals, qualifying for the national team. It marks the moment she realized how much she really did care about competition and winning in climbing. Today that photo also symbolizes something else she’s grateful for—and proud of: “Out of all 10 finalists, I think I’m the only one still competing at a high level,” she says, now halfway through high school. 

    She’s a five-time Youth National Climbing Team member and qualified for the 2020 world cups as an adult. But more than wins or sends, Quinn seems to be focused on the longevity aspect of her climbing life. “I’ve had ups and downs, and to have stuck with it to be where I am now—that is my proudest accomplishment.”

    We caught up with Quinn—one of the

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  12. On Taking Leaps—In Design, Climbing And Life

    Andy Wickstrom reaches for a handhold while climbing a boulder in North Carolina.

    In the Field With: Photographer and Graphic Designer Andy Wickstrom

    Andy Wickstrom and his wife Jess stood outside their Chicago condo building in 2012 and watched smoke pour from the unit above theirs. It was early on a February morning, not even light out yet, when smoke alarms had woken them to rush outdoors with all their neighbors. They found out later the fire had been set by arson, and between the smoke and damage from the firefighters’ axes, their condo was basically ruined. But instead of framing it as a disaster, the couple used the event to launch them into a new direction of life they’d been leaning toward already.

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