Zack Giffin

  1. Pack Like A Pro with Zack Giffin's Gear List

    Pack Like A Pro with Zack Giffin's Gear List
    What would you pack for a two-week glacier trip? OR athlete Zack Giffin shares the gear on his packing list.
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  2. Tiny House Tour Episode 3

    The Tiny House residents learn about avalanche safety.
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  3. Tiny House Tour Episode 1

    Everyone wants to be the all-sacrificing powder hound, vagabonding from storm to storm, with no possessions, a bank devoid of money, but full of powder turns. In some places, we know true ski bums. People who don’t have cars, jobs, friends on powder days, or houses (or at least houses that don’t live in trees). 

    We know Ben Price.   

    A true specimen, and maybe one of the last of his kind, Ben lives deep, deep in the Cascade Mountains, living out of his tree house, a map of the peaks engrained in his mind, and more of a dedication to making turns and finding adventure than anyone you’ll meet in the mountains these days. And he does it because of one reason…wait for it…because he wants to. 

    Before the days of the glory and fame of the vibrant, mowhaked professional skier of the 90’s to the energy drinking XGames youth of today, there were local heroes, people who skied because of the freedom and counter-culture

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  4. Tiny House Tour Episode 2

    Skiing the Mt. Baker backcountry never looked so good.
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  5. Sano y Salvo: A Patagonia Ski Adventure

    I’m not sure how many times it will take before I learn that I am not cut out to be a ski guide.
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  6. Land of Riding Gaijin

    Land of Riding Gaijin
    Zack Giffin travels to Japan to see what there is to ski
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  7. Festivus

    Skiing together has become a tradition for Zack and his family, though this year, things were a bit different...This year in celebration of Festivus, he takes us along for some sweet turns.
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  8. Mt. Shuksan's Hanging Glacier

    Mt. Shuksan's Hanging Glacier
    Zack Giffin and Molly Baker ski Shuksan's Hanging Glacier
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