The latest advancement in handwear protection, powered by HeiQ XReflex technology.

It’s an age-old conflict: If you want to be warmer, do you have to pack more? Does more bulk always mean more warmth? How can you save on weight – without compromising comfort in cold temperatures?

Four decades into glove and mitt manufacturing, we're still asking ourselves these questions, and learning from experts of innovative materials.

One of the experts who’s helping us rethink the way we approach extreme environments is HeiQ. Known for creating some of the most effective, durable, and high-performance fabric technologies, HeiQ has been a trusted partner whose products prove there’s a more sophisticated way to prepare for bad weather outdoors. Now, their latest invention, HeiQ XReflex created by HeiQ’s joint-venture partner Xefco, brings a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating protective handwear solutions.

Introducing HeiQ XReflex: The technology tackling the question of how to retain warmth in your palms and fingers without sacrificing dexterity. 

HeiQ XReflex is an innovative radiant barrier technology that reflects heat back to the body, maintaining the same level of warmth with as little as half the insulation material. This allows handwear to be warmer - without increasing volume or weight. Thinner, lighter, warmer, and more packable, this reduced amount of insulation creates a more sustainable process with excellent heat retention that doesn’t negatively affect levels of breathability of weather protection.

HeiQ XReflex works by utilizing an ultra-thin reflective surface that’s applied through high-tech vapor deposition. This application process allows the technology to reflect your body’s radiant heat, increasing thermal resistance without altering air permeability. The key here is that “ultra-thin” surface, that’s exactly what allows such light weight, natural movement, and nimble dexterity of the RadiantX Mitts and Gloves.

 Lightweight, breathable, and designed for tactility, the RadiantX Mitts and Gloves provide enhanced warmth when a slim profile is paramount to safety and success. That means retaining function while handling cold objects like ice axes, pickets, and metal carabiners, and keeping fingers nimble and active with rope work, knots, rappelling and belaying.

Added to that insulation is the weatherproof protection of a Ventia® waterproof insert, to keep your hands dry from the inside out. Plus, a number of function-first design features to make your time out there all the more comfortable, like: 

  • Touchscreen compatibility ensures you keep complete connection without needing to remove your gloves or mitts...
  • But if you do need to take them off, a removable leash keeps your gloves or mitts close by, hanging around your wrist for when you want to pull them on again...
  • When you’re ready to do that, a handy pull-on loop makes it easier to yank them back on when you’re ready to layer up and get going...
  • And before you launch, tightening the dual wrist cinch keeps your gloves or mitts securely tied down through whatever conditions you encounter.

For natural movement, easy dexterity, total control and reinvigorating warmth – you can’t go wrong with the RadiantX Mitts and Gloves, featuring HeiQ XReflex technology.

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