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Women's Caps & Truckers

Shop Women's caps and trucker hats by Outdoor Research. Sun protection, breathable and bad hair day hider, you can't go wrong with stocking up on a few of your favorite caps and trucker hats.

Women's Caps & TruckersWomen's Caps & TruckersWomen's Caps & Truckers

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  1. Archway Cap, Grape

    Archway Cap

    Regular Price CA$34.00 Sale Price: CA$34.00
  2. Advocate Trucker Cap, Naval Blue

    Advocate Trucker Cap

    Regular Price CA$34.00 Sale Price: CA$34.00
  3. Anniversary Cap, Nimbus

    Anniversary Cap

    Regular Price CA$34.00 Sale Price: CA$34.00
  4. Vigor Cap, Nimbus/Black

    Vigor Cap

    Regular Price CA$42.00 Sale Price: CA$42.00
  5. Cascade Cap, Elk

    Cascade Cap

  6. Woolie Cap, Pebble Heather

    Woolie Cap

    Regular Price CA$59.00 Sale Price: CA$59.00
  7. Whitefish Hat, Saddle

    Whitefish Hat

    Regular Price CA$66.00 Sale Price: CA$66.00
    • Award Winner
    Swift Cap, Cascade Reflective

    Swift Cap

    Regular Price CA$33.00 Sale Price: CA$33.00
  8. Stuart Cap - Blue Spruce

    Stuart Cap

    Regular Price CA$35.00 Sale Price: CA$0.00
  9. Trad Dad Hat, Banff

    Trad Dad Hat

    Regular Price CA$30.00 Sale Price: CA$30.00
  10. Squatchin' Trucker Cap, Cafe

    Squatchin' Trucker Cap

    Regular Price CA$35.00 Sale Price: CA$35.00
  11. Mt Baker Trucker Cap, Quartz

    Mt Baker Trucker Cap

  12. Sun Runner Cap, Lead

    Sun Runner Cap

    Regular Price CA$43.00 Sale Price: CA$43.00
  13. Radar Pocket Cap

    Radar Pocket Cap

    Regular Price CA$37.00 Sale Price: CA$37.00
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