Bennett Rahn


Bennett Rahn is a plus size outdoor athlete based in the Seattle area on Duwamish land. She is a model, an influencer, an artist, a certified Single Pitch Instructor climbing guide and has worked as a middle school teacher and software engineer. She’s a climber and a skier and a mountaineer and loves paddleboarding and biking and yoga. She is an advocate for a more inclusive outdoors and a more equitable world and she strives to inspire people of all kinds to pursue outdoor activities.


Passion Project

Bennett is excited about working on projects that increase size accessibility in the outdoor industry. That includes her leadership with Climb Big, a community of plus size rock climbers, which she’s excited to grow from local meet ups to trips. In fall 2021 she’s planning her first big climbing road trip to meet up with folks from all over the desert states in the US southwest. “I'm excited to keep growing as an outdoors person and continue to be representation that people that look like me can do rad things,” she says. 


Professional Accomplishments

Helping to teach people to climb! Bennett runs mentorship meet ups for everything from learning to top rope outside for the first time to learning to place gear. 
Gaining confidence and competence in taking up space in the outdoors. From starting as a hiker and indoor boulderer, she’s proud of her expanded skill set from alpine climbing and skiing to paddle boarding and surfing. 
Skiing Loowit, spring 2021 
Climbing regularly—usually multiple times a week, and at least once a week outdoors—in 2021