We commit to working for the betterment of the environment, creating access for all, investing in product sustainability, reducing waste, and collaborating for good.

At Outdoor Research, our love for the outdoors goes hand in hand with our responsibility to protect the planet. We’ve set science-aligned targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re taking action to achieve them. We’re investing in renewable energy and sustainable materials, reducing waste, and working with like-minded partners throughout our supply chain. Science, data, and ethical responsibility guide our decision-making as we balance brand growth and the need to protect our planet.

We’re committed to transparency in our business practices, identifying areas for improvement, and making strides to mitigate our global environmental impact while continuing to create premium outdoor gear and apparel for people who love being outside.

Climate Action Corps

Outdoor Research is a proud founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Climate Action Corps. We’re not only ensuring that we meet all expectations of the CAC, we’re developing our own plan and approach to measure our business’s carbon footprint. Calculating this measurement is a complex, involved process that takes years to perfect - but will ultimately guide us to our greatest emissions opportunities and help us reduce our impact on the earth.

Together with the OIA, we’re making changes that aim to make the outdoor industry the world’s first climate positive industry by 2030. Climate positive means to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions in line with a science-based target (SBT) that addresses all scopes, to remove even more GHG from the atmosphere than you emit, and to advocate for broader systemic change.

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Climate Action Goals

Our responsibility is to be stewards of the environment. We are already experiencing altered ski seasons due to changing snowpack conditions, wildfires limiting access to recreation areas, and rising sea levels threatening coastal regions, and we recognize the need for urgent action to address the pressing issue of climate change. To mark our efforts toward addressing these and other climate changes, we have announced our 2030 climate action goals. 
Our approach to sustainability is grounded in the understanding that no single solution will solve the complex challenges of climate change. Therefore, we have identified a range of initiatives and science-aligned targets that will allow us to reduce our environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions across our operations.  
Our commitment to sustainability is not only the right thing to do but also makes good business sense. By reducing our carbon footprint, we are not only mitigating the impacts of climate change but also improving our operational efficiency and position as an environmentally responsible company. We recognize that there is still much work to be done. However, we are committed to continually improving our sustainability performance to achieve our goals.

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Renewable Energy

Outdoor Research is committed to taking action to power its direct-owned and controlled North American operations through the use of renewable energy.

Through our partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), we purchased approximately 1000 MWh of renewable electricity in 2022 through Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). Each certificate traces energy production back to its source and certifies that 100% of Outdoor Research's energy usage in North America originates from renewable energy facilities through the purchase and retirement of RECs.

Each REC purchase contributes to the growth of the renewable energy market and supports BEF's mission to restore freshwater ecosystems, prepare the next generation for clean energy jobs, and catalyze a renewable energy future for all.

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Bonneville Environmental Foundation



Creating Space for All in the Outdoors

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Outdoor Research, we make products designed to get people outdoors. And we believe that the more people who get outside, the better we, and the world, will be.

It’s only with each other that we’ve made it this far, and it’s only by inviting new partners into the fold that we will grow and progress as a brand, as people, and as a force for greater equality and justice in the world.

If you believe that the outdoors is better when shared by all, join us in the journey.

bluesign® System Partnership

Bluesign® is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in. Powered by a holistic approach, bluesign traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product. Simply put, bluesign changes the environmental impact of textiles for good.

To ensure we are better corporate citizens, bluesign provides us with a chemical framework to allow us to take ownership of our supply chain inputs and reduce the impacts of the products we sell. They are the partnership of choice for mills, brands, and retailers that desire a true “chain of custody” approach for their supply chain, and augment our efforts in the areas of safety, quality, risk, integrity, and more.

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Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love, independently certifying down and feathers against animal welfare requirements and tracking it from farm to final product. 100% of Outdoor Research products that use down comply with RDS – you’ll notice our stamp of approval on each of our down product pages, and on each product’s hangtag. We’ve exclusively used down certified by RDS since 2016. We received our first RDS Down Brand Certification in 2017 and we recertify our RDS certification on an annual basis.

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Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

Track My Down

You can now trace the origin of the down insulation used in Outdoor Research gear. Simply follow the instructions included on the hangtag, and you’ll be able to see where and when your insulation was procured. This tool makes it easier for customers to trace their own products, as well as holds ourselves accountable by giving you, our partners, and ourselves greater visibility and transparency.

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Recycled Content

Each of our products made with recycled content has the same quality as seen in other Outdoor Research gear, but with less impact on the planet. When you buy gear that’s made with recycled content, you’re reducing waste, energy usage, and dependence on petroleum. By increasing our use of recycled materials, we can reduce or even eliminate the harm caused by manufacturing and production processes.

Certifications like Global Recycled Standard (GRS) create better ways to trace and verify recycled content, setting high sustainability standards for any manufacturer making these claims. Our goal is to be 100% GRS certified on all products that use recycled materials.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Partners throughout our supply chain - like finished goods factories and material input mills - follow a set of guidelines that help us ensure socially responsible operations. This Code of Conduct, adapted from a template provided by the Outdoor Industry Association, helps us be clear about our goals as they relate to the safety and wellbeing of workplace employees, as well as the appropriate and safe storage, use, and disposal of chemicals.

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Annual Impact Report

Over the last several years, we've made significant strides toward a greener, more ethical future. Our responsibility extends to every aspect of our business, from nurturing supplier relationships and championing workers' rights to sourcing sustainable materials and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our workforce. We're proud to say that we've set out along the path toward carbon neutrality by switching to renewable energy sources and implementing advanced tracking tools to benchmark our carbon output reduction efforts.

The report below outlines our successes, challenges, and the ambitious environmental and social targets we've set for ourselves. We believe in transparency and want you to be part of our journey towards a more sustainable future. 

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Outdoor Research Films use media as a vehicle to tell stories of real people, community members, ambassadors for change, and non-profit partners who challenge us to do better, and think together.

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Community Partners

Explore our Community Partnerships to see how we’re working with organizations that help guide our inclusive hiring strategy, bringing broader perspectives into the outdoor industry, and who help us incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our workplace to create a safe and welcoming environment for all.

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