The Best Face Coverings and Face Masks for New Ski Resort Rules

Planning to ski or snowboard at the resort this year? Make sure you come prepared.

Ski season is upon us. Just like you, we’re cautiously celebrating one of our favorite times of the year. We’re also making it easier than ever to have a safe, responsible, and fun experience at your favorite inbounds areas.


Most winter resorts are eager to invite guests back to the slopes with one major requirement: Skiers and snowboarders must wear a protective face covering. And for some, a neck gaiter won’t cut it. Jackson Hole, Deer Valley, and Alyeska won’t allow single-layer face coverings like cotton bandanas, scarves, or neck gaiters, instead requiring guests to use a multi-layer solution. The rules vary on where, when, and what type of face covering is required from resort to resort, but the gist of it is: If you show up unprepared, you’ll be sent home packing. We’re here to help prevent that from happening. 


If you’re planning a trip, start by visiting’s A-Z Guide for Ski Resort COVID-19 Policies. Find the resort you want to visit, research their restrictions and requirements, and find out what type of face covering will fit your needs best. Then, follow our guide to find the best protective solution for wherever you’re headed.

If You’re Looking for: The Best Protection + Winter-Level Warmth


Ski resorts are asking you to “mask up” for safety reasons, but you should still find a solution that feels just as comfortable as it is protective.


The Protective Essentials Midweight Balaclava, Midweight Ubertube, and Lightweight Ubertube were each designed to address these key issues while skiing and snowboarding: (1) The need to protect yourself and others around you, (2) the need for ease of breathability, and (3) the need for warmth in cold mountain environments.

A person wears the Protective Essential Midweight Ubertube outdoors in the snow.A person wears the Protective Essential Midweight Ubertube outdoors in the snow.

Here’s how our Protective Essentials hit all of those requirements, while meeting and exceeding resort guidelines:

  • Must be multi-layered: The Balaclavas and Ubertubes use 2-layer fabrics enhanced by the additional Essential filter. Our filtration technology provides best-in-class breathability. These filters are what sets our Protective Essential products apart from other options you’ll see on the lifts.
  • Must be worn over nose and mouth: Faces come in all shapes and sizes, which is why both of these products have a nose wire and adjustability to help you find the perfect fit and customization. The ubertubes pull on and off easily, resting around your neck when not in use, so that you can be prepared whenever you come within six feet of another rider.
  • Must be dry: When masks get wet, they lose their efficacy and make it difficult to breathe. That’s why we chose wicking, quick drying, breathable fabrics to hold each filter - so your face would never be subjected to any freeze/thaw cycle.

Psst: Gear Patrol included both the Essential Balaclava and the Essential Ubertube in their roundup of Best Face Masks for Skiing and Snowboarding.

If You’re Looking for: Hand Protection for High-Contact Areas


Navigating your way to and from the ski resort is going to involve a few touchpoints. Check out the Protective Essential Midweight Liner Gloves and Lightweight Gloves for a layer of contactless protection that shields your hands from germs and dirt. These make great liner gloves to use with your larger mitts and gloves, so your hands can stay clean and warm throughout your skiing experience.

A person holds a door open while wearing the Protective Essential Lightweight Gloves.A person holds a door open while wearing the Protective Essential Lightweight Gloves.
  • Best for Travel in Public Areas: Wear these gloves in public restrooms, restaurants, and travel to and from resorts, including gas stations and grocery stores.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Ensures you can make payments on touchscreens for lift tickets, or use yours or other’s phones without exposing hands to cold or germs.
  • Designed Down to the Detail: Wicking, quick drying, breathable, and equipped with UPF 50+ sun protection, these gloves are every bit as functional as they are protective.

Explore the entire Protective Essentials Collection for even more ways to stay protected outside of your home this winter.

If You’re Looking for: Everyday Protection You Can Wear From the Store to the Slopes


At the end of the day, there are plenty of people who prefer to have a single solution that they can wear on their everyday outings, along with their ski trips. For those, we recommend the original, best-selling Face Mask Kit and Small/Kids’ Size Face Mask Kit. Or the Protective Essential Bandana Kit.


A group of children and adults gather around a campfire while wearing face masks.A group of children and adults gather around a campfire while wearing face masks.

Here’s why the Face Mask Kit has received over 1300 five-star reviews:


  • Adjustable & Customizable Fit: Say goodbye to foggy goggles with the customizable nose wire, and use the adjustable ear loops to cinch the mask up comfortably to your face.
  • Built to Last: Durable polyester fabric outperforms cotton in a 10,000+ cycle abrasion test, and is faster to dry and wick moisture, making it more than mountain-ready against weather, sweat, and whatever else comes your way.


Thinking of venturing out further? Make sure to read our Going Deeper series, starting with What a Ski Guide Wants You to Know Before Going into the Backcountry This Year.