Women's Base Layers

Shop Women's Outdoor Base Layer Tops and Bottoms. Best selling base layers that are warm, wicking and look just as good layered under a vest or on their own.

Women's Base LayersWomen's Base LayersWomen's Base Layers

12 items

  1. Women's Echo Hoodie, Arctic

    Women's Echo Hoodie

    Regular Price CA$80.00 Sale Price: CA$80.00
  2. Women's Echo L/S Tee, Classic Blue

    Women's Echo Long Sleeve Tee

    Regular Price CA$55.00 Sale Price: CA$55.00
  3. Women's Echo Crop Tank, Guava

    Women's Echo Crop Tank

    Regular Price CA$40.00 Sale Price: CA$40.00
  4. Women's Echo Quarter Zip, Fuchsia

    Women's Echo Quarter Zip

    Regular Price CA$70.00 Sale Price: CA$70.00
  5. Echo Ubertube, Arctic

    Echo Ubertube

    Regular Price CA$25.00 Sale Price: CA$25.00
  6. Women's Echo T-Shirt, Classic Blue

    Women's Echo T-Shirt

    Regular Price CA$42.00 Sale Price: CA$50.00
  7. Women's Echo Tank, Arctic

    Women's Echo Tank

    Regular Price CA$45.00 Sale Price: CA$45.00
  8. Women's Echo Hoodie-Plus, Guava

    Women's Echo Plus Size Hoodie

    Regular Price CA$80.00 Sale Price: CA$80.00
    1X -3X
  9. Women's Echo T-Shirt-Plus, Classic Blue

    Women's Echo Plus Size T-Shirt

    Regular Price CA$50.00 Sale Price: CA$50.00
    1X -3X
  10. Women's Argon S/S Tee, Titanium

    Women's Argon S/S Tee

    Regular Price CA$55.00 Sale Price: CA$55.00
  11. Women's Argon L/S Tee, Nimbus

    Women's Argon L/S Tee

    Regular Price CA$65.00 Sale Price: CA$65.00
  12. W's Vantage 7/8 Leggings - mediterranean

    Women's Vantage 7/8 Leggings

    Regular Price CA$95.00 Sale Price: CA$28.50
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