Designed By Adventure: The Bolin Collection

Alpine climbers aren’t picky; they’re precise. Hours devoted to methodical fabric selection, sweat poured over the exactness of sport-specific features, and tireless weight-shaving practices to save on every ounce... it’s all part of the passion.

If not climbers themselves, the team that inspires, designs, and tests all the alpine climbing gear you’ll find at Outdoor Research relies heavily on the input and influence of serious alpinists who are looking for these particular pieces. After all, alpine climbing takes a very specific type of person – which is exactly why we built a very specific, streamlined jacket and pant pair to address alpinist’s particular needs.

Read on to find out how the Men’s Bolin Jacket and Men’s Bolin Pants check all of the boxes for a superior alpine-specific outerwear set.


Having a robust, sturdy, and resilient outerwear is a must-have for rugged terrain and rough weather conditions, which is why our Bolin Collection features a heavy-duty nylon 70D fabric. As most climbers know, the higher the denier count, the thicker and burlier the fabric. Since this durability naturally equates to a heavier weight, we’ve strategically designed these pieces to feature a 70-denier fabric where you need it most, and a 20-denier fabric everywhere else.

In the Bolin Jacket, high-wear spots on the shoulders, upper arms, and hood are protected with a 70D nylon plain weave to shield against abrasions from your pack, ice tools, rock, ice, and harsh weather. In the Bolin Pants, we’ve infused an all-over 70D nylon throughout the pant with even burlier protection around the reinforced scuff guard. Together, you get both the lightweight mobility of 20D and the burly protection of 70D wrapped into one multi-faceted pair.

Weatherproof Protection

Alpine climbers demand a lot from their outerwear – nearly as much as their environment demands of them. Outdoor Research exclusive AscentShell™ fabric gives alpinists extreme elemental protection on long expeditions where they’ll be engaging in high-exertion activity. The AscentShell™ technology used in each Bolin piece gives the wearer total moisture management wrapped in a completely waterproof and stormproof outer layer. This three-layer electrospun membrane doesn’t let precipitation infiltrate its barrier, but still allows air permeability and breathability throughout the entire garment.

Plus, the Bolin Collection is packed with weather-focused details to keep the wearer dry and safe when most exposed to dangerous conditions. A waterproof center front zipper of the Bolin Jacket will keep your upper body dry, while a waterproof chest pocket ensures all your important items and electronics stay safe. The ankles of the Bolin Pant feature an inner draw cord that tighten to keep weather out, along with YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers that prevent precipitation from leaking in. Rest assured, AscentShell™ will keep you dry, comfortable, and eliminate your need to transition in and out of your hard shell.

Movement-Mirroring Stretch

Rugged protection doesn’t have to mean rigid design. With so much focus on waterproofness and breathability, there’s one key element that athletes often overlook, or at least, compromise on: Stretch. The same AscentShell™ technology that delivers on these first two fundamentals also comes packed with unprecedented stretch and freedom of movement to expand your comfort zone during aerobic efforts, which is exactly why it’s become a trusted favorite of active users like alpine climbers, skiers, hikers, among others.

We’ve also incorporated dynamic reach panels on the underarms and articulated elbows of the Bolin Jacket so there’s no extra seaming, allowing full range of movement. A gusseted crotch and articulated knees on the Bolin Pants make stepping, stretching, and moving through heavy snow or steep ice a breeze.

Alpine-Specific Features

If that wasn’t enough, both the Bolin Jacket and Bolin Pants are packed with alpine-specific features to make moving through the mountains even more enjoyable.

Bolin Jacket:

—Adjustable cuffs lock weather out of your sleeves, whether you choose to go under or over your gloves.

—Two hand pockets are set above your harness to stay out of the way, making quick-grab access easy when you’re moving quick in rough terrain.

—An adjustable hem allows you to tighten your top down to trap in heat and keep out moisture.

—Fully adjustable hood allows you to switch sizing for different helmet types both on and off the mountain.

Bolin Pants:

—Both pant legs zip open for lower leg venting when things heat up.

—Ankle scuff guard adds extra durability against rock, ice, or crampon punctures.

—Instep lace is built into the entire system, ensuring you stay as minimal, lightweight, and bulk-free as possible.

—For more details on the Bolin Pant, check out the product video here.