You might have heard we have officially launched our much anticipated Freewheel Mountain Bike collection! Born from the trails of the PNW, this collection is the accumulation of decades of designing durable, quality products that withstand the toughest of terrains and climates. While we have been stoked on the bike specific fit, durability and performance, the real test is what you guys think, and we are beyond thrilled to hear you are as excited with the product as we are!

Below you will find some reviews from our most dedicated mountain bikers, who we sent some early Freewheel product to, these are the guys and gals we were so eager to hear from. Those logging miles and elevation weekly and that have a discerning taste in what makes a good pair of mountain bike short, jersey, gloves etc. Read some of the stoke and get excited for mountain bike season!

Men’s Freewheel Mountain Bike Shorts

Reviewer: Duane H. | California

Best Shorts Yet

"I've been riding these Outdoor Research Freewheel shorts for a few weeks now. Put them through long adventure rides short technical rides, absolutely love them. Work well with my thick chamois one multiple hour rides as well as my thin ones for short rides. The length is great and aren't baggy, don't get hung up on my saddle. Really nice stretchy material, water resistant and doesn't make rubbing noise when you pedal. The zippered pockets work great for your phone, even the large phones. Really like the side snap closure instead of a button. Been mountain biking for 25 years and these have been the most comfortable shorts yet. Light yet durable, great product!"

Reviewer: Scott H. | North Carolina

"I have spent a majority of my life racing bikes in the tightest gear you can find but in recent years I have gravitated towards wearing things a bit more stylish and loose. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find something functional and comfortable in the baggy scene until now. The OR Freewheel lineup is incredible. These shorts not only look sick at the trail head or while ripping single track, more importantly they are insanely practical. If I could summarize my experience on functionality it would be in three areas. 1. Abrasion resistant. 2. Stretchy enough that you don't experience material pull while pedaling or in a riding position. 3. Adjustable without compromise. (Somedays you just need to let it out a bit after a fun weekend) A must buy in my opinion and I recommend Bronze in color. Don't be shy and grab a set of Freewheel gloves!"

Rider profile: 6'1, Lanky. Size: Large

Reviewer: Jimmy M. | Georgia

"OR knocks it out of the park.....AGAIN! OR's new Freewheel Ride shorts are a breathable, technical and super comfy addition to their already great product line. The Freewheel shorts give the rider plenty of stretchable material that "just says no to crack" on the backside! Small laser cut holes on the back also allows tons of breathability on those sweaty hot days. Nice sized zippered pockets on both sides allow for easy stashing of your phone and other quick access items like a energy bar or trail map. My test rides consisted during some warmer than normal February days that started out crisp and chilly and ended with a good, ol' fashion sweat. These shorts handled all with ease and grace. I especially like the stretchability of the short's material that felt roomy where you want the extra room but not at all baggy and loose. I would say they are on the slimmer fit end of the spectrum. I'm 6'2" with a 38cm waist, which puts me in the "full grown" category but these shorts fit great. I am also a bike shop owner and have ridden just about every brand of shorts out there over the past 25 years in the industry. Like a favorite t-shirt, there are always those shorts that you dig in your drawer for, passing up the other ones, because they simply feel better when you wear them. These shorts are those! There is obviously a lot of thought put into these shorts from the folks at OR. The material has the perfect amount of stretch and the adjustable waist cinch cord is a nice addition. The keyhole style main button is something I've never seen. Instead of a simple snap, you slide and lock the button into place. Very easy to do but helps keep your button from popping open if you do any "rearranging" on the ride. They layered over my favorite bibs with no problem. If you are looking for a best of category riding short, look no further. These Freewheel Ride shorts are the ticket!"





Women’s Freewheel Mountain Bike Shorts

Reviewer: Amanda R. | Texas

"The freewheel ride mountain bike shorts are fantastic. Light and breathable without sacrificing durability. I’ve been riding with these for a few weeks now and am happy to say they are everything I’ve come to expect from OR in quality and performance. I liked them so much I ordered the rest of the new mountain biking specific offerings and everything is easily a new favorite! The size chart was spot on for both the shorts and tops. I’ve worn a lot of OR ferrosi apparel for casual riding, but very happy to see one of my favorite brands putting out mountain bike specific clothing. Bravo!"

Reviewer: Shannon M. | WA

"I’m a strong Intermediate / Advanced rider who prefers spicy blue and black trails, and the PNW weather where I live keeps me on my toes all year long. The good news? When I took my bike out for a ride in Bellingham, Washington, Outdoor Research’s Women’s Freewheel Ride Shorts were durable yet breathable and quick to dry as I zipped my way through the muddy woods 🌿🌧️🚲 Galbraith Mountain in Washington has so many twisty trail options, and I loved that I could quickly pull out my phone from the low profile pocket of OR’s shorts. I could never feel my phone bopping around in the thigh pocket, which other MTB shorts have gotten wrong in the past. Also, no matter how wet the weather got, the synthetic suede palm glove gripped my bike handlebar tight. This PNWer is a big fan of OR’s MTB-specific apparel collection. I’m 5’10” and got a size 6, which fits me like a medium. Adjustable tabs on the side of the shorts let me loosen or tighten the fit when paired with liner shorts underneath. The bronze color held up really nicely in the wash after a rainy PNW ride – you can see a before and after laundry shot in the attached photos of the review."





Men’s Freewheel Half Zip Hoodie

Reviewer: Jared K. | Colorado

Conquer the Trails in Style

"Having recently explored the trails and bike parks of Denver's Front Range with the Outdoor Research Freewheel Half-Zip Hoodie as my trusty companion, I can attest to its exceptional performance in the great outdoors. First and foremost, let's talk about fit and comfort. As someone who spends countless hours on the trails and bike parks, I value apparel that moves with me effortlessly. The Freewheel Hoodie delivers in spades, boasting a fit that strikes the perfect balance between snugness and freedom of movement. Whether I'm navigating technical terrain or flying down descents, this hoodie stays put without feeling restrictive, allowing me to focus on the ride ahead. But comfort isn't the Freewheel Hoodie's only forte—it's also a paragon of quality and durability. Crafted from premium materials that withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration, this hoodie is built to last. Despite encounters with branches, rocks, and other obstacles along the trail, it shows no signs of wear and tear, reaffirming my confidence in its ability to endure the demands of my adventures for years to come. One of the standout features of the Freewheel Hoodie is its versatility in tackling fluctuating temperatures. Thanks to its blend of breathable fabrics, it provides just the right amount of warmth on cool mornings or evenings without causing overheating during high-intensity rides. Additionally, its ability to shed wind effectively ensures that I stay comfortable and protected from gusts while speeding down descents or traversing exposed sections of the trail. Moreover, the Freewheel Hoodie's half-zip design allows for easy temperature regulation, making it a breeze to adapt to changing weather conditions on the fly. Whether I'm pedaling uphill under the scorching sun or descending into a shady canyon, I can adjust the ventilation to maintain optimal comfort without skipping a beat. In conclusion, the Outdoor Research Freewheel Half-Zip Hoodie is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast seeking unbeatable comfort, performance, and durability on the trails. From its superior fit and quality materials to its versatility in tackling varied conditions, it's a true game-changer that enhances every biking adventure. Whether you're shredding singletrack, hitting bike parks, or exploring the rugged beauty of Denver's Front Range, this hoodie is sure to elevate your experience to new heights."


Men’s Freewheel Long Sleeve Jersey

Reviewer: Sebastian W. | Arkansas

Favorite MTB Shirt to Date…

"OR is known for making extremely high quality clothing, and this shirt is no exception. I spent a day of enduro riding in this shirt the first time I wore it, and usually long rides like that aren’t how I like to test new gear in case it’s not comfortable. Well to say I was impressed would be an understatement. This shirt is soft and breathable, yet feels heavy enough to offer some protection if I were to hit the deck. I wore the long sleeves on a 80 degree day, and didn’t regret it for a second! There were 0 annoying seams, which can be hard to find in jerseys, so that’s another huge perk! Highly recommend this jersey for new and old riders alike. Thanks for sending this my way to review OR!

Reviewer: Daniel C. | Utah

Great Long Sleeve Jersey

"Let's start with the disclaimer: Outdoor Research gave me this free product to try. With that said, the Freewheel long sleeve jersey genuinely balances breathability and warmth incredibly well. The material was quick drying and did a great job holding in enough body warmth while resting to prevent me getting cold in 40 degree temps. It also kept me sunburn free which is always welcomed. Sizing was perfect while still providing a little extra length to accommodate a hip pack. There was a little stretch in the material which allowed me to comfortably move around without any issue. There are some well thought out features on this jersey that set it apart from others; first, the material was great (see above). Second, the shoulder seams made wearing a backpack for a longer rides comfortable, and third, the microfiber wipe for cleaning sunglasses was in the perfect location even while wearing a hip pack (found this useful right away after accidentally getting sunscreen on my sunglasses). I think the Freewheel jersey will be my go-to going forward and would love to see different color combinations!! I'd recommend this jersey to anyone that prioritizes breathability, temperature regulation, and comfort while riding. I'm also excited to check out the rest of the Freewheel collection from OR!"

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