Outdoor Research climber Chad Kellogg is gunning for a speed attempt on Mount Everest [LINK] at the end of May 2013. We’ll be posting updates on our blog as Chad prepares to go from 17,600 feet to the 29,035-foot summit in less than 22 hours.

Here’s the gear Chad will use on his summit day, right down to his socks:


- Base Camp to Camp 2: La Sportiva Crossover GTX shoes

- Camp 2 to Camp 4: Batura 2.0 GTX

- Camp 4 to Summit: Olympus Mons with fixed Sabretooth crampon

Socks: Patagonia Mountain socks, GORE-Tex socks

Footwarmers: Human Edge Tech battery operated foot warmers for above Camp 3


- Base Camp to Camp 2: YakTrax XTR rubber slip on traction device for running shoes

- Camp 2 to Camp 4: Black Diamond Contact crampons

- Camp 4 to Summit: Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons

Pants: Outdoor Research Supercharger Pants [LINK]

Baselayers: Outdoor Research Sequence long-sleeve crew merino wool [LINK]

Upper-body layers:

- Outdoor Research Lodestar Jacket [LINK]

- Outdoor Research Havoc Jacket [LINK]


- Outdoor Research Ninjaclava [LINK]

- Outdoor Research Revel Cap [LINK]

Helmet:  Black Diamond Vapor Helmet


- Outdoor Research Alti Mitt [LINK]

- Outdoor Research Arete Gloves [LINK]

- Outdoor Research Stormtracker Gloves [LINK]

Poles: BD Carbon fiber custom Whippet

Harness: Black Diamond custom harness

Pack: Ultra Spire Ultra Hydration pack


- Julbo Superstar Goggles

- Julbo Explorer glasses

First aid items: Dexamethazone in case of emergency

Oxygen: The Summit Sherpa who will accompany Chad from Camp 4 to the summit will use oxygen, and will carry one extra bottle for Chad in case of emergency

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[Everest South Col map courtesy of www.alanarnette.com © reproduction prohibited without authorization]

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