Neil Provo


The search for “that great feeling of standing sideways rushing down a mountain” has taken Neil Provo from the “Ice Coast” of Connecticut where he grew up to Utah’s Wasatch Range—and the mountains of the world beyond. His mom, a ski patroller at the local Connecticut ski area, had him and his brothers on skis at the age of two, but when Neil discovered snowboarding, his love for skiing and skateboarding merged and he never went back to two planks.

Neil enjoyed the creativity in freestyle snowboarding that was building on the east coast in the late 90's, despite the absence of terrain parks and the rare presence of powder, but when he first experienced Utah, a whole new world of potential opened to him.

In those first years out west, Neil spent much of his time honing freestyle skills at the resorts and in the streets of Salt Lake City before realizing what the Wasatch mountains had to offer beyond the rope lines. He got his first split-board and shifted his focus to learning about the intricacies of the big mountains. For the past 15 years snowboarding and photography has taken Neil all over the world.


Passion Project

Neil believes in always being a good steward in your local community. From picking up trash and working on local trail cleanup efforts and cycling to limit driving anytime possible, doing good for the outdoor community starts with simple steps.  Neil also spends time volunteering at his hometown community garden and uses his platform to raise awareness about backcountry snowboarding safety.


Professional Accomplishments

Multiple Splitboard Expeditions in the Wrangells and Alaska Range, Alaska

Multiple Splitboard Expeditions in the Himalayas, India

Multiple Splitboard Objectives in Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Multiple Splitboard Objectives in the Lofoten Islands, Norway